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  1. I missed Sophie during ReaperCon, so I bought her from the UK (shipping to Australia is always cheaper than from the US too). I've had Guild of Harmony miniatures on my wishlist for a while, but I think my next purchase will be the second HD Paint Set. Waiting till my Bones arrive and are inventoried thoroughly though, just to save Reaper some cash if anything is missing. Will probably need another Back2Base-ix paint rack too... Also a couple of particular porcelain pallets but I can't find them in Australia and I don't know what the shipping will be, which is delaying me from purchasing. Oh, I really DO need to start a spreadsheet...

  2. I quite enjoy prepping miniatures, but its a PITA when the mould has been misaligned. Sometimes it's fixable, sometimes its way too much work. Fortunately, I've only had one in the latter category but most of it was fixable and I'll eventually paint it up anyway.


    Priming and finding you missed mould lines is bad. Painting and finding them is worse.


    I have to say, I was all in for the Otherworld Miniatures Kickstarter both because of the very realistic designs of their adventurers with all their bags and such, and because their female adventurers looked like I imagined they should - clothed :)


    On the topic of scantily clad/completely naked/completely unrealistically dressed female miniatures with big boobs and such. They don't particularly bother me a great deal. From a business standpoint I understand why there are so many and I just choose to ignore it. Not because it doesn't bother me sometimes, just that its a moot point to argue with people I know in general. If my situation was different, however, I might be a bit more opinionated on the subject. I'm also not averse to buying some of the aforementioned miniatures if they fit my needs or they look particularly kick-elf and not too ridiculous (although I'd totally go for that one Buglips posted if it crosses my path just for the hilarity factor).

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  3. I am a little chuffed to have started the posting-thought-process which led to Bryan-Zilla, Bryan-Zilla - The Sketch and Bryan-Zilla the avatar. I agree it should be used as concept art for a new Bones model and second the hat being separate ^_^ .


    ReaperBryan from KS:

    ...Because of reasons...


    ...is the best reason for anything, ever.

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  4. I thank you.

    My credit cards' companies thank you.

    Every miniatures KS I've backed since should thank you. (who knew they were doing miniatures kickstarters? Not me, until the Reaper one).


    This... except for the credit card part. I'd be dangerous with a credit card (I got Vamp+36 without one!). But that's probably because I knew how much the tax man was giving me back before it finished. Oh, and there it all went! ^_^


    Thank you to Reaper for making me feel like a kid in a candy store!

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  5. Were the emails sent all at once or are they slowly being sent?

    Seeing peeps on the forum, kickstarter and even facebook bragging about them is starting to make me worried that I really am in the troublesome bracket...


    Sometimes it takes a while to receive an email that someone else will get in mere moments. Give it a few hours at the very least before you contact them... they will be gone for the day by now anyway. Also check your Spam folder just in case.

  6. ...Take a look at Jessica Rich's winning piece. That is not a great sculpt, but it's pretty amazing paint and was recognized as such by both the main show judges and the popular vote. http://www.reapermini.com/ReaperCon2013PaintingContest/artist/Jessica%20Rich...


    I saw this picture yesterday and was immediately reminded of it when I saw the headwear of Jessica Rich's piece....


    (I was reading this article http://www.abebooks.com/books/RareBooks/serafini-fantasy-art-weird/Codex-Seraphinianus.shtml)


    Jessica's piece and Laszlo's gumball machine Gandalf are perfect illustrations of how something that may not be considered competition-level to begin with can, with a bit of imagination and elbow-grease, become something fantastic.


    (I haven't been to Reaper -- is it possible that they are short on parking for a trailer plus Bones overflow plus room for a UPS truck for pickup?)


    They did mention that they had to hire space because they couldn't fit all the Bones in their warehouse and other storage space, so they were pretty much packed to the brim before they started, and would have remained that way until all the extra storage space had been emptied.



    Honestly, "misinformation" is a part of life. They have passed it on believing it was correct at the time. If they hadn't have updated us with anything they weren't 100% positive of then we would have NO updates AT ALL. They have also given outlines of what they planned to do, but plans are just that. Plans. I have no reason to believe they have provided us with "disinformation".


    I have assumed that it is much more likely that USPS will send a truck at some point when there are pick-ups available, but are much less likely to leave a truck there for them for a week. I have also stipulated in another thread what may happen if they don't, which concluded with a string of threads about a possible Bryan-zilla. :;):


    But lets have happy thoughts now people. That ticker should start showing ROW in around 14 hours! And if the email system doesn't fail again, we should start getting notices within 24 hours!!


    Undertaker level is the store level, so they'll come after the other pledges.


    So basically those of us who aren't "Stores" but added the "Undertaker level" along with our Vampire pledge + extras get screwed... Yay! (not)



    I don't know of many people who chose Undertaker and stuck with it after all the free add-ons started coming out. Undertaker level probably still needs to be blister-packed too. It did say that it was intended for stores, and if they're not opening bones Kickstarter models for retail before all the non-retail Kickstarter orders are done, it would make sense to not do Undertaker until last so the other thousands and thousands of backers don't feel like like Reaper have gone back on their word.

  9. Considering that they waited until there was a Rep there to first start processing Canada, and then it still got screwed up, I'm feeling like USPS might get their butts in gear and I may get my 30+ line item package in Australia before the Canada Rep deigns it time to reschedule with Reaper.


    I will be weeping for Canada if this happens, but I imagine ReaperBryan may have a fit and go all Godzilla-like if it takes them THAT long. I have been told I am a very patient person, but sometimes there are people or companies that stretch me to breaking point, then when I snap everyone stares at me with mouths agape in total shock and horror. I told my best friend I hated someone once and she looked at me as if I had been replaced by an alien or something.

  10. The mobile version comes up automatically on my phone, not sure what you need to do to get it to load manually.

    I have the answer to that!


    If for some reason it doesn't detect you are in mobile mode, you can change to the mobile view by clicking on the "Change Theme" button right at the very bottom of the page next to the RSS symbol (it's the second button if it detects you are in mobile and the first becomes "Use Mobile Version") and "IP.Board Mobile" will pop up from it as one of two options.

  11. Yeah, stop making us jealous, Burnsides!


    Anyway, for those who haven't spotted the comment from ReaperBryan, once the US orders are finished they'll have room to start packing and putting the ROW orders in the warehouse if they still don't have the truck, and they're not looking at returning to normal production until all orders are done. He has also been in contact with the Reps (UPS, USPS) daily.


    That is their plan, if nothing else screws with them.

  12. Sorry, I think I may have made myself misunderstood when referring to "constant updates" being in one place. I was referring to ReaperBryan's posts on the kickstarter comments and forums, which is usually at least once daily (but are scattered about). I like that he posts how they're going quite frequently but if that we're coming through as Kickstarter updates, some would be annoyed.


    But yes, one Kickstarter update about them having problems probably would be good.

  13. I wouldn't want all those updates coming through my email, but a Kickstarter update stating a single place where you could find other smaller updates with a link to a topic on the News forum probably would be a good solution. That way if you really wanted to see all the info, you could just follow the topic (that should be in the update too) and be alerted whenever there was a change and people would know where to look.


    This would (hopefully) solve the problem of being concerned of annoying people via constant updates and provide those who want constant updates with an easy way to get them.

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  14. Unfortunately, Bryan has said on the Kickstarter comments: "I can comment freely, but Updates go to committee." I don't think they can really take the time to do that at the moment, which is understandable. I really didn't find it too difficult to find the information myself, but I may be a bit more familiar with the forums than people who are new.


    I think a topic in the News section probably would have been a good idea instead of posts all around the place, but I doubt that would have solved the issue of everyone wondering where the updates are and people wondering why there aren't updates in the places they want updates. I understand that it must be frustrating for some.


    So, if you are someone who wants to go find out what ReaperBryan is posting (and he posts pretty much at least once a day about their situation - we aren't short on news really) you can see the posts he makes on Kickstarter in his profile: http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/reaperbryan/comments

    and on the forums by doing this (I guess I could post a link, but... eh... this is a useful thing to know) : Easy way to show last few posts is to.... Use the search box up the top there to search by member and put in his name, click on him in the search results, click on Posts at the bottom of the left hand menu.


    To see a whole lotta posts: Use the search box up the top there to search by member and put in his name, click on him in the search results, on the right of the page (above the green box about how much we like Bryan and think he's excellent) hit the find content button. There is a menu on the left where at the bottom is says "Only Posts". Done.



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