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  1. Odin and Uncle Sam merged! LOL!!! That gave me a good laugh. Nice work, Ironhammer. Very fun.
  2. Nice and clean for a quickie. Well done. Red can be hard. You clearly know how to shade it properly.
  3. There are a number, actually. And a few of us just over the border in southern N.H. -- Peterborough here. Where abouts are you?
  4. Very nice. Wings are super. Really diggin' 'em. Got a shot taken more from the side, so we can see the flaming sword a bit more? Nice work, Mike!
  5. Update: First fig (Tomb Wraith) as complete as I will bring it. Post pics later. Who else is on a roll from the weekend?
  6. You can compensate for the transition loss by simply pushing the range of contrast higher. Dullcote, which is what I use exclusively, will dampen contrast a touch, but like others, I find this useful for smoothing out blends. So my advice is learn to anticipate this effect and use it to your advantage. Good luck.
  7. Hmm. I'll play. Reaper Tomb Wraith (DHL02499) -- To get my feet under me again (3) Wyrd Witch Hunters & custom bases -- Because they've been primed for months Rackham Confrontation Klûne Militiaman -- Because I like him. .... Whoops. This is an army thread. Sorry. Didn't read category before posting... Still, that's what I'm up to.
  8. Great work. Super piece. You totally did the piece justice. Well done.
  9. Only thing make that special better would be if the bacon was "country fried". Mmmn!!! Can you say "bring your personal defibrillator"?
  10. Damn! Think I've seen that dude in GA!!! And y'all know who I'm talking about... Nice job. Very fun.
  11. Hip-o-licious. Nice job. Very fun!
  12. No need to take it easy on you. You did a great job. Nice models. Welcome to the boards.
  13. Very, very, very cool and amusing. Well done!!!! :
  14. Ah. Well then, sir, you have joined a club of esteemed members and are in good company. Glad you liked the book.
  15. Wow. Quite lovely. Can't wait to see the rest of the piece.
  16. Were it that easy. In my experience (as a patron of game stores and as a hosting mini-painting instructor), game shops and painting workshops/classes seem to be regarded by parents of younger children as free babysitting services, which absolutely galls me. "Oh, free painting class? Well, I'll drop off little Johnny and go out for the afternoon." (Even, mind you, when my flyers SPECIFICALLY say no one under 13 permitted.) That's one of the primary reasons I don't host any classes in my area anymore. Or at gaming conventions. I don't have any children (that I know of... ) for a reason. I'm not about to play sitter to someone's little brats. In any event, I don't know if this experience holds true for Helltown or not. But I'm betting asking parents to stay will go over like a lead balloon.
  17. Lay out your expectations, no matter the lip you get. Then... Pick one -- the biggest troublemaker -- and make an example of him. Banish him from the store -- permanently. Warn the rest of them if they persist, they follow his butt out the door. You evidently didn't have their business prior to the other store closing, so I'm guessing you don't 'need it', however nice the additional income may be. I bet one or two banishings will bring the others in line. In any event, it's important that you *do* outline your expectations. You can't expect people to follow a code of conduct you haven't disclosed. That's not reasonable. So no matter your concern about a "list of complaints", do it. It's only fair. I bet you'll find most say to themselves "ok, that's fair. I can do that."
  18. Oh, hey. Very nice! So are we at capacity now?
  19. Was it humid when you sprayed? Was the paint at all still wet? Sounds like a humidity problem to me. Humidity in my experience is the number one culprit of hazing finish coats. Having a HOT hair dryer on hand can save a hazy spray, even after the fact. I'd try re-applying a second finish coat and then drying the figure with a HOT hair dryer. The new coat should work into the first hazed coat, and the heat will work the haze out. I've seen this trick work hours after a fig hazed and the first coat of finish spray had dried.
  20. Best-in-universe friends definitely come first. Stay with them. We'll miss you, but have fun!
  21. Hmm. Great photography tip. That'll help immensely. And to Gowestover's point -- painting the depth of field is genius. You're so tuned-in, so creative, Derek. I love seeing your work and reading what you have to say about it.
  22. OK, Solun. Getting better there. Good eye on those surfaces on the left of the photo above. Definitely looking more toward metal. Are you going to work the other side now (the underside of the spear)? Or are you leaving it dark? It should be much lighter. Remember -- metal will reflect the light reflecting from surfaces (the earth, other items, ambient) below. So that side needs to come up to match closer to the other side. Yes, it will be darker, but not as dark as you have it now. Good work. Keep going. You're getting closer. Good eye.
  23. I know. That's the worst part. The waiting. I'm waiting on him and George Martin. Oh, well. Heisler -- You did just discover it yourself. Here. And Sanael -- Yes, loved it. It really captured me. I had a lot of fun reading that book.
  24. Great color choice on the canopy. Looks sweet against the rest of the paint.
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