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  1. Finch

    Tikki Trolls by Mortal Arrow

    I'm in. Who can say no to Paul Muller trolls? Not this guy. Besides the quality of the sculpts, I love the abundance of optional parts and Polynesian vibe. Only a few hours left on this one, folks.
  2. Finch

    Red Ghoul Jamboree

    I thought it might be best to consolidate my ongoing Red Ghoul efforts under one roof. The previously completed miniatures are pictured above (from Reaper, Otherworld, and Fractured Dimensions). The latest additions from Reaper, Otherworld, and Wyrd (AKA Dennis, Margret, and Ruff). More pictures and details of these three at Minis by Finch.
  3. The Bearded Devils are complete. Lots of Reaper Cinnamon Red on these guys. Actually, a lot of red, period. WIP thread HERE More pictures on my blog.
  4. Finch

    A bunch of Large-sized D&D monsters

    Speed painted, you say? It all looks terrific.
  5. Facial tattoos. You're a braver man than I, Pingo. Great highlights on the hair too.
  6. The basecoats are highlighted. Now its on to the washes.
  7. Fractured Dimensions' Bearded Devils are currently on the paint-table. Great looking Paul Muller sculpts. One tricky bit is the deeply recessed (as in virtually inaccessible) areas under the kilts (a situation admittedly worsened by basing prior to painting). A heavy initial slathering of black paint (1st picture) has hopefully prevented headaches down the road. (I'll keep my fingers crossed. Murphy's Law suggests a different outcome.) The second picture shows the base colors blocked in. As per recent efforts in the devil department, it's Reaper Cinnamon Red skin and Vallejo Vermillion kilts. The fluorescent orange beards are a new wrinkle.
  8. Great job on an obscure subject. It's funny that you mention your dissatisfaction with the eyes. They struck me straight away as being especially well done.
  9. Finch

    More Bones Ghasts 77159 Caution--bloody

    Good stuff. The head swap on the drooler looks terrific.
  10. Finch

    Dark Sword - Harbinger Angel

    Great work. Your choice of colors is spot on.
  11. Finch

    Fynch Brassfrog, Gnome Bard (03107)

    Awesome plaid, Kar.
  12. Finch

    DSM 7602: Page of Wands

    Superb color transition on that dress. Good stuff.
  13. Finch

    Papa Golem's Pizza

    Top drawer conversion. Very impressive work.
  14. Finch

    Ashratu, Consort of Bael

    I'm on a devil kick at the moment. Wyrd's Lilitu (metal version). Anyone know who the sculptor is? The Cinnamon Red received as a freebie during the 12 days of Christmas sale is proving well suited to for devil skin. More pics/info on my blog.