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  1. Yeah the Wigsplitter name is a little lame.
  2. there are plenty of combinations out there that can put out that much damamge in 1 activation too. You drop Divine might on a warlord with cleave and 3-4 attacks and you can get up to 12 damage.
  3. 0-5... I think... EDIT: Yeah it is 0-5 for a total of 6 tracks.
  4. I am not sure I know of a single game out there that does not utilize base to base contact... I know we always play if you get there but can't fit due to the model just get it as close as you can to touching.
  5. swift attack/First strike is another combo that is very broken in my opinion. You can effectivley kill just about anything in the game in one attack phase and never take a hit (if set up right) and then the first strike disallows tough checks to be made which makes no sense to me either. It is what it is and you just have to take it and try and figure out a way around it.
  6. If I play the mutts I hope they will be. If I had played dwarves they would have been 90% painted.
  7. yeah I was thinking about how we play it, not how it is written... my bad.
  8. You can go to www.reapergames.com and use the army builder to see all the rules for the Razig army. I think there is a pdf download on that site somewhere for it too...
  9. I had a great time. also I wanted to throw a well done to Bob for his fully converted and painted Crusader army! It was awesome looking! I glued my army together the night before so no painting awards for me... lol!
  10. The answer to #2 is that has to be room for the models base to "land" so if the defending model is surrounded you can not swiftattack him from the air or the ground.
  11. yeah I was wondering about the single day pass. I have a full con pass already for myself.
  12. what will the prices be at the door? Was thinking about bringing my kiddo one day and was wondering what it would be. Thanks
  13. I plan on playing in the tourny. Not sure which faction just yet.
  14. Apparently, neither did mine. Yes, I am well aware of that Gaan-hor restriction. I also know that I absolutely crushed a Reptus player in the RCon tournament this year, both from an objectives stand point and purely based on kills. I could infer from that, in the same way that you did with your experiences, that a) they aren't broken, b) I severely outclassed the person playing them, c) my list was more broken than the Reptus, or d) a combination of two or more of those. I firmly believe that the core factions are well-balanced enough that it becomes luck, list, initiative, and tactics that decide the battles. I think that most of the other factions have the ability to generate equally "cheesey and beardy" combinations to the Reptus, but clearly, your mileage has varied. ~v If you were playing Elves (which I think you do) then you are correct. they are more cheesy than the Reptus. I also never used the word broken, just cheesy which is totally different.
  15. No that was sarcasm which doesn't go over well in text. So what armies out there typically have specific rules regulating their data cards in Reaper Tournaments? Hmmm... the Reptus are the only ones I know of (Gann-hor) off the top of my head. There are plenty other "cheesy and beardy" things about them, I just didn't feel like typing out a 1300 word dissertation about the army so I decided to go with a little bit of kidding around instead.
  16. See that validates my "Cheesy and Beardy" points.
  17. Reptus are cheesy and beardy. I have come to that conclusion after never being able to beat them... EVER. Yeah I was the guy Stubbdog was talking about in that post above.
  18. Hmm... let me play around with that. In there meantime check out this new list I threw together... Koborlas - 998 points Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha -Ironhide Frostfang Hunter Rageclaw Warrior Rageclaw Sentry Troop 2 Kainus, War Veteran -Ironhide Frostfang Hunter Rageclaw Warrior Rageclaw Line Breaker Troop 3 Kainus, War Veteran -Ironhide Frostfang Hunter Rageclaw Warrior Rageclaw Line Breaker Troop 4 Takhi, Frostfang Shaman Warg x 2 Troop 5 Luck Stone 4 troops + 3 Tacticians. A few linebreakers for ranged. Dunno how it will work but I may bring it out next time I can get to reaper :)
  19. Koborlas - 999 points Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha Ironhide Frostfang Hunter x 2 Rageclaw Sentry Troop 2 Takhi, Frostfang Shaman Familiar Warg x 2 Rageclaw Line Breaker x 2 Troop 3 Kainus, War Veteran Ironhide Rageclaw Warrior x 3 Rageclaw Sentry Troop 4 Spirit Wolf Troop 5 Luck Stone One I tossed together. Takhi is there for the free move and dropping Ironhide on Vasyl. The Warg's are his bodyguards and the Linebreakers are there to shoot things that are coming his way. Troop 1, 3 and 4 are pretty straight forward.
  20. Not sure if it was a "NEW" Judas but it sure could be used to proxy as Judas.
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