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  1. Yeah, the tabs on my 2 middle sets are the same so I'm missing the second pair (the pair behind the front pair). Boo. Ah well, this is the only significant problem I've come across so far and I've dry fitted all of the larger models. Apart from one dragon wing tab on Cinder that needs to be thinned a little they have been going together extremely well. I have been very impressed.
  2. Thanks Last Knight. Do the middle sets look pretty similar? I think my front ones at least need a bath to bend them a little more.
  3. Unfortunately my poor Cadirith got a pair of the same legs. If someone can post a picture of their Cadirith assembled, I'll work out whether I bother asking Reaper about getting the correct set or whether I just trim the tab to fit. Seems to sit a little funny with the wrong legs and I'm wondering what it looks like with the correct legs...
  4. Mine would fit okay if it weren't for the tab. I may just cut it off too. There is a corresponding bump in the other piece which makes it look like it just got stuff stuck in the hole in the mold. If you want to separate the pieces anyway it would look better without the tab and hole. The top level seems pretty stable without it anyway.
  5. I am happy to report Bones have landed at households around Australia (well, at least mine did yesterday) and all looks well, although I haven't checked every figure and part but the expansioon packs I got seem good and Khanjira certainly dwarfed poor Sir Forscale. Now time to open Dragons Don't Share II! Oh, and thank you Ladystorm for your excellent work pulling my order. Absolutely perfect!
  6. To add a marker to https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=615158 go to "Additions" on the file menu (third along after map and view) and choose "Add Marker - Simple". Hope that helps!
  7. This made me crack up. Thanks for sharing, its nice to hear stories about ReaperHQ.
  8. Mine only went through about 40 minutes ago, it may take the system a while.
  9. I just checked my bank account and realised my dad sent me $500 for my birthday. I got $200 cash from my mum on top of that. Considering the exchange rate looks pretty good at the moment (1 AUD to .96 USD) I basically got a giant amount of Bones minus $100ish for my 30th birthday. I am going to tell everyone my parents bought me miniatures for my birthday. My mum will deny it vehemently. I has a very happy Sunday. This picture expresses my feelings (and the look on my face, I'm sure) very well.
  10. @Oneboot - those digests were fantastic. The last time I went over to the KS comments during Bones I, I almost threw a fit at all the horrible people on there at the time. I had to leave my computer for a while to stop myself. Thanks for all your wonderful hard work!
  11. I don't know about a crow in bread, but they do have this...
  12. Awww, I knew they would give Cadirith to us anyway . They're so good to us.
  13. Just added some more to my pledge. Even if we don't reach the spider (and they don't give it to us anyway) I'll just pick up some more bases or decor or something. Also, are the servers over there getting slower or is it just my connection?
  14. LOL! THe new stretch goal is hilarious!
  15. Man, I go to sleep for 8 hours and you guys add another 30 pages to the thread? I'm not reading all that. I'm already up before 9am on a Sunday and now I've added another $60 to my pledge even though I over-pledged in anticipation last night. Glad I get paid tomorrow!
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