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  1. If you've never been fobbed off by a big company with the word "Soon" (even when they said the same thing several weeks before) then you're lucky.


    I deal with suppliers and reps on occasion and I have to say that some big companies have a lot of staff that couldn't care less about you, or the person on the other end of the phone has no power to control what you want and is just the messenger (who gets shot at a lot), which they can afford to do if they are the only viable suppliers of certain goods or services, or if they are cheaper by a fair margin. If you're the little guy, you're out of luck. And I'm pretty sure Reaper qualifies as a little guy, despite this one large shipment.


    I can certainly see a reason (not a justification) for USPS being such a pain. With all the cut backs, they will be concentrating on their largest customers first before Reaper. Its not necessarily first in, best dressed. Its not fair. It just is what it is.


    Bryan is frustrated, and probably quite stressed, and just doesn't know. He doesn't want to guess.


    But look on the bright side, if you have a Kaladrax in your order, he should be more likely to have all the right parts :P


    If we finish US with no word on ROW from the postal service, we will at that point have room to prestage the orders. We will not return to normal production until all the orders are done as far as we can get them. I speak daily with our uPS rep and the postal service rep, and promise to update as soon as I have news that isn't "no news". Also remember tomorrow is a US holiday and We are taking the day off. We will return to work Friday as normal, and odds are good we will get a weekend crew together.

    Jul. 03, 2013 on Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures.


    (Bryan's update on the KS comments on the 3rd should give some answers for those who missed it.)


    Edit: and they are also working all weekend.

  2. As a 37 line RoW order, I have resigned myself to the fate of most likely being one of the very last people to get their package, and (as much as my inner child is whining and kicking and screaming that they want it right now, especially since I'm not working as much the next 2 weeks) I'm fine with that. I honestly thought that all RoW orders would go out last before they started anyway. Relying on other companies can be a PITA sometimes and I don't expect them to start boxing RoW and leaving them in the warehouse just to satisfy a few people. It would make shipping for everyone else even slower and extend their packing time even more. I'm fine if they don't even get around to it next week.


    But then, I'm someone who has been ordering from Reaper and visiting the forums for a few years now, and have experienced how well they treat their customers.

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  3. 8mm beads are the best size for me, and I use hematite beads rather than glass. Also make sure the nozzle of the paint isn't clogged - I've run across some that would only let the acylic medium pass.


    I have had exactly this problem from time to time. Keeping a pin nearby to unclog the nozzle and giving it another shake tends to fix it just fine. Remember to re-shake after unclogging.

  4. My past packages from Reaper have never taken terribly long, but I guess that all depends on USPS (yes, same company for RoW as they usually use). I have backed a LOT of Kickstarters now and I have to say that Reapers has gone well and has been about average on wait time exceeding the planned times compared to others.


    Oh, and ReaperBryan usually posts to the Kickstarter comments once or twice a day, and on the forums. Which is hard to find amongst all the others but you can see all his comments by going here: http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/reaperbryan/comments although it may lack context on some not being able to see the other posts at the same time.


    You can see Bryan's forum posts by going to his profile http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/user/1281-reaperbryan/. This should help people keep up to date quickly without having to search high and low through everyone else's comments.


    I know from Bryan's communication that they are trying very hard. They started it off expecting it all to be done by the 4th and for RoW and Canada to be done in between US orders, but nothing ever goes to plan, especially when third parties are concerned. Bryan has even had to postpone his family holiday which makes me kinda sad.


    So my US Vamp+46 order was packed up at 7:00 am monday morning. Scheduled to be delivered on wednesday (7/3) which is awesome! ...except it is the same day I fly to Seattle for PaizoCON!


    I hope the UPS guy gets here before I have to leave for the airport!

    Spoiler Alert!



    He won't.


    I always imagine this when I'm awaiting a delivery. I'm sure its true...


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  6. This post was brought to you by me because of seeing a couple of craft websites where people were removing blades with their hands. Yikes! I don't want anyone to follow that advice.


    Now, I'm not new to scalpels. I don't use them per se, but I do remove the occasional blade at work, usually with a one handed stationary blade remover which makes it quick, easy and safe. However, I have been taught how to remove blades with forceps.


    I recently bought myself a scalpel for hobby use and was glad to see that inside the packaging there was a leaflet on how to mount and remove a blade. While scalpel injuries are less of a concern (but not necessarily less dangerous) outside the medical industry, I think its very important for everyone who may wish to use one, or who already is, to know the safest method to mount and remove blades. Not everyone will buy one that comes with instructions.


    Scalpel blades can cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter. So here is a good video demonstrating the correct way to do this for anyone who isn't aware:



    The main thing to remember is to have patience - they don't always come off that easily.

    Oh, and keep your fingers far away. Far, far away.


    If you don't invest in a sharps container (most people won't use enough blades to warrant it) make sure you have a thick-walled plastic container with a good lid. One that won't open if it falls from a good height, and a very safe place to put your scalpel.


    If anyone has any other advice, please add!

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  7. I'm keeping an eye on this, but am more interested in the accent stamps than the texture plates as I have been making them myself out of random items and "Instant Mold" (apparently "Oyumaru" is a similar product and generally cheaper). I even used resin in it the other day and it came out great (I had some excess from a small project and had to hurry to find something else).

  8. There are a lot of different chemicals in a lot of different release agents. I doubt you'll find out exactly what it is. I'm not surprised by it at all, lots of people are allergic to things and don't find out for quite some time, or they just become allergic to something over time. My brother and I have both become allergic to eating bananas after we grew up (connected to our hayfever, not a latex allergy).

  9. I was wondering about this. If you're in Australia and you're wondering where you can recycle your plastic bags, or other items, there are 2 good websites I found as my local council (and I imagine many others) can't accept plastic bags. I've heard they can get stuck in and generally screw up our recycling centre machines.


    http://www.recyclingnearyou.com.au/ - run by Planet Ark which helps you find your nearest recycling place for all types of things (got the link from my local council's website), and

    http://redcycle.net.au/redcycle/ - where you can search for the nearest place to recycle your shopping bags and thin plastic packaging (link provided from the previous website), which looks like most Coles supermarket stores. I have noticed a large shopping bag recycling bin outside our local one, but also didn't know you could recycle other plastics in there too.




    Creator Reaper Miniatures 3 minutes ago

    The first ROW Book of 1,500 orders goes to 9. The second book will be smaller, only 1,000 orders, and it goes to whatever the largest is, which unfortunately I don't have that info before me.




    From Bryan at 15:56 (Reaper time, I guess)



    I don't know what the largest RoW order is, but it's at least 49 items



    Wow, that's got me beat. Not by much though :)

  11. I basically check once a day as well. That's mainly because, due to timezone differences, they do most of their packing between when I go to bed and when I get up to go to work.

    Yeah, Denton, TX's 9am is my 11:30pm. Probably a good thing otherwise I'd be checking all day.


    In theory, ROW

    I wouldn't mind that, although I've resigned myself to being very late on the list. On the upside, I could probably bathe in the amount of bones I'm expecting. They're probably a bit pointy for that though....

  12. I was thinking of doing some kind of cataloguing system when my Bones Kickstarter box arrives. My miniature collection seems to be increasing exponentially as of late and although I don't see my collection being of much value in the future (but one can always hope) it would be a good thing to start and keep up with. Starting a task such as this further down the track would be daunting at best.


    I am also one of those strange people with an inexplicable love of spreadsheets, so I can see myself actually doing this.


    Thanks for sharing your method, its given me ideas on how to start my cataloguing and prompted me to begin before it becomes overwhelming.

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  13. I just use two plastic disposable cups so once one gets really dirty, I use it as the first wash and the cleaner one to rinse the brush out thoroughly. I recently bought a pack of small preserve jars which I will probably switch to to reduce the risk of the rare yet inevitable knocking over of lightweight cups.

  14. Heck, there are still empty spaces on the rack for more paint.


    Oh,I still have the MSP HD Set 2 on my wish list, and some spare dropper bottles for mixes and such, so not for long!


    Daaaaaammmmn kimbers.


    buglips may issue a general order for his gobbo minions to send out a raiding party on that much paint. Heck, I might join in on the raid.


    Careful, it may be a trap to collect fellow miniature painters. The one friend I have who likes miniature painting too lives a few hundred kilometres away, but is coming over next week. I may be tempted to try and keep him. Its possible I may have to check his bags before he leaves again.

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