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  1. Still awaiting my paint, but I got my racks last week. I still want a couple more but this should do me for a while.


    Can you let me know what your using as a temp base? I've been trying to re-think my strategy for when i work and this is almost exactly what I was thinking of. the slightly longer mount might help me keep still when doing those little tiny bits.


    and I hate you for your set up... I just want to come visit so i can paint there... dont mind me... I'm quiet


    Its a jewelers hand vise I purchased locally. I usually use a piece of paper clip as a pin which holds well in one of the 4 notches on the jaws http://www.carbatec.com.au/carba-tec-hand-vise_c20340. Good view of the jaws here http://www.micromark.com/super-hand-vise,10308.html.


    Usually you see these with a wing nut on the side to tighten the jaws but this one tightens by turning the handle. I have to say this is one of my favourite items on my painting bench. It wasn't terribly cheap but its well made and I'm getting my money's worth out of it.


    In the picture I have it sitting in a container filled with heavy metal beads with a hole cut in the lid. I first made a slanted holder out of the plastic packaging so that when I needed to put it down, the miniature didn't touch anything.

  2. That is an awesome amount of rack space for no paints yet. :) I want some! :D Why did you choose the plastic instead of the mdf? The being able to see through it?


    Yeah, I do like the see through aspect, plus I figured the acrylic will be a little more resistant to wear and tear as the years go by and it certainly looks better. I know I could have painted the mdf but by then the saving really wasn't worth it for me. I was very grateful that they were acrylic when I spilt my water on the weekend, which I rarely ever do, surprisingly.


    They are apparently planning some more rack packs for you international guys eventually, as I have read on their comments to this video:


    If you do wanna see a video of a selection of (some of their) stuff rather than pictures, check out this video



    They also have some interesting upcoming stuff on their facebook page that isn't available yet.


    Funny thing is, I saw these two videos after I ordered the racks (subscribed to them on Youtube). Best of all for me, they are a local company. So even if I don't have any FLGS's to support (aside from train/rc hobby stores), I feel good buying *something* locally.


    I'll be getting those paints any day now. International shipping times make me anxious and the bare racks keep reminding me!


    Edit: Oh, didn't know that would actually insert the videos. Haha!

  3. I think I may have to update my work area photos in the next week or two. Last week I bought

    4 of these: http://back2base-ix.com/images/uploads/therack/Acry_Straight%20Large.jpg

    and 2 of these: http://back2base-ix....ternal%2090.jpg

    and a full set of Reaper MSP's. I'm just waiting for them all, but should get the racks Monday.


    I also ordered a huge piece of clear acrylic to make a custom display case (or to be completely honest, for my dad to make a custom display case to my specifications... Its really not within my abilities but totally within his.) but don't expect that to be finished for a while.

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  4. Totally jealous of your gaming loft, evergrin!


    Anyway, this is my little space I've tried to clean up today. Up top looks okay for once. Under the desk and everywhere else is another matter entirely.



    The re-organised pegboard and shelf above the general work area:



    Painting area and storage. Eventually I'll get some of the spiffy looking back to base-ix acrylic paint racks to go on my left:



    Empty boxes waiting for the big boxes of random stuff to be sorted:



    My local ebay bargain. Still needs work done but some of the drawers have been finished in black. Will eventually hold lots of stuff. Currently has foam board and random tools in the finished drawers:



    The place I sit and procrastinate about painting and the like. Loving my new canvas although I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet. Just slapped some of the bombshell pics up on it for now:


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  5. I didn't realize the casting was being done by Reaper.


    Yes, I saw that too somwhere... aha, Update #3:


    I was contacted by Valiant Enterprises yesterday about our casting needs. The specifics are still being worked out, but we are looking at making a deal with them to have our resin pieces cast by them. Reaper Miniatures will be handing the metal production for all of the main Babe models."

  6. " the plan is to ship domestic what I have. (First shipment) Then combine first and second shipments for international backers"




    is gonna be the same in march? domestic first and then international second??



    because is like international backers money worth less than the US backers :angry:


    They also need to fill out all that customs paperwork to send international shipments too. The US shipments will probably take less time and effort per package to complete than the international, and would make more sense to do them first.

    Although with 15,000 backers, Ed has a lot of work to do in working out how to best organise the frenzy that will take place once everything arrives. While its very exciting I do not envy Reaper. They have a lot of hard work ahead of them.


    Oh, and I live in Australia, so I expect mine to arrive last.

  7. Frank, either keep Dan's spreadsheet open or use the KS home page list. I couldn't remember either!




    Yeah, had to find this again. It was very helpful. I also hadn't finished my own spreadsheet when the KS ended so I know I'm getting a couple of things slightly different to what I had originally decided on. :sadface: that being international I apparently have to wait until March for everything, but I completely understand why. International shipping isn't cheap. I was hoping to get the paint before March but I'll survive.


    I use Chrome and the PM worked perfectly.


    Thanks to the Reaper peeps and all your hard work so far. You guys are doing an amazing job, which can't be easy with so may backers!

  8. I really like what they've done so far. I will wait patiently for this.... well, try to.


    My friend just finished a feature length film recently so I know how much hard work and effort goes into something like this, and how much of a labour of love it is for the people behind it. And how time consuming production can be once the filming gets done (his friends banded together for his own kickstarter on Pozible to fly him to GenCon - from Australia - where it was shown this year!)


    I just get a kick out of seeing my name on IMDB... even if I'm just a silent extra on screen for a few seconds :)

  9. Make it in an baby doll (girl's size T), and I'll buy one for sure.


    Seconded. I thought about one of the shirts from the KS, then figured they'd all be in men's sizing. If not, hey I'll probably go for it, but I doubt it'll happen.


    I would also be down for a mug. It would definitely replace my current favourite.

  10. LoL , I agree! I love the visuals and how the team laid everything out though. There's just SO much of it!


    It's been about 15 years since my last foray into rp'ing. And now I have to figure out where to get back in and how to best introduce him. The mini's definitely got his interest so I'm glad we went in the shop. And by extension, heard about the Bones, and the kickstarter and managed to find my way here. I see a lot of reading in my future here on the forums!


    Someone mentioned that the Swords and Wizardry which the Vampire level gets the free PDF of was a good starting point for younger players. I don't really know myself, but it should be worth checking out!


    And now time to crawl into bed (with my tablet) and (not) sleep until 7:30am!

  11. I want to bonk all those people complaining about the PDF stretch goal over the head. Considering it was only 160K between that and the last stretch goal, instead of 400K+, its more a bonus goal.

    No whineyness with your free stuff, thank you very much!

  12. I feel pretty lucky. I work part time, and have various small sources of income, but aside from a few bills, it's all entertainment budget (and elective cosmetic stuff like hair cuts and pedicures). Every paycheck I get, I whip out the old calculator, and think "how much of this can I throw into the Kickstarter?" It's so worth it. I can't even believe how worth it this is, all those hundreds of figures. Having a collection like this is a lifelong dream, ever since I was a little kid and wanted to collect He-Man but my mom wouldn't let me. I look at the money I've pledged, and think "ok, that's nail polish and some fancy lunches on the town, and maybe a few hours at Yestercade." instead, it's going to be YEARS worth of painting and entertainment. Doing this actually showed me how much frivolous crap I spend money on. I don't need to eat out every day.


    I love this Kickstarter. Let's do it again, shall we? Let me know ahead of time, and I'll sock away two months entertainment budget.


    Completely agree with you here.


    I've been absconding with all the leftovers from the fridge for lunch the last few days to justify putting in just that little bit more. Must have saved at least an extra $30 this week, and avoiding eating out for lunch means avoiding shops thus avoiding impulse buys. Lucky Reaper... bring on more addons!

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  13. Maybe I'm seeing things where there is nothing, but when I saw the title of the last update:

    Avengers, Assemb--- No!! HAIL HYDRA!! $1,660,000 Achieved!


    I immediately thought of this post:




    (Next goal: Chronoscope superheroes, so I can call out "Avengers Assemble." Please?)


    And one of those Lizardfolk looks like I'll FINALLY be able to paint up a reasonable mini for one of my favorite old PCs. I'll still have to swap out a spear for a bow, but that's easy. The Reptus have never looked svelte enough.


    over in the Kickstarter discussion thread.



  14. I don't know about green stuff, but I have heard milliput can be thinned with water and tamiya putty can be thinned with acetone - this is in a dvd, I think the Jeramie Bonamant one - I've only seen a little of it.


    I used the tamiya thinned (with acetone) for a wizard mini with a lot of pock-marks on his cloak. When I started painting him, I noticed that his hand needed to be fixed up - a misaligned mould, as I had fixed the top of his cloak where the lines were with quite a lot of effort for a beginner, so his hand at the back and wrist at the front didn't line up. I set about stripping him, which stripped the putty off and I instantly could see the huge difference and how much better it had looked after I had applied the putty. Tamiya is paste-like and comes in a tube of white or grey, I believe. Easily sanded. It says its for plastic up front but the website does say it is suitable for metals. Used with their lacquer thinner, it can also be used for plastics, as the packaging tells me.


    This is just what I have used. I have yet to purchase any milliput, although I would like to. The hobby shops are just too damn far away.

  15. I would like to double that kudos. I'm very new to the whole thing, and where I live in Australia (Adelaide) its pretty much impossible to buy miniatures which aren't historical or GW. The only other option I have found is online, and I am much happier buying a $5 figure from reaper that buying the same thing in an Aussie online store for $10.


    I made my first order on a Friday evening (probably midday US), and it arrived on my doorstep the following Friday. I was ecstatic. All present and accounted for and well packaged. I had an order once from the US where a mug did not have any packaging around it what-so-ever. Suffice to say, mug in many small pieces, so I am always looking at how well things are packed.

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