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  1. The sandstone effect looks great.
  2. Sorry to hear about the emergency, and hope Tim and crew are okay. I certainly understand unexpected issues come up. Thanks for the update, Bryan.
  3. I also found this a bit frustrating. Why advertise Sunday, 10 AM, slots for Magnificent 7, Goblin's Night Out, and Eat Reaper Bryan when they clearly packed up the night before or early Sunday morning.
  4. JeffyBaby

    2014 Feedback

    It seems the reapercon.com preregistration for games was more of a "plan out your weekend" rather than a true pregistration. According to the game runners I spoke with, they did not have a list of preregs. They were left with either using the honor system, or the first come first served rule of law from years past.
  5. JeffyBaby

    2014 Feedback

    I missed names on badges. It made it easier to spot someone's (forum) name on their badge and strike up a conversation like old friends. It also would have been nice to have tables labeled. It didn't make since that tables were labeled on the Schedule (online and in book), but not in real life.
  6. You managed to capture the back of my head in one. I'm to the left of Doc's butt.
  7. It may just be the picture, but the dwarf's shirt is very close in color to his beard. Otherwise they are all very nicely painted. The necromancer is my favorite.
  8. I, too, have contemplated just painting some Bones to LE standard to supplement what I already have in LE. However, I just can't bring myself to do it. Once I sit down to paint something, I want to paint it to a higher standard. Call it personal pride. I realize I am allowing "perfection" to be the enemy of good, but that doesn't make it any less true. I also take this stance. I have emotional investment in each of my painted minis. Even ones I painted 15 years ago due to the time and care put into them during the painting process. However, I have no investment in LE. They are all tossed into a box, to be dug out when needed, then tossed back in when finished. Even though painted Bones are similarly resilient, I just can't see myself treating them the same way.
  9. The gnome wizard is terrific. It's amazing just how tiny the Stonehaven gnomes are, and you've done a great job picking out the details. I also love the base on the Swordmage.
  10. That looks awesome. I like the forked upper mouth. It looks more practical with the three-part lower mouth, rather than a solid upper beak.
  11. Very well done. The shield, bone, and helmet horn are particularly nice. Must be cold, though.
  12. The Baron looks fantastic. I'm not a big fan of the colorful base. Too stark versus his muted palette, though I'm guessing that was the idea. Edna's background washes her out a bit, so it's hard to make out the work you've done on her face. The clothing details are superb, though.
  13. This sounds like a blast, but what if I'm only able to participate in part 2?
  14. oathsworn.net is down, but oathswornminiatures.co.uk is working. Weird.
  15. They look great. That metal armor is top notch.
  16. I use Paint.Net for cropping and resizing. It's like Photoshop for Dummies. Very user friendly.
  17. Great job. I love the shield freehand, and your highlighting on the metal looks ace.
  18. He looks great. Very nice teeth and main eye.
  19. Very cool. Those helmets work great.
  20. If you're made of money, Games Workshop makes a Master Engineer on Mechanical Steed. It's a pretty cool looking mini. I'd recommend scouring ebay for a metal one rather than the new Citadel Finecast. They are about the same price, and you'll likely be much happier with the metal one over the questionable resin.
  21. Thank you for the kind words everyone. Re: the purple/green color scheme. I was originally going for a Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter vibe, but I think I ended up with the Joker. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  22. Love the halfling. I remember liking the sculpt during the KS, but it is even better with painted. The mini has so much character.
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