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  1. The color choices are very interesting. The blue does work with the pale skin quite well.
  2. I *love* the way she's painted. I got a few character ideas in mind just looking at the mini. I'm not a big fan of the sculpt (because of the hair mainly), but, if I had this one, I'd burn my current character sheet and bring her right in.
  3. Yeah, that's Epic Asphixious, with his spear made from the remains of the Iron Lich he assassinated. Great job on the colors.. He looks really good. :)
  4. Hi, all. I'm trying to find a specific type of mini. A plate mail armored woman with a warhammer. Preferrably with a pistol as well. Or, a platemail armored woman who's easily convertable to carry a warhammer, pistol, and/or rifle. Reaper's got a few platemail wearing girls, but none of them are really easily convertable. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I like it. It's well done and the colors look great. And, if Skarre has one thing going for her, it's her great rack....
  6. I'll conceed that purple is an unusual color for boots, so maybe it's because they're sortof.. unnatural? I thought about making them a different color, but I couldn't settle on something that wouldn't stray too far from the color scheme as it was.. (or blend in with the ground) Maybe the hair is distracting because it's so massive? I'd appreciate it if you could pin it down if it's something about how I painted it, though.. would help me in the future. :) Thanks, all ;) /ali The only thing I can say about the shoes is that I, personally, don't like those 'Robin Hood - Men In Tights/Peter Pan' style shoes. It's probably the one thing keeping me from buying the mini. The color looks fine to me.
  7. You should get into cosmetic surgery with Greenstuff, because that nose looks just fine. Both minis are great. The chaos sorceress has some wonderful freehand, too.
  8. Very very nice. I wasn't sure I liked this mini from seeing it in the catalogue, but I definitely like it seeing it painted so well.
  9. Her skin looks *great*.. Nicely done all the way around.
  10. I love it. (I love well done minis with corsets and/or BDSM themes.) I wish I could get Freebooter minis from my FLGS, though. That's my one big complaint.
  11. They both look good, but to highilght the differences between them, I think they should be photographed side by side, not front/back, because detail is lost on the 'back' figure in both photos. I like how they look though. :)
  12. Wow, she's gorgeous. I'm so used to seeing this sculpt done with dark clothing and dark hair.. She looks very creepy/scary that way. But, here, she looks, well, soft and easygoing. Not at all like a psycho killer. It's almost like it's a totally different sculpt painted in light colors.
  13. Very nice conversion and excellent work overall. He does look very 'desert-y'. :) And the gems and goggles are great. :)
  14. I really like the way he looks. I tend to agree that the muzzle could probably use more highlights as it seems kind of muted, but I still think it looks great.
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