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    Taking care of my three year old duaghter. Making her laugh until she falls down. <br> Playing D&D 3.5 (because what other version is there?!) I love to Dm, and seem to be the only person I know around my parts who goes beyond the call of duety. With orginality, and supurb house rules I find myself dodging old players trying to get back in on the action as I have 6 in the group as it is (enouph).<br> Drawing. None of which will probobly ever be seen on the enternet as I am technologicly impared. <br> Writting. Yup, I used to write to the point of neglecting human interaction. I got very good at it until oneday I realized no one is going to read what I wrote, and that in it's self is pure selfish ego. With D&D adventures it's more than having an aduence - it's entirly interactive.<br> Painting minatures. If I did'nt partake in this activity than my nerves would be shot to hell. It is the most productive form of meditation with the most benifical soothing effects.<br><br> Playing my X-Box. Unfortunatly most video games are just OK. But that's Ok because Fable comes out the middle of next month. Sorry PS2 fans: It's only on the X-Box<br><br>

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  1. Infact I have. Each, excluding the return of count electra, and maybe I'll call anna : I have read four to five times, with hardcore style study in between. The return of count electra and maybe I'll call anna read very well, but written before Spencer grew into godly ability The man is a bonafied genuise!!!!!! I used to find his discrptions - before I was able to pull it off - leterally mind numbing to the degree I rolled my eyes at the claims on the back of some books that advertised uncanny ability for discrption. I have never found anything like his discrption other than my own work. I got to where I could balance divinity and earthlyness in all my writtings which was about 2 hours a page. I gave it up and have lost the ability, and I dont really care. Discriptions with writting in a whole - when unable to meet the eyes of an aduince - is nothing more than ego. So I write adventures, and inplace of the discrptions I focuse on encounters, which I do these fiarly desent. My players play them and enjoy them thourly - a shadow to what I was once capable of. Spencer served is place in my life for some years and I wish him all the blessings in the owrld for what he gave me - where ever he is (not on the book rack.)
  2. I know there has been topics of favorite Reaper minis of all time, so I was curious of what Reaper mins you guys have glanced at and go"hmmmmmm"....then a week, a month down the road see the same mini again and "Holy smokes!" Me myself, I really like those type of minis...almost more so than those I am enamered with at first glance. The top five that elicited this response in me are as fallows: Freja Fangbreaker (unusual to find a female dwarf sculpted like she should be brandishing a bonified weapon instead of an iron skilit) Ardanael Elven Adventurer (so perfectly traditional) Kallista Fem Warrior (a female warrior who looks like she could take a serious kister kicking and come back for more.) Margara Firetongue (astonishing. Can't belive I orginally blhaed this one.) Garravank The Ghoul King (that's a friggin famine spirit)
  3. Oh wow! I love Neverwhere, and the scar. But I was highly disapointed in American Gods! That was fine because in my eyes Neil redeemed himself by writting Coraline. King rat is also good, but I don''t think it stands up to Neverwhere, even though some people state that it's it's revile. I used to be a Urban fantasy junky. The book I was writting was the ulimate Urban Fantasy. Got to pg. 244 and D&D returned to me like a ton of bricks. Since that point I have read nothing but Vanilla fantasy. If you have'nt read the fallowing books check them out. The Land of Laughs The war for the oaks (inspired white wolfs changeling) Tamsin The Thief of Always (unusual for Clive Barker) And my personal favorite book of all times : Zod Wallop
  4. Yeah, what happened to these books. I thourly enjoyed the first three, consumed them, and set out to do the same on the fourth but by page 100 and some got a belly ache. Where in the nine hells was Ryld's amulate that turned his skin to metal in the first three books? And what's all the business about the ice crystals being perfect hexagones so as to trap the summoned demon (jaggerd's father) most effectivly! That was too technical, and seemed to be a tade constrived for me. Then there was Ryld and that female cleric getting overpowered by a band of trolls. Dragon magazine had his states, and the clerics in it (unsure of what month) but they were high enouph to make those trolls no more than practice fodder. That book I could never get through, and the shame of it is I have all four in hardback (incomplete!) WOTC novels are near imposable to get in hardback once they reach soft back so it makes it a pain if I ever wanted to pick the series back up in the future with a matched up collection.
  5. To me the ME are mostly useless. I think more than half are very well done, but I can never imagine having a need for any of them. I want to PLAY with my minis darn it! - bang them together like matchbox cars for a few minutes and declair the winner the one with the fewest dents and dings. You simply can't do that with ME prices. And as for male rogues in genral: Reaper needs to get on the ball with that line, and bad. The only male rogues I see are older ones, back when the skill was just starting to turn into something awsome. All the newer, edgyer ones are of females. I supouse I could saw off the breast and have a male, but it would probobly be more of a unic. And while I'm on the topic of Reaper needs to get on the ball. I'm burnt out on all the mummies,were creatures, and endless varations of orcs, and trolls. In the past year I have noticed that Reaper seemed to have produced all the primary monsters many were shouting for, shy of a few. Fantastic! Now back to the PCs/NPCs - pronto - full throttel! It's simply a matter of good business sense. I've complained enouph.
  6. Yeah, I mispelled jock. And adding the world being as a connecting word did nothing to uncloud my post. I think it's kinda neet that big muscule-bound guys play D&D hardcore. I only know one other guy, and he look like a neered. Finding this out about Vin desil, was to me finding out Stalone Was D&D hardcore (which he's not.) Sorry for the confusion
  7. Besides compasion, and inteligence the greatest gift human beings have is the amazing divine ability to start a hobby/practice as a novice and in realitive short time become very good. How long is another year and a half with consistant paint? Can you bare what you think is the stinch of failure? The truth is there is no natruals to anything (unless your a bonified prodogy). It boils down to enthusasium. Enthusasium seperates a personal juck job from a piece to be proud of. Be enthusastic about being human and posessing the gift of rapid improvment - heck just be enthusatic you have creativity, and ever non inflicted individule does. About metallics. I have a color tip. Paint surfaces silver and creat a medium thick wash (desired color), and be libral, but keep the brush in motion so the paint does'nt dry evenly. I have had some great outturns with this.
  8. I know this is a silly reason to have intrest with someone but being Vin Diesel is a huge joke looking tough guy he has also been a D&D fanatic for years.
  9. I think it might be neat to have the very first Reaper mini - that is if the mold has'nt been lost or damaged. It would be a great collectors item. It's unfortunate forever one else when ever I do decide to cash in my points because there maybe be nothing left to choose from
  10. I would absilutely love to see some awsome edgy constructs with or with out souls. I think it would be a spiffy idea so have Bobby Jackson whip a few up ASAP. And how about them half-orcs I requested?! Get the lead out!
  11. All I want is mini cases (not small cases) but cases....oh..you know what I mean. Mini cases are something I diffently need as I don't feel a real big need to display my work openly...something for D&D. DMs could than really suprise their players.
  12. I know I made a reqquest not too long ago but I just want to beg this time for the first thing on that list: MORE HALF-ORCS! PLEASE! PLEASE! Make barbarians, fighters, clerics, maybe even a monk - each in a dynamic action pose. GROVEL...GROVEL...GROVEL
  13. First off I want to say I had lost my enternet for about 9 months and during that time I have not seen any new Reaper sculpts. Now that I'm back I can not thank Reaper enouph. Before I lost my enternet I had made quite a few mini creation requst, and 85% of them are now in stock. The most suprising one being the Dragoone, which I think is a Garity sculpt titled lion dragon or vice versa. I don't really need it now but it sure is awsome! Thanks Reaper! Anyway here my current top 10 in order::::::: I want to see more HALF-ORCS!! I think there are maybe 3 or 4 already out ( a shame concidering they are a commen race in D&D.) And I agree with another member who had also requsted more half-orcs : action poses, and a couple with dubble axes. I also saw someone had mentioned a female samurie (spelling) I am not a big fan of the orient, but that would be a sharp idea if done right. A Young male mage, and plunty of them. (I see Garity recently did a nice one) A Death Bringer from the MM 2 of 3ed. It can be called an armored gaint. A weretiger. The were sabortooth tiger that has come out (yet to get) is really sweet but something less toothy, and preferably dawning full to half plate armor. These minis could also dubble as the Rakshasa monster in MM 1. Besides arnt tigers cooler than wolves. More Barabarians, male and female alike. Goblins mounted on worgs. (need them) A Spell Weaver from MM 2. I think this mini would be hard to do with out infringing on Hasbro's copy rights because of its unique fetures. A real Iron Golem. I am totally dissatified with the one Garity did, as I am sure everyone else is. I realize this is a fairly new sculpt but so what - reaper has more to gain by doing it. And finally a mini that paints other minis. Thats about all for now
  14. As for minis I want to own there are only a few I can think of at the moment that Reaper doesn't or is'nt on the verege of realesing. For the love of Pete More younger looking mages! I have had it with Eliminster and gandoff knock-offs. Infact I have never played with anyone who played a wizard that looks like grandpa. Might as well make Santa a mage too. Where in the blasted 9 hells are the half-orcs?! So so few of them. I think some cool half-orcs, maybe with a dubble axe would look danddy. After all, it is a primary race in 3/3.5 ed. Is Klocke the only sculptor concerned with cool looking female minis? It almost apears as such. I know that more guys play fantasy RPGs then gals, but they do indeed play, and there are 2 of them in my group along with a guy - for some strannge reason- that always insist on female characters. Unless they are a barabarian of realative high level I susgest femals not arm there selves in combat as though they were applying to be a stripper. I guess a bard of this type would'nt be all that bad, concidering the charisma as their primary weapon Other than these sugestions I have none. For some strange reason Reaper has awnsered all my request that I have put out on the bullitines. Either I'm a secret VIP, or Reaper is just on it. I like to think the former.
  15. Personally I like the two weapon fighting style, but you have a good point. There should be more figures with only one weapon. Not evere character/player choses the two weapon fighting feat.
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