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  1. I play a nothing but demon list ( I don't like elves ). Demons only have 1 true spellcaster and he's not that good. So that being said I like the heal a point and add to the mav features of the pain cage. Healing your troops in a army that really has regen to heal it's troops rocks. Of course I only use pain cage when I'm taking it easy on my opponent normally I use the dc. So even tho you are caster heavy don't forget about the other benefits of the pain cage.
  2. you're friend is awesome thanks for posting his ideas they will be replicated in the future.
  3. In the mercs at heart doctrine the brains over brawn never states to remove the previous turns cards. Do they get to keep these cards for the entire game? Is this a cumulative deal where if you don't use your spys the get more and more cards? Example 1st turn sisters have 4 cards because they have 4 troops Thier opponent has 2 spys so they get 6 cards. Turn 2 they have 6 cards from last turn their opponent used I spy so now they have 7 cards. The reason I'm asking is I have a friend who says that's how it works but it sounds a little potent to me.
  4. I agree railor is cheap and effective I've been using him since the old system. I only have two tho :( If I make a list that is not vampires railor is going to be my secondary leader(s). In a vamp list I use athak who I have two of also but only because there is two sculpts :)
  5. Has any one done a herald yet if so can you link some pics. Also is reaper planning on making the herald so I don't have to convert one :)
  6. 999 pts Kurand w/necklace of worm teeth Lesser golem x3 Stone zealot x5 Guard x3 Kordtok Lesser golem Kulgurk Pulger x5 Stone zealot x5 Greater golem Greater golem Luck stone My pinners didn't come in so I played this list came in 2nd place can't complain. Thanks for the advice about the necklace it worked well.
  7. 998 pts kurand lesser bloodstone golem x3 pinner x6 stone zealot x5 chalcerax guard x6 greater bloodstone golem greater bloodstone golem i like the bloodstorm spell also i will be playing this list in a tournament on sun the 5th i'll post how it goes
  8. 498 unit 1 elsabeth bat swarm x2 c knights x4 chattel x2 unit 2 Aysa same thing would still summon the bats till you get into melee plus with this list aysa is a more powerfull caster and you don't use albatross
  9. That's what I was going off of the fact that summon says it ignores troop capacity if I'm wrong no biggie a little modification and the list is still good
  10. here is a 499 pt list i ran elsabeth w/book of tactics malek c knights x4 chattel x3 albatross amulet bat swarm x2 the bats have to be summoned as a shock once mele has begun to get around the fact that elsabeth has only two elite slots no ranged means close fast ... c knights can take it if not they have potions aka chattel once they get there it's on elsabeth is a great mele fighter also and malek can be used for attack or heals
  11. with the daisy chain cav is a non issue. you just plop your unit in b2b and you're taking away the power of cav like 1st strike. then at that point you're fighting a model that = a crimson knight still dangerous but you're in control.
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