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  1. WE ARE LIVE... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/272456130/talon-games-cav-strike-ops-iii
  2. USDA agents are the devil!
  3. Was just notified that our shipment is still being held for the agricultural exam, so no delivery tomorrow (the 20th) as hoped. With this getting into the back half of this week and Thanksgiving next week, looks like fulfillment will have to be moved to first week of December. Sorry folks, I tried.
  4. Yes. I had people ask for KS2 stuff 18 months later..and a couple of months back we had one show up from KS1. That was what, five years ago now? Hence why the disclaimer now as to when we cut bait and move on. Part of the problem is people use "spam" catcher emails for their accounts and then never check them. Whats worst is most of these are $150+ pledges.
  5. For CAV KS3 Backers, we currently have 53 outstanding invoices for shipping unpaid. Most of these have not been "viewed" so I'm assuming they are going into a junk folder or a spam catcher email address.If you backed the KS and haven't received a shipping invoice to pay, you might ought to figure out what's up fast! It's not such a big deal for US backers down the road as shipping amounts wont change, but for the rest of the world with orders going out together, shipping later separately is pretty drastic. US International mail for a Core Set starts at $91 USD (with no duties or taxes prepaid). The list of the following 17 backers have no order on file for us to send out shipping invoices or even know what they want to do with their rewards... Jeff Gregory Justin Burr John Mahaffy Larry Shuping Carey Delay Ric Mohri Steve Salotti Michael McMillen Roger Hooten William V. Grand Jeff Logan Mark Blanchard Kimberly Rowland Thomas Davis George Terry Joseph E Blake B
  6. My bet is something we shared the railcar with. We have cleared customs and the models are in Texas, but final delivery hasn't been scheduled yet.
  7. Just notified that our box is on hold for an "agricultural exam" and a new expected delivery date of Nov 20th. This delay has not changed our intent to get out before the 27th.
  8. That's actually an old Titanfall poster, but we have talked about doing one up for the dictator at some point. To be honest, Im not even sure we have that capability with the way orders are pulled and handled. With almost 1000 of them going out, it gets a bit crazy. Your better option is to change to an alternate address in an email to me at the custserv(at)talon-games(dot)com as I can change that right now.
  9. Its just not North America, with 90 backers world-wide not yet paying their shipping invoice.
  10. Our forwarder reported yesterday the rewards are en route to Dallas and has updated the ETA to Nov 18th (moving it from Sunday to Monday). As long as that holds up, it is our intention to begin fulfillment that week. I will be shipping any US orders with PAINT and/or PLANES ONLY next week, provided your shipping invoice has been paid. Speaking of, we still have 90 outstanding shipping invoices...just a heads up. Retailers: Your orders will not be shipping with everyone else's as we have to package your product first. As a result you HAVE NOT yet been sent your shipping invoice. Plus all the swag for our Dropship Pilot Level backers is ready to go!
  11. You are going to get dozens of answers on this, but using 72 inches as "human-size" and going from bottom of foot to eye-level, 28mm is 1/60th and 32mm is 1/56th.
  12. Nobody will NOT get the paint they have ordered. Its more a case of do you want to take a chance of waiting for a new batch if they come in ruined (it may be the first quarter of 2020 before we are stocking it up there). I'm not as worried with US orders because I know they will spend 99% of their time in heated areas. I have no idea how Canada Post does theirs.
  13. While it does take some work by the end user to fix a bit... I don't think it qualifies for either of these. Just my opinion.
  14. Lets not jinx it at this point. We will cross that bridge later if needed but I don't think anybody has ever faulted our customer service! :)
  15. I think the only ones to worry is the CA orders as all US will be 2 or 3 day shipping. As we will be stocking these paints in our CA warehouse, if you request, we will not ship paints and issue you a gift certificate to order direct when warmer if you like but you would have a 2nd postage charge (whatever CanadaPost charges for sending from Brantford to you) if not combined with a normal retail order. Best compromise I can think of at the moment.

    Metal Cavs

    We continue to produce what you see on our site.
  17. We have PAINT!!!
  18. Chris does all the work...I just crack the whip!!! :)
  19. That is the intention at this time.
  20. The big difference is probably due to the fact that the WK stuff is being sculpted in China by the company doing the plastic. They work off of concept art that artists, when drawing, tend to put stuff on paper that just doesn't translate well to 3D. Chinese sculptors follow the pictures to the Nth degree because its "there." That's why the people tend to be smaller and "skinnier" because that's the way it looks on the paper since they have no experience in building figures for painting, which is what Reaper tries to stay with.
  21. At this time, PayPal invoices for shipping and any additional items ordered have been sent to all backers. That's not to say we missed someone, but we "think" we have everyone that we had a locked-in order for. If you have NOT RECEIVED an invoice from PayPal, there is a problem with your rewards: A - I screwed it up (actually the PM did, but I will take it for the team). B - I don't have a LOCKED-IN order for you. C - Your email program flagged it as spam and threw it to the ether. D - PayPal screwed up. E - I screwed up. What should you do? Email us NOW at custserv(at)talon-games(dot)com Also, the ship did leave last Sunday as expected with a delivery date to our Denton dock Nov 17th. This may be sooner as they build some time into their estimate. The ship is the Kota Perabu if you want to check its progress. I use www.marinetraffic.com
  22. One of the CAV sculptors is down under and I had checked with him as I know he orders stuff out of US and he had said the same thing.
  23. Probably me causing everyone more stress as I'm overly "chatty" tonight :) But it does read as you thought, the Core Set has a retail value of around $360. While the Terrain Set is around $250 (as we haven't set retail for these items yet). We are collecting GST on what you bought with your pledge, so in your case $5 of the shipping I mentioned for you is GST. I was going by how they do it in UK/EU so I figured it was like that for you. If I ship direct to those countries, they get slammed by the post man on delivery...but even having to pay it is cheaper than normal post from here do the size of the box and weight. The Terrain sets are like 110 pieces and heavier than the Core Set.
  24. Our freight forwarder bids the delivery out, so I would be more inclined that the price for it has increased in that area of the world for delivery...the reason we have to collect GST is that Aetherworks is involved with the whole process, which is an AU company...but yes, about half of the number I quoted you is just for me to get it into AU from here.
  25. And I did check that early on to see if that was the case and I want to say it was like $75 US, plus when they deliver it, they would collect GST (since last year they changed that to apply to all packages, not just over $1000) and a handling fee for collecting as it was explained to me. Well that and the fact no airplane is involved getting it to Canada. The pallet fee for KS2 to AU was $770 US, for this one its around $1350 for basically same number of packages and weight.