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  1. Important note: Make sure if you are using an email address set up as a spam catcher, etc. that we have a valid email address for you (you can change this in the PM as part of your info, but still use the old address to log in with) when we send out shipping invoices or you will miss your order shipping!
  2. The latest update is full of pictures of production masters from the manufacturer... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cavboss/talon-games-cav-strike-ops-iii/posts/2543796

    Pending Errata Additions

    OK..using my crude drawing... CAV A wishes to fire Rockets at the enemy CAV 56" away making it an extreme range shot. CAV B has rockets and EST and uses an action to target-lock (no range limits) the enemy model and transferring that with EST (range 36") to CAV A, 18" away. CAV B cannot attack the enemy CAV with any weapon systems as it is beyond its range.

    Pending Errata Additions

    Yes and yes.

    Pending Errata Additions

    The question as it was applied refers to the upgrade motorized. If you choose to mount them in a transport, they will lose that upgrade and the MV bonus it provided. Infantry with the jump pack upgrade can still be transported without losing the upgrade as the SA Bulky takes that into account. Strike Points: It has been and remains so. A Strike Point is always at point on the "map." During a game that spot is often occupied by an enemy model and players refer to the model as the target, but by the rules it is the spot that model occupies. You can target-lock that spot and as a target-lock has no set range, it could be anywhere on the board, but it is still governed by the range of the weapon system used as to whether you can/could shoot at it. You could get a weird situation where a model with EST target-locks a spot well beyond its range, preventing the firing of rockets, but a model in its squad is in range of both the targeted area and the EST "bubble" allowing for the shot.

    CAV-CON 2019 @ ReaperCon

    I do. It will be updated next week. I'm meeting with Reaper later this week to hash out final details and I was waiting on that

    CAV-CON 2019 @ ReaperCon

  8. Its that time of the year when we shut the shop down for a bit to allow everyone a bit of time to rest and relax! As a result, any orders received from June 7 to June 19th WILL NOT ship until June 20th. As a bit of a way to say "We're Sorry," any orders made during that period will receive a SPECIAL SURPRISE GIFT when it does ship! So, enjoy your summer!

    CAV-CON 2019 @ ReaperCon

    Yes and yes!

    CAV-CON 2019 @ ReaperCon

    Well its time to start planning for CAV-CON 2019 and while we work on updating the web site (www.cav-con.com), I wanted to share with you some of the events we have planned this year! All CAV-CON 2019 events are FREE, though some may have a limit to the number of participants allowed. Paid admission to ReaperCon is required. - Group Painting sessions allowing our staff painters and some great fans out there to help improve your painting techniques! - Open Gaming every day from open to close! We will have some great boards set up for you to try your luck! - Lots of Learn-To-Play/Demos of CAV: Strike Operations throughout the show! - An exclusive Learn-To-Paint CAV table! Grab a FREE mini, some paint and a brush and show us what you got! Keep the mini when your done! - Our first Warmaster (Mini)Tournament on Friday! - 2019 First Strike Tournament sponsored by Talon Games! The CAV-CON First Strike Tournament for 2019 will allow 16 players to match their wits and skill against one another in a full day (Saturday) of gaming and comradery. The tournament is a Level II, Silver-Tier event allowing for CAV and vehicle models. Rules and info can be downloaded here: http://www.talon-games.com/downloads/FIRSTSTRIKE2019.pdf - Painting Contest! Talon Games will be sponsoring a series of awards for those entries featuring one or more CAV models (see categories below) in the ReaperCon Master Series Paint Open. For more information on the MSP "Rules," go to: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/forum/23-reapercon/ Categories include: - Best Individual CAV Model: Any single-model figure. - Best CAV "Squad": This category allows for multiple models (minimum four models) as part of a cohesive unit. - Best CAV Diorama: This category covers models with a scenic base where the entry is telling a story to the viewer and may include multiple models. - Talon Games will be there in the Vendor Room with lots of cool CAV stuff and will be releasing the 2019 Special Edition CAV-CON metal miniature at the show! - An exclusive 2019 CAV-CON T-Shirt!!! (I wonder what color it is this year???) - And MUCH, MUCH more! Keep an eye here and www.cav-con.com for future details as they are available!
  11. We will be sponsoring our three CAV categories again this year as part of the CAV-CON events. We never received an email asking for a list as of yet but will get it taken care of. Best Single Figure Best Unit (multiple figures) Best Diorama
  12. I don't think so...but Im biased! :)
  13. Correct...sorry about that. The shipping invoices will start in July (plus shirt size requests and such for those pledge levels).
  14. We will start sending them out in July. You have up to shipping time to pay I would guess. If you don't pay we don't ship! ;)
  15. I thought it turned out quite excellent too!