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  1. I doubt they would care unless a lot of people make a fuss. Its a $400 fan project. I doubt they want to be seen as the bad guy and imo dont think shes "stealing" anything. Ive lost count of the games with big worms in it. :)
  2. Hi Krugerannd, welcome to the CAV Strike Ops family! To answer your first question, both. :) The first section lists a generic system that everyone must abide with to stay "legal" if your trying to. The second section (in this case the Malverns) lists how a section must be constructed in order to use faction doctrines. Of course, you can always build it however you want but the game offers this style for the players who like more defined lists. So as it stands right now, your Force Group is legal to play but it is not faction legal (by the book). Factions do not normally mix Cavs and vehicles in the same Squad (unless its a Special Squad, which is kinda the catch all to help build forces). Malvern squads do keep 5 models per squad in CAV and vehicle ones, but they use six "models" in their powered armor squads. Hopefully that makes more sense? As to your second question, yes this is a very viable force. BTW Im going to share this over on one of the FB pages as its a great example. https://www.facebook.com/groups/csohq
  3. Not sure yet. Obviously the current state of things has really messed with our schedule this year. Two steps forward and one step back kinda thing!
  4. Ever wondered how many points to use for a game model-wise or time-wise in a game of CAV:SO? Well I try to answer those burning questions in my first CAV 101! https://talon-games.com/cyberzine/CAV_101_1.pdf

    CAV Line Art

    Here's a couple anyway...
  6. Im in. Would have been first but I guess someone was about 15 secs ahead me! :)
  7. Here is a picture of some of the contrast paint colors that Todd Farnholtz did up as a test. Overall pretty good results. Maybe he will get on here and talk a bit more about technique and his overall thoughts on them.
  8. That's all I use and other then when its been to cold, never had a problem with it.
  9. The Fairfield also runs a shuttle back and forth btw during the show and rooms are/were $99 a night.
  10. Its easy for the mass stuff like all the plastic...but for the smaller runs and such it just doesn't work very well.
  11. We are working on a way for CA orders that want some of the specialty items that they wont have at the CA warehouse to order direct (and pay shipping) and have us ship from here but its going to take some recoding on the site and I haven't had a chance to get to it. We will probably offer free shipping but the min amount would be $75 to $100 USD for an order to qualify. Still need to run some numbers (and everyone went up on shipping again in the last two weeks so the rest of us can subsidize the sweet shipping deals they give to you know who!)
  12. They will straighten out by boiling as well.
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