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  1. I think we'll see the Kickstarter pledge amount jostle around a bit when the calculator becomes available (I'm sure Kit's working hard on making sure it doesn't crash under the weight of 10,000 people trying to access it at the same time). I know I haven't added anything for my shipping yet which will probably be another $80, then there will be the extra sets I could possibly get... I'm hoping it gives the total a bit of a kick in the upward direction as the stretch goals just seem so far apart since there was so much on the first day. Instead of 1-4 updates a day like the first KS, we got 30 in the first day, which makes it feel like it's crawling compared to the last one, even though its doing better overall.

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  2. In regards to the shipping calculator status, Kit (our friendly Reaper Webmaster) posts to the reapermini twitter account so I looked there to see how he was and he has posted this:


    Reaper Miniatures ‏@reapermini 2 Oct
    Intl shipping is going to be based on the weight of your options. I am personally working on that tool now. Yesterday caught me off guard.
  3. Anyone who got overseas shipping for $25 in the last Bones Kickstarter likely got a great deal (especially me as it probably cost Reaper $80-$100 to ship my package). I'd feel like a hypocrite complaining about having to pay actual shipping this time.



    Also, could I ask ReaperBryan to let us know if the shipping costs will have to be paid at the end of the Kickstarter or just before shipping happens? Or if the decision hasn't been made yet, letting us know that would help to.


    Bryan mentioned recently that he expects to find that out soon. The shipping calculator is being worked on but it will take a bit of time. I think they were very surprised at how quickly the KS escalated and expected to have some more time for these things.



    are they saying Canada has to pay the same as Australia etc?

    No, I think they mean "actual shipping" to be the actual price they are charged by USPS/whichever company for the shipping. So Canada would be less than Aus... presumably.



    Yeah, I think it was all the taxes and other stupid penalties that prevent reaper stuff from getting to Canada in an orderly fashion.

    I'm sure it will be a lot cheaper than Australia. I hear they have a 400% tax on gaming supplies and the shipping thereof.


    But at least it means they can buy whatever they want this time around. Didn't they have a five item limit and then $25 each additional item last time?


    Australia only pays customs fees on shipments valued over $1000 and it was only $25 extra if you got more than 5 of the same item, so it was pretty damn good value for shipping.

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  5. I'm a little worried about what *Actual Shipping Costs* will be for international... yet I automatically just pledged at $200. Very happy that this finishes right between my birthday and my holiday away. I totally forgot this was starting today and very glad I didn't go to bed when I should have!

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  6. Australian Magpies are a pain, they like to swoop, but they do sound very melodious. Crows aren't much of a problem where I am and they are interesting birds to watch. The Noisy Miner birds (an introduced species) are a pain as they pick at all the fruit so it spoils, the little buggers. There is a park across from a big shopping centre near where I live and watching all the traffic stop for the ducks who have decided to investigate the opposite side of the road sends me into fits of giggles. They just wander over like there is nothing to worry about. Its always lovely to sit in the park on nice days and watch all the different birds, who seem to have staked out their particular pieces of territory. The ducks have the pond, the (Australian) White Ibises hang out near the restaurant, the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos wander about on their mound or underneath the nearby trees, the Galah's are over the other side by the library. There are these little birds that swoop over the rolling grounds about a foot from the grass. I can never get a good look at them because they never seem to stop, but they don't care if you walk through their 'playground', they'll just swerve around you. Its quite delightful.


    Our neighbours have bottlebrush, which I hate because a) I'm allergic and it has a lot of pollen and b) its extremely messy when it drops its flowers/foliage. EVERYTHING turns red. The redeeming factor is that the Eastern Rosella's and Rainbow Lorikeets really love to hang out in it, and they are beautiful birds. The Honeyeaters (New Holland Honeyeater, I think) like it over there too, but usually hang out in some tree/bush I haven't identified yet. Could be another grevillea.


    I don't see as many Willie Wagtail's around as I did when I was younger, but they are the most adorable and curious little birds, and so tiny.


    I have possum socks, a scarf and some gloves from New Zealand. Very warm! While possums are quite adorable to look at, I have to listen to them running across my roof just about every night and when they get in hissing fits with one another, they make the screeching and yowling of cats seem trivial.


    The local wildlife doesn't have much to fear from my cat. She's very antisocial but really just a big wuss. Watching her reaction to a big huntsman spider rearing up at her is just gold (big city huntsman, not big country huntsman. That would be terrifying).


    I was trying to find a picture of an overgrown Australian Huntsman, I found this rather funny picture/post instead:




    I´m not normal because I´m not worried about the delays? I mean, I would prefer to have them but... I suppose is some kind of zen thing :blues:

    I have now backed over 20 crowdsourcing campaigns, the majority have had delays but none have had as big a fulfillment phase as this one. I have had ones with much worse communication too. This could be why I'm so forgiving of Reaper. They're doing quite well in comparison to a number I have backed.


    Just by comparing Reaper, an existing experienced company with existing international logistics connections, to some guy off the street with a novel idea and little to no clue about project management tells everything that needs to be said.


    At least half of the projects I have backed are from existing and experienced small companies. I think that maybe 2 were on time? I am still waiting on some things that had delivery dates in November and January, those campaigns update about once every month - 6 weeks. I find this to be adequate and I am not concerned. The same thing has happened on other campaigns I have helped fund and I have always gotten my rewards. My point was that after the first few crowdsourcing campaigns, you realise estimated delivery dates end up appearing to be extremely bad guesses.


    I am a little more relaxed when it comes to slower communication because I have gotten used to the delays associated with the crowdfunding system in general. This is all I was referring to.

  8. I´m not normal because I´m not worried about the delays? I mean, I would prefer to have them but... I suppose is some kind of zen thing :blues:

    I have now backed over 20 crowdsourcing campaigns, the majority have had delays but none have had as big a fulfillment phase as this one. I have had ones with much worse communication too. This could be why I'm so forgiving of Reaper. They're doing quite well in comparison to a number I have backed.

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  9. And according to Ladystorm you won't see this anyway, so really. I'm just venting for kicks. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (random Hooooooo for kicks)

    I don't know which post you're referencing for this, but either Ladystorm misspoke, or it was misinterpreted. Reaper were unlikely to be on the forums while the fulfillment phase was going on, but they are on the forums regularly otherwise. ReaperBryan and Kit mainly in regards to the regular staff.

  10. One important tip before I head off for work: Different brands have different sizing (but can be the same). My DaVinci Maestro #1 is not the same size as a W&N #1, I think it is closer to a W&N #0 (but I don't have time to check), so if you change up your brands in the future, look at the specifications of the brush tip size rather than the number before buying.

  11. Is this the same W&N Series 7 that doesn't list "Water Color", or is this a different one? I'm guessing they're the same, but wouldn't want to be let down.

    They are the same thing, don't worry. Most (probably all) Kolinsky Sable brushes people recommend for miniature painting are water colour brushes.

  12. A good optometrist should give you your prescription at the conclusion of each visit, even if nothing has changed. I have awesome specialists, though.

    Yeah, I always get given my new prescription at the end of my visit (only had my glasses for about 4 years, so its always a little different each time I go).


    Luckily, I don't need reading glasses (yet) but I've found my cheap visor-style magnifier to be the best so far. The lamp magnifier the worst as you have to hold it so close you hit the magnifier with the paint brush. Its good for checking detail but not working on it. The cheap glasses are pretty good (3.5x pair) and the focal length is about 15-20cm.


    @Cassu (off topic) Thanks for that link, it inspired me to look for somewhere that might offer swim goggles with prescription lenses and I found here: http://www.mroptical.com.au/ Prices are comparable and I have private health cover, so it could possibly be even cheaper if they have stuff I like! Will have to check them out.

  13. My bits came with the pin vise I bought off Amazon. It's ok, nothing special.


    I have also drilled my thumb. With one of the super tiny guitar string sized bits. Which broke off in my thumb.



    Ooh, that doesn't sound pleasant.


    I think everyone eventually stabs themselves while pinning. If not #1, it's definitely close to #1 on the injuries sustained while prepping list.


    I drop things a lot, so I like to pin where possible as super glue doesn't generally stand up on a joint that sustains a 1 metre plus drop. Small pieces are generally fine though, especially if they are unlikely to sustain any type of impact.

  14. I wonder if it might not be a good idea to get a few (sealed) packets of dehumidifier powder (like you sometimes find in bottles of vitamins) to toss into whatever we use to carry our Bones?

    Might be handy for those in humid conditions. I save the silica gel packets you sometimes get in shoe boxes or other goods that are sensitive to moisture and reuse them where required such as in containers with collected basing materials such as sand and sawdust to dry up excess moisture and prevent clumping and even prevent possible mold growth (also great to throw in your jewellery box to prevent tarnishing).

  15. They do regular orders by USPS for international, so I guess its reasonable to consider a small truck shows up regularly that picks up packages from several companies, but the number they could fit on that truck would be pretty low, and probably vary depending on the day. Normal retail orders would have first priority. I'm pretty sure if they showed up at the USPS office with more than 20 or so packages at a time, they would be sent away and told to call for a truck. Who knows what practices USPS has for business.


    They were doing them by country, because USPS told them to, but the last KS update said they are doing largest to smallest now, so obviously something changed there with USPS.


    Edit: How many times can I write 'USPS' in one post....

  16. My Deathsleet just seems to fall sideways if unpropped from the side until I manage to straighten the slightly bent leg. Mine doesn't seem to have the falling forward/soft ankle problem. I left her all afternoon and she seems fine. I'll probably end up making a simple base anyway as I'm sure it will be easy to knock her over onto her wings or poor face. I want a little heft to the bottom of most of my minis anyway.

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