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  1. Im getting there! Got my pre-shaded and on to base coat in a bit!
  2. Best do it by email. custserv(at)talon-games(dot)com
  3. We will also be hosting a weekend of virtual content focused on CAV: Strike Operations! As many of you already know, we had to cancel CAV-CON 2020 this year (and skip the rest of the shows we attend through the year). So rather than sit around and mope through that weekend, we have decided to live stream the whole weekend on Twitch and Discord. We will also be sharing content on our FB, Twitter, and Instagram accounts! We plan to spend the weekend playing CAV, talking, Playing CAV, painting, Playing CAV! Starting Sept 4th at 12 noon (CST) and going each day till we can't go any further! We will have hourly prize giveaways (limit one per guest) featuring t-shirts, paints, minis, and anything else we choose to throw out there! We hope to have a few guests dropping by to chat while James "Maddog" Meredith will be here to test his mettle vs CAVBoss as we throw a few dice using the new campaign system! Between now and showtime, we will be sharing our progress on getting our units ready to fight! I'm sure it will be chaos, but it will be a lot of fun, so I hope to see you drop by! CB https://www.twitch.tv/talongamesonline https://discord.gg/vmrTrxU
  4. Hi Metalhammer, We got the email and a new one is headed your way! Sorry for the mix-up. Glad to have you back!
  5. Lots of new stuff added as we march on! Almost ready to open up the soviets and friends at 12k. Some of the new stuff that has already unlocked...including Aussies!
  6. Added some new stuff...and Tigers! Did I say Tigers? What was that? Tigers!!! :)
  7. There are a lot of things on this KS that are not historically accurate, but they will be easy to paint I think, which is my main concern and I like the direction they have gone! :)
  8. I printed up their sample figures in 28, 20, 15, and 10mm.
  9. And we have our first two tanks from the German/UK expansion!
  10. Getting ready to start hitting more tanks!!!
  11. Just throwing this out there for anyone interested (yes I did back and no, I don't know them)... I did back their last KS as well and was happy with the results. They did a great in keeping people up to date and got all of the files out quickly. The figures look "funny" in the pictures due to them using the print-ready 3D files. I think that at the smaller scales especially, they are enhanced just enough so they will keep their detail and make them easier to paint IMO. Anyway take a look if you are interested! http://kck.st/322b1bO
  12. Looks like this thread is all sorted out! :)
  13. RAFM is the official Canada-based supplier of Reaper Miniatures out of Ontario and has been for some time. You can find them at www.rafm.com
  14. I doubt they would care unless a lot of people make a fuss. Its a $400 fan project. I doubt they want to be seen as the bad guy and imo dont think shes "stealing" anything. Ive lost count of the games with big worms in it. :)
  15. Hi Krugerannd, welcome to the CAV Strike Ops family! To answer your first question, both. :) The first section lists a generic system that everyone must abide with to stay "legal" if your trying to. The second section (in this case the Malverns) lists how a section must be constructed in order to use faction doctrines. Of course, you can always build it however you want but the game offers this style for the players who like more defined lists. So as it stands right now, your Force Group is legal to play but it is not faction legal (by the book). Factions do not normally mix Cavs and vehicles in the same Squad (unless its a Special Squad, which is kinda the catch all to help build forces). Malvern squads do keep 5 models per squad in CAV and vehicle ones, but they use six "models" in their powered armor squads. Hopefully that makes more sense? As to your second question, yes this is a very viable force. BTW Im going to share this over on one of the FB pages as its a great example. https://www.facebook.com/groups/csohq
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