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  1. But then to follow up, if the razig model comes back a turn later and I kill it again do I the benefit for killing it again?(more zombies/pain tokens/rampage movements)
  2. This came up and we weren't sure how to play it out. When a necropolis model kills a razig model and the razig model fails its tough check does the necropolis player roll for a zombie, or does the fact that razig gives tough check rerolls at the end of the turn (so long as he is alive) mean the model isn't dead and the necropolis player has to wait until razig is dead to roll for zombies? edit* just occurred to me that this could affect other army doctrines as well, such as the kargir rampage or the darkspawn pain token generation.
  3. During the beta Skadi and the Forge titan were just the fire giant queen and the fire giant...if they've changed I should probably check a few other models to see if they've changed as well.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'll give the list a try next game night(yours or mine will be a last minute decision I'm predicting) and report back.
  5. Hello, new person to the game and was hoping for some feedback on a necro list I'm thinking about. I've only played a couple of games thus far and they were as overlords and so before jumping in and buying (more) models (than I already have...) I was going to try a couple other armies to see how they played. We normally play 1000pt games with two players with 500pt forces on either side. How does this look for a 500pt necro list? Troop 1 Rhasia Count Vandrain 7x Zombies Troop 2 Sir Gadrun 4x Deathriders My thought were that the toughness 4 zombies could tie up enemy troops and then the deathriders could swoop in and gang up on the tied up enemies with their first strikes. Any feedback appreciated.
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