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  1. Thanks so much for the responses. I had seen Winsor and Newton inks recommended on another miniatures forum, but definitely wanted to get some additional input. It's always tough trying out something new - how's it formulated, will it work the same as what you had, etc. Wish me luck.
  2. Urrgh! Okay, I would very much welcome recommendations for sources for inks for use on miniatures. The ones Doc Bedlam had (red, black and the now missing purple, green and blue) worked wonderfully. I'd like to find ones that are comparable.
  3. Anne, What colors of inks does Reaper produce? I saw all of the different paint colors online, but not the inks. Doc Bedlam and I were experimenting with some he had (purple, blue, red, black) today, but I'd like to know what other colors are available. Briathel
  4. As a matter of fact, I like BBQ very much. One of the reasons we're making it up Wednesday this year - apart from getting to see all of the wonderful folks at Reaper that much sooner. And, yes, Doc's right: I have no digestive system, and have never farted - not once, ever... As to my my wife's speculations about how we spend our time in Denton - well, let's just say that she knows Doc, and reasonably assumes some sort of barbarian debauchery MUST be taking place if he's involved! Besides, I'm sure it makes a better story than "Oh, he's spending the next five days poring over miniatures catalogs, making lists, picking through hundreds of little bins of pewter bits and pieces and polishing them up." I'll have to see if I can live up to at least a couple of her speculations this year.
  5. Briathel WILL be there.
  6. Okay, well it now all makes sense! Thanks so much for the replies. I really didn't want to bother any of the employees just because I couldn't find an obscure piece. I'll know what to do next time I run across something like this. Briathel
  7. In looking for some additional Crusader figures that I would have liked to find, I discovered that some were no longer on production. How does Reaper determine when to take a mini out of production? Is there any way to find out when this is going to occur? I'm guessing there may not be a single, easy answer to this question, but I'm curious all the same. Briathel
  8. Hey Everyone, The folks who work with minis that I know personally use two-part epoxy for gluing pieces together. Has anyone ever tried the Goop brand E-6000 craft adhesive? Any reviews would be appreciated. Briathel
  9. How could I forget? At this rate, yer gonna have 'em all thinkin' we're an old gay couple... Not that old...
  10. Ahem! OUR arrival. Don't forget who else is very much looking forward to going, and will be driving us up in the vehicle with the very cool Reaper decal. Briathel/Michael
  11. Thanks very much! If you can use a Dremel, you can do what I did. Let me perfect technique a bit, and I'll see about posting some supplies and guidelines. Pity Reapercon is over, othewise I could show you in person - whic always seems to work a bit better for hands on stuff. Briathel
  12. Thanks very much to eveyone for your comments. I'll post some pics of other pieces in the future as I get better at this technique. Briathel
  13. I really appreciate your kind comments. I have the greatest admiration for all of you who paint. I never cease to be blown away by the skill and technique that go into the pieces that I see displayed at Reaper, the ones that I get to see actually being worked on at Reapercon, and, of course, all the ones on the website. Ya'll are amazing! Ever since my first Reapercon, and the literally hours and hours that I have spent poring over the catalogs and looking through the Boneyard, I have become more and more enamored of the skill and artistry of miniatures. I can now tell a Garrity from a Jackson, Klocke from Van Horne, etc. Each of them produce amazing scultures in miniature, the artistry of which is not known or appreciated by those outside of our community, who often see them as toys or tokens for games that are equally frivolous. I have worked with pewter casting and finishing - mostly jewelry pieces - as a hobby for many years. Applying those techniques to miniatures is an opportunity for me to be involved in this community in a small way, and to show my appreciation for the skill and artistry that the sculptors put into the pieces they make for Reaper. Thanks again, Briathel P.S. Here's a closeup of Piers
  14. Two different grades of Scotch Brite polishing pads, then darkening with Jax Pewter Black, and a final polish with pewter rouge.
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