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  1. For anyone interested in the glue removal thing, someone started a thread about superglue debonder here which others elaborated on with their own ideas or experience: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/50308-how-do-bones-react-to-superglue-debonder/ Also, I remember reading in a topic or two that some people managed to pull their badly factory glued models apart by hand with a little bit of force.
  2. Just email them with your details (including old email address) and I'm sure they will update it for you on their system if it hasn't been already ([email protected]). Although, I notice that my email came via Amazon and not directly from Reaper, so it could be that they are using the Kickstarter tools to send the USPS messages.
  3. Brian has expressed in the past that all feedback, both positive and negative, is regarded as important and is discussed at meetings. At this point, I think it may be a bit late for that thread. I'm sure there will be a gigantic meeting after everything has gone out the door and all order problems have been taken care of. They will most likely go through all Kickstarter-related threads, kickstarter comments, twitter comments, facebook comments, emails at that point. They still have a lot of work ahead of them at this point even after we all have been taken care of (but I expect they may want to take a week or two to curl up in a ball and have a stress-relieving cry and gather their thoughts - I would). Long after we have put the thoughts of their many difficulties behind us, they will be analysing and going through them again and again.
  4. I say more cute kid drawn pics on the ticker page. Maybe with a note saying "Silly USPS poo poo heads broke the ticker"?
  5. Haha, yeah, I forgot we broke the website. Hell, we broke Kickstarter at the end of the campaign We certainly taught Kit a lesson there.
  6. I do agree that their communication could have been handled much better, but hiring someone outside would mean that that person would probably have to get everyone together and confirm all the information they were putting out before it went out anyway, meaning that the time taken for that new person to gather the information from other people in the company, taking them away from what they are doing may make it pointless (but then again, I may be wrong). I think they just need someone internal who has been through the process previously who has time set aside every day where they can manage Kickstarter and Social Media information. Remember, Bryan usually does the customer service himself. It might have actually been a better solution to hire someone who specialises in logistics and distribution on a larger scale. Then again, hindsight is 20/20, and its easy to criticize when you're not involved. I am sure that Bryan would admit that, looking back, there are many things they could have done better, and many things that they could do better now, knowing what they have learnt during the Kickstarter.
  7. That is absolutely amazing, and just so damn adorable. You even put lighting in! Its just so cool!
  8. Kit (their IT/Web etc guy) said USPS's weird postmarking policies threw the whole thing off, then it broke. It stopped at about 2100. I'm not sure if Kit could fix it, or it was worth the amount of time he would need to spend on it considering there is probably plenty for him to do, and shipping of most parcels will be done relatively soon.
  9. Surely they would ship all the stuff to Australia in one go? I haven't got a confirmation and am now worried. I want to be the excited kitten instead. Dammit. I think the Aussies that have an email are all ones that had a large order that was packed before they had to change their shipping order, so don't start worrying yet.
  10. I suspected it may have had something to do with the USPS and the new way they had to do shipping. My suspicions have now been confirmed.
  11. I noticed. Hopefully Kit has too and will be on to it. It's still early there.
  12. This is the first time I have ever wished to express my emotions thorugh animated gif, so I have chosen carefully... Edit: and stolen from tumblr... Now I can't stop watching it....
  13. I thought this would mean that I would actually go to bed at a decent hour now that I know its ready to be shipped off now. Nope. Too excited. Despite the fact it'll still take about 2 weeks. I still want to watch the damn ticker too. Argh! Need to sleep!
  14. My understanding is that it is shipped. When they packed your order they mucked up something with the labeling, posting, whatever. but the line items got tagged with a date on them. When they fixed whatever the labeling issue was (likely USPS telling them "No, we want you to do it this way, not what we told you last week") they ran the order back through the shipping system, but the date on the line items doesn't match the new date, so it just doesn't pull those into the email, so you get an empty list. I believe all the Canada orders that had been boxed earlier but didn't ship got empty emails when they re-did them as well. That sounds about right. Mine was a large order, so one that got packed and marked before USPS told them to change how they were doing things. So mine is postmarked for 12th of July on the USPS system (I'd assume that is when they put all the stuff in the box and put it on the pallet), so probably the same for Reaper's. Since it wasn't postmarked for today, the database couldn't find anything that was marked as shipping today. Hence, blank email..
  15. If the problem was only with the ones not made by the guy from Foamcorps, then they should be okay, because the inserts for the figure cases were made by him (if I got that right). The one I have has a little stickiness but when loaded the bottles come out relatively easily as the rest of the bottles hold the tray down. No more glue and bits of foam coming out anymore, but I really just use it for extra paints at the moment as I have other racks and don't take my paints anywhere. I didn't really buy them for the case anyway - it was just a nice perk. My paint caddy's are sitting empty in their Reaper tote bag, but I think that may be remedied in about ten day's time.
  16. I already have my inventory list printed and ready to go, so that will be first. Then I will assemble Kaladrax and scare my cat with it! If Kaladrax is somehow deficient, I may cry... then assemble Nethyrmaul instead. Then I will lay on the floor with my Bones (there is definitely not enough flat space anywhere else to lay them all out) and I will regress a good 20 years or so and play until my mum comes in and asks me why she keeps hearing weird roaring noises emanating from my flat...
  17. 33 line items for me. And I'd say they'd all be going out Priority International. I'm pretty sure its their standard shipping for parcels over 4 pounds they use for normal internet orders, I know First Class International is what I have gotten for my smaller orders in the past (well, the last one at least).
  18. WOOOOOHOOOO! But also am apparently getting nothing, hahaha. Edit: and email received about 2 minutes ago, so hang in there! They'll all take a while to go out I imagine.
  19. Yes, F5 Sophie has once again become my desktop wallpaper.
  20. I got a whole Gale Force Nine sample box about half price, but I have not based even a single mini. I just did a base out of balsa wood for a wood plank style base that I will make a couple more of since the first one looks pretty good. Just cut strips, glue on, wash in black to get down in the crevices and then paint and dry brush. Balsa wood is a little soft but its easier than wooden pop-sticks to work with.
  21. Their regular USPS method for small packages is First Class International, which is air, and the method they offer for free shipping. So it will probably be that or the level above (for heavier packages).
  22. I'm never sure whether it gets sent via Sydney/Melbourne by road or by air, as there wouldn't be a great deal of time difference between the two anyway. It always comes in via Sydney or Melbourne though and tracking is pretty much nothing until it gets to the local depot. Maybe we'll all get them around the same day. I'm getting excited now! I am used to buying stuff online from overseas though that if its here in average time (usually 10-15 business days with USPS) I won't be curled up in a ball worrying that it'll never come. Edit: ooh, I saw a NSW order sneak in on the ticker there!
  23. I got pretty much everything, but now regret not getting another 20 Kaladrax's or so... Okay maybe not 20, but a couple more at least. I can think of 2 people who would be thrilled if I surprised them with them... and then tell me off because they have nothing to paint them with. I am evil like that.
  24. Thanks for the thread-res OneBoot, this was fantastic. The interaction of Ogre and Sir Garrick at the start brought to mind Ludo and Sir Didimus from Labyrinth, so every time I read their parts they sounded like them in my head. Made it even funnier.
  25. I read Vroomer's message as meaning this: I may be wrong, but I talk like that sometimes. Loses meaning in writing. Either that or he really likes the Zombie Hunters.
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