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  1. Heavier but still small bases (like metal washers) may do the trick.


    My Deathsleet seems fine (his legs feel quite tough) but I've stuck him down so he doesn't fall sideways (I only did a quick boil and ice to get a little bit of a leg bend out). I don't think he has the weak knee problem but I should be able to tell by morning.


    Maybe a plastic batch was mixed up a little too soft.

  2. Incidently Reaper likes to make "experienced" versions of models, or at least new versions of the same character. You can safely assume this with Hyrekia. A simple example is Marda here: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Marda

    I like the thought of having 2 miniatures such as less experienced and more experienced versions. Hasslefree do a lot of this with their modern adventurers line and its quite a neat concept. I'm getting off-topic though...

  3. I was doing this yesterday to organise them into Warlord, DHL, Chronosope and Bones only sections. I haven't got the SKU's of the metal and haven't finished everything. Now wish I'd typed it up for you.


    Some of the ones I can help with are (names are incomplete on Bones parts):

    77193 Hyrekia is a new sculpt and an alternative sculpt of 02810: Hyrekia, Sorceress (DHL)

    77195 Mr. Bones is part number P01422D: Christmas Future (Death) and won't be available in Bones at retail.

    77055 Anval Thricedamned is 01521: Anvall Thricedamned, (Special Edition Figures) which was a limited run of 100

    77040 Turanil is an alternative sculpt of 02901: Turanil, Elf Paladin (DHL, Warlord: Elves)

    77039 Janan - New sculpt (there is a 03206: Janan, Female Dragon Slayer in the DHL line but this is a completely different sculpt)


    and from what I could gather, these are all new sculpts:

    77054 Galladon
    77075 Khael
    77034 Male High Wizard
    77094 Trista
    77093 Drago Voss
    77132 Barnabus

    77036 Devona (I could have sworn I saw her in metal but maybe I just stared at the Bones Kickstarter picture too long)


    Someone PLEASE correct me if I am wrong.


    1.47am GMT on Reaper's Facebook page;


    I'm happy to report that my confirmation email system just made 156 more Europeans very happy.[/size]

    In other news for western Canadians, we've just found out from UPS that there was a hang up with our freight at customs in Ontario. It's getting ready to hit Alberta today or tomorrow when it'll go into they local distribution system, they told us. Sorry for the delays.[/size]

    No I wasn't one of them.

    Can someone help my poor addled brain here. If reaper can't process the remaining hundreds RoW rewards because USPS won't spare them a truck: What exactly happened with 156 (not one of 'em either)?


    USPS must have sent a truck. Probably a small one. I imagine that's the only way they would have escaped from Reaper HQ. ObsidianCrane is an Aussie, so more than 156 may have left, or 156 got sent, and there were a couple of random non-european ones in there. I guess a small truck would be better than no truck at all. They would have to have a lot more ready to go by now.

  5. Woot got my shipping confirmation(s), now there is just the waiting for the box to arrive!


    Two Weeks! (for certain values of 2 that may include up to 4)

    Lets hope USPS and Australia Post do their usual good job (well, in my experience anyway) and get it to you in a minimum of time. Mine hit the Chicago sort facility on the 18th and was delivered on the 24th to Adelaide, so less time than I expected. Its the fastest USPS shipment I have ever received, and the biggest. I was hoping against hope that I would get them by Friday but didn't expect to, and then they showed up on Wednesday. To be honest, I'm a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of all these little plastic things. And don't be too concerned with the USPS tracker. Mine decided to notify me it had arrived at post office and delivered about 15 hours after it was actually delivered.


    Here's hoping yours is just as quick! You will be swimming in bones in no time at all.

  6. Which again is a complete fail on communication from Reaper, that stuff should have been in KS updates. It doesn't explain western Canadia truck going missing or anything, but if you're a Canadian with a PO box, you'll still be waiting.

    Shouldn't Canadian's with a PO Box know that UPS doesn't deliver to them? The shipping method was in an Official KS update written right above the line that told everyone to make sure their addresses were correct. UPS don't seem to be the best at giving people relevant information. It was probably a surprise to Reaper themselves.

  7. They did state in a Kickstarter update that they would not be monitoring comments during the shipping phase. It is extremely inefficient and time consuming for them to search for questions in comments. They gave us fair and official warning that they wouldn't, so if you do have a problem, email. In their last update, they even asked people to email them if they have any questions regarding their shipment. So just send an email.


    That is not a statement about their communication or lack thereof or whether it should be different.


    Really, I don't see many people who had a problem with their communication until this last month when shipping started for the second time. Their first lot of shipping seems to have gone quite smoothly. Damn shipping. So this thread is more about "how to better handle communication when you've told around 15,000 people that they will get their package soon" (15,000 is an estimate at best).

  8. Otherworld miniatures is updating once or twice a month, once a week at most before their first shipment started, which is reasonable.They haven't gotten to their large orders yet. This kind of frequency, even if it doesn't concern me, is fine in my opinion. Once a week or so from Reaper is surely enough though if they don't have anything new to say? Or am I expecting too little?


    You know, if Kickstarter had an option to do updates for people from certain countries, it would change this debate considerably. Considering how problematic logistics can be, I'm surprised it hasn't been done. I know they can send updates only to certain levels.

  9. But its not 18,000 people who are interested. I'd say it would be under 2000 shipments to go, many of GB and parts of Europe now have their emails, so it has to be well under that by now. How many percent of those people have sent emails? Is it enough to warrant sending another update less than a week after the last one, especially if its only going to be of interest to such a small number? Is it better just to answer concerns directly to the people who are asking for communication at this point? I have no idea how many emails they have gotten from ROW asking for information, but I can't imagine its terribly high.

  10. Hopefully, since it will be a week today since the last KS update, they'll give us another one. The Canadian thread was hounding Reaper about where their orders were earlier, and Reaper had already sent them ages ago (okay, it was only a few grumpy Western Canadians, most of them understand by now that UPS is hopeless after having to deal with their packages having to be sent back to Reaper when they had already gotten to Canada... again, what was the point of having the UPS Rep there to help them?).

  11. USPS made them change the way they were doing things. They made them pre-postmark everything for a future date, then made them pack according to country. This was after they had started packing ROW. What is the point of having a Rep if they don't tell them how to do things until after they've started them? That was the USPS rep. The UPS Rep seemed like a pain too. Seems like they screwed them up more than help them.

  12. Another mini that I have trouble with is the Bat Swarm. It seems quite rigid, but the detail is exceedingly fuzzy. Is anyone with a metal version able to confirm how well defined the swarm is? How easy to parse is each individual bat?

    It does look a lot fuzzier than the metal version pictured, but that could be due to clean up on the metal version. I can still make out some of their tiny little bat faces. They're so cute. This is a very busy sculpt with all those undercuts and everything. I wouldn't be surprised if the metal version requires a lot of clean up itself. I was wondering about this one earlier when I was looking through them.


    I'd like to hear from someone who does have this in metal. I know there are people out there. I've heard complaints about those loose bats before!

  13. @theleast - It probably isn't a pleasant thing to not have any experience with Reaper and be one of the international backers who have not received your product yet. I have felt this way in another Kickstarter where I took a chance on someone venturing into business. His communication was sporadic before and during shipment time. I eventually got my product and was very happy with it. The project creator said the post office lost an entire shipment which he sent and those without their items could only take his word for it.


    But it can be scary to think that you may have paid a lot of money and end up with nothing. I have only received mine because I ordered a LOT of stuff and made it into the first shipment.


    If it helps, they have always been quick to ship and fast and friendly with their communication in the past, and I am speaking of what I have experienced myself, not reiterating someone else's statement. i have no reason to believe they will leave anyone in the lurch.


    A bit off-topic, but since this is an often visited thread for people who may be wondering who they have given all their money to, I thought I'd re-share one of Reaper's official video's about their company and the people who work there. I *believe* it was made as a response to some questions on the Reaper forum (or Kickstarter comments?) after the Kickstarter finished, but I'm too lazy to bother working out if I remember this correctly now. I like seeing stuff like this and thought the new people here might be interested. There is a lot more to the Reaper story than this, but I have NO idea where I read that as it was a few years ago.


  14. Feedback to Reaper (and any decent company) is important. They can't always know there is a problem until they hear about it. Things slip through the QC process for every goods manufacturer, unfortunately. If you are unhappy, you have to tell them about it or it won't get fixed. I imagine if they hear enough people telling them something is faulty and not worth their money, they'll take it off the shelves until the quality is improved.


    Personally, I'm not looking for any replacements on the ones that everyone has issues with. It just doesn't bother me. I certainly don't begrudge people asking for what they paid for, or compensation for what can't be provided. If you paid for it, you should certainly get it, and I expect Reaper will take care of everyone (eventually, it sounds like there may be a bit of a list now) like they have done in the past.


    I think the KS may have pushed things a bit too fast for everyone over at Reaper. Getting back to a slower release schedule will probably be a good thing overall.

  15. ... Reaper has nothing to gain and everything to loose by delaying the ROW shipping...


    You make a very good point here, Laoke.


    If they hadn't wanted to deal with international in the first place, they never would have let us contribute. They have proved themselves to be good business people in the past and I don't see them suddenly deciding that ROW are less important when I have never seen any one report anything of the sort before.


    They may have dropped the ball, but I don't see any malice in their actions. I do believe they were considering doing a wrap up about the project and everything involved once the dust has settled (this was a comment and probably not something they have sat down and discussed yet, so don't hold them to it). I would certainly like to see it if they do. It would probably make required viewing for anyone thinking of doing a Kickstarter.

  16. FYI, this was posted by someone on KS comments a few hours before Kit (I'm assuming its Kit) posted on Twitter today


    Regarding west Canada this is the response I received this morning
    Thanks for your inquiry and we know nothing more than what you are seeing on UPS.com. We have contacted our UPS representative to look into this.
    Our speculation is that it is stuck in customs and waiting for customs clearance, but we do not know that for a fact. Once it has cleared customs, then it will hit the UPS system and you will see movement of your package on the UPS.com tracking detail. The tracking number kicks in when the freight shipment crosses the border and the packages get checked into the UPS system.
    In the past, we have seen a pallet of shipments take up to 30 days to clear customs and enter the UPS system.

    So looks like before it was posted on Twitter, they had been in contact but UPS hadn't contacted them back. I doubt they would have considered doing an official KS update for information that everyone concerned with will find out less than 24 hours later.

  17. While I'd like to assemble them all myself, I get that the point of Bones was to be as pre-assembled as possible. I haven't gotten to any of the glued stuff in my Vampire box except the Eye Beast (which was glued very well but is going to be a pain to paint its mouth) but I don't expect this, or even a bad glue job will put me off.


    I think Bones is a product that fills a few different gaps in the hobby/gamer market quite well and their decisions were likely made by looking closely at the market they were targeting. They have satisfied the needs of us hobbyists here for a long time now, its time we share Reaper with those who don't prefer metal, self assembly and/or paint!

  18. I have inventoried all my add-ons. I needed a break and have yet to crack the lid of my Vampire box. I even got the cap and totally forgot I had it on for the past 2 hours or so :)


    So far, everything is accounted for and no defects or missing/extra parts. The coffins on the back of my Wyrmgear's right legs (I got 2) are both a little wonky, but a touch of green-stuff work or something should fix it. Looks like the plastic was a little too warm still and warped a bit, which is really obvious on perfectly straight lines. A few are a bit bent, but most are okay. I suspect there is probably going to be more bent ones in the Vampire box. I'll probably just dump them all into the big box tonight after I go through them and let them rest and revert before giving the boiling treatment.


    And thanks to Peanut for his/her awesome packing skills!

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    My box arrived at work today, all 20 pounds. I have been dying for my lunch break to roll around so I can peek inside. Have to eat first but in a few minutes I will be in Bones Heaven.


    So, Bones have now arrived in Adelaide, Australia!


    Edit: I have sated myself for now by assembling Kaladrax. The bags were already opened so Mine obviously got checked. No missing Kally bits for me. Only 3 more hours till I can go home and dive into the box. Oh, Kally is also greeting anyone who wanders into the kitchen now.

    Were the any updates on the tracking beyond the 'processed through sort facility Australia' status?


    None at all. It still says the same thing and it was delivered over 8 hours ago.

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