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  1. I spent alot of time on this fella, only to put him on a base that does not flatter him. Trouble is now I cannot get him off of it without damaging it. Oh well. Comments on the painting are welcome.
  2. The figures look nice. However the pictures are a bit dark. What type of lighting set up do you have on the box? I too was having issues with lighting, I went to 3 100W bulbs which improved it a bit. I also had to change settings on my camera to compensate for the new set up.
  3. Hey just a quick note. If there are any NC/SC miniature painters on the board that are interested, there is a discussion group for our area. NCMP
  4. That was my counter to the person that brought this up to me. Is there an official discussion board for the series?
  5. Just curious. From what I remember from reading the book. Harry ruled out his father as being the Half Blood Prince due reading something in the Potions Book that stated it was used 50 years in the past. Well would this not also have ruled out Snape? Maybe I read it wrong but I could swear that this is a boo boo in the timeline.
  6. A nice Grey/Green would be nice.
  7. Actually there is nothing weird about that at all. I am guessing that you layer Flynn? If so then the faster the paint dries the better. Me I layer but live in a humid area so sometimes it seems it takes forever for my previous layer to dry. I envy your climate.
  8. Hold the phone. Ben and Claudia are now in Stargate? Or has Sci-Fi brought back Farscape? I have pretty much given up watching the Sci-Fi channel when they took away Farscape. Loved that show, hated Stargate:SG1. I think I saw one episode of BSG and actually think it is kind of interesting.
  9. Well I may as well toss in my 2¢. I own all the Citadel line, Most of the Vallejo Model color line, half the VGC line and I guess about half the Reaper Masters. I was looking forward to the latter from everything I have heard they were supposed to be the end all be all of paints. Well I have tried them off and on for the last few months and am sorely disappointed in their behavior and final effect. I find they have a very "plastic" feel to them when it comes to painting unless you thin them down as much as VMC, however at this rate of thinning I have found their coverage to be poor compared to both VMC and VGC. The final effect I was referring too is that they leave a glossy finish to some of the darker colors. I was under the impression that they would dry dead matte. Now I have heard that I can call Reaper Customer Service and can replace the bottles that leave a gloss finish, but I will be quite honest with the way the paint feels I pretty much have chalked this up to lesson learned and shelved the paints. Its a shame too as I really had high expectations with these. Its good to hear that Reaper is continuing to work on the line to make improvements and will work with the end user to replace any of the paints that are having problems. Maybe its the impatience in me but when I sit down to paint I like to have all my tools in front of me and work on the project at hand, I rarely have multiple minis primed as I find that distracting, so when I find a problem with a bottle, that pretty much puts me at a halt as I have to mail in my bottle to have a replacement sent. So it is basically no painting for me for at least a week until I receive the replacement. While it is great that improvements are being made it kind of feels like, as with software, a beta product was released and the company is relying on patches to the product after its in the field to correct known deficiency’s. Its a shame too as I see the last two releases of paints have some really nice colors which the other lines don't have, but I just cannot bring myself to buy any more of these. Now mind you several people really like these paints and I really do not want this to come out as negative as I feel it is. Reaper does a bang up job with their customers to improve their products. As has been said a lot of people really love these paints so I really guess it comes down to how well you would like them. My recommendation is to buy a triad and see how you feel about them before committing to the entire line.
  10. I can only add 1 to the list as I try not to go to the movies anymore and rarely watch TV. My pick is "AI" . This movie not only put me to sleep in the theater but the 5 friends I was with at the time, as well. The only one that was able to stay awake was my wife and she hated the movie from the opening.
  11. Fantastic piece, I have to keep looking as there are so many details that stand out on it. I really like how the golds and the sword were done. Once again a simply outstanding paint job. Thanks for posting it.
  12. She looks sweet Stern. Very nice work on this piece. I really like the color scheme that you used on her. I think I may need to pick this piece up now. You have made it look worth the while to paint.
  13. Liking the flesh on him very much. His eyes scare me. I look forward to seeing the progress on this fella.
  14. Heh I am sitting here staring at my purple thumb, yup do the same thing here. I use a newspaper to wick off alot of my paint as well as give the brush a point before I paint. I have been going the other direction as I was painting too thin. I know I was because it would take me around 10 layers just to get a basecoat on a mini. I think I was working more in the glaze area than the "layering" area when it came to how thin my paint was. Definately read the article that Whiz did in "The Craft" section there is some very good info in there.
  15. mkh

    Overlord Warriors

    12.....12 in the time it takes me to paint one.....12. They came out very nice, you say grunts eh. Heck your grunts look better than some of my character minis. Is that NMM on each one of them? Whatever you have done there it looks really good.
  16. mkh

    Stone Troll Crazy

    Well here it is, been working on him for a week now. I am sick of painting scales/rock. I tried out my Reaper Master Series paints on this fella. They are definately different than Vallejo, Citadel and VGC. Took some getting used to. This is also my first attempt at a water base as well, it seems to have come out okay. I really would like to know how to make ripples and bubbles in the water but havent found a good tutorial on it. Anyways comments are welcome. and Thanks, Michael
  17. Very nice. Okay what did you use for the flesh on her? You aren't kidding there are a ton of fiddly bits on her.
  18. I agree with you completely on this one. I got an OTT lamp last year. I tried my best to paint under it but it was just too dark for me to use just the one lamp. So I am back under two 75 watt lights. The OTT just stays clamped to the desk, haven't used it in forever.
  19. I will add my comments to the hat. Very nice work on the metallics. I like a mini that is painted up well with metallic paints. Overall the mini looks very well done. Small critique would be to highlight your leather straps a bit more. They get a little lost in the weathering of the armor. Take this one for what its worth as I am more into the cartoony look of painting, but a little more black/brown lining of the armor and such would really make the individual pieces stand out more. Having said that if you do not do anything else to the mini, it looks very good on as it is now. Great job. Keep 'em coming. Michael
  20. Very observant. The head piece was not meant to come out goldish. Its a base of Graveyard Earth (I think that is the name of the color) and all I did was add Bleached Bone the to the GE. Thanks for the compliment as well.
  21. Thanks for the compliment. I went very basic for my metals on this fella. Steel: Base Codex Gray Midtone Space Wolf Gray Highlight Skull White Gold: Base Bestial Brown Lower Midtone Vermin Brown Higher Midtone Leprous Brown Highlight Skull White Hope that is what you were looking for.
  22. Yeah and that was me speed painting....lol.
  23. Sure why not. Thanks for the comments and critiques so far. I agree with the thinner layers on some areas. I am still learning this NMM thingy and as such I know I have room to improve with it. It always seems to me that I run out of painting surface before I can apply my brightest highlight. I will also freely admit that the rear of the blades were a excercise in repairing a stray brush stroke from the flesh on his face. I really need to work on thinking about where my brush is before I go stabbing at the piece. :) The biggest thing here is that I did not put undo stress to make this one perfect. I painted it as I knew how and from this one I hope to learn a few things as I proceed to my next one. I really need to work on painting more than collecting minis as I have so much that needs to be done. I am open to critiques so please share your insites on this piece. Thanks, Michael btw all the paints used on this piece were Citadel paints. I was having a bear of a time originally with this guy using Vallejo MC paints. They were rubbing off faster than I could put paint on it. The only exception is that I did glazes on the flesh with Reaper Pro Paint "Oiled Leather" as the GW line is a bit pinker than I wanted on this fella. The grey on the blades is a base of Codex Grey shaded with black and H/L with SW Grey and white. Edit due to addition:
  24. I dunno what it was about this miniature but it broke my painting muse many moons ago. I have been staring at the dunk pot for the last few months and came to the realization that I was not painting it for enjoyment. Well I cleaned it off last Friday, primed it and then just had fun painting it. Its not an amazing piece of work compared to the masters, however I am quite happy with it and its many flaws. I think I need to go a bit thinner on some of the layers but besides that its a respectable piece. Critiques are welcome as long as they come with advice. I am looking to improve. and Michael
  25. I agree with Stern, Kelcore I would love to see some WIPs from you as well. I enjoy viewing both of your final products, however I really like seeing WIPs. They are motivational to say the least. For instance, Stern uses alot of black primer and to me that helps me alot as I prefer black primers and it helps to see how he works with his color choices. Not to hijack the thread. Stern my man this is some very good work. Did you use RMS paints for this mini? I have packed up all my Vallejo paints as I am fed up with how bad they rub off. I also like a more vibrant color which I am finding that Vallejo do not give me. So I have made a purchase of the RMS paints as I hear that they provide a more permanent coverage and a color range that I would use. Are you still using the flesh colors that are in the FAQ at the top?
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