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  1. Thank you Sir for the kind words, it is always a pleasure to be at Reaper no matter what the occassion. Very nice folks there! Warlord
  2. Hello: On behalf of myself and my family and staff (Frontline-Games). I want to extend a very big THANK YOU to the Reaper staff for the warm hospitality and hard work at ReaperCon this year. As far as we are concerned you guys are second to none! Especially my 13 year old Daughter and 6 years old Son who enjoyed them selves very much! We are looking forward to ReaperCon 2012! The Crew. Frontline-Games.com
  3. Very nice fellow here!

  4. Hello There. You are right about it being a great game, the Frontline team demos in Plano, TX. this weekend also and the folks there had a blast with taunts and period slang's going back and forth. It is very fast as you can play in about 30 minutes. Warlord Thanks for coming to BoLSCon. Just a small suggestion: You should get the demo miniatures painted up a little better it will help attract people. Looks like a fun game. Sorry I couldn't try it out but that is the life of a con Staffer.
  5. The Frontline Games crew demoed these at Reaper Con and had a great time doing it! You can catch further info here at the new website: http://www.Frontline-Games.com Just a note, we look to have these in Reaper's store after Gen-con, so they should be available in about 2 weeks from them or you can contact us directly via the site. Enjoy! Warlord
  6. Rabble Rouser: The kits were designed so that you can mix and match the pieces in the same lines to make bigger or smaller buildings. A lot of companies make houses and such that are just for that particular building so if you purchase 2 of the same type you are pretty much stuck with what they are. These kits are so that you can mix, add or even redesign to get a larger variety in making your pieces (a modelers dream!) for instance you take this: Add a few of kits together and make this: Don't get me wrong you can build them right out of the box (and that is pretty simpl
  7. We sure enjoyed having him participate, he was a sincere joy. I would love to see what pictures you have when you get them uploaded - we forgot our camera so did not get many pictures except with our camera phones.
  8. Thank you friend! We had such a good time, tiring mind you, but a great time none the less! This is what I am hearing from my son now... Rematch! - you're on! that sounds like fun. We are working on the website now - www.frontline-games.com - and should have it up and running soon, I will be dropping off a few of each set of the games for the store at Reaper next week some time also. Looking forward to seeing you again also. Warlord
  9. We ran the games during the show between Friday & Sunday... -Frontline-Command World War II "STALINGRAD" -UBER SOLDAT -AMERICAN GANGSTER! 3 long days (about 12 hours a day) and at some points of non stop demos! The Reaper staff made this experience one of the best we have ever had, you guys are unmatched in your kindness and efforts to make folks feel welcome. In addition I brought down my entire family and EVERY ONE of them commented at how much fun they had and the great people at Reaper - including my 5 year old Ryan! From us at Frontline Games and my family -
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