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  1. darkgoddess

    Pool with pillars and skulls

    love it
  2. darkgoddess

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. darkgoddess

    Skarre, the Pirate Queen

    very very impressive!
  4. darkgoddess


    i agree. very expressive face and nice colors..
  5. darkgoddess

    Kazala, Efreet

    you did a fab job!!!!
  6. darkgoddess

    Prince Tyrion

    simply amazing!
  7. darkgoddess

    Darius The Blue Wizard

    wow. Great!
  8. darkgoddess

    So that's what you look like!?!?!

    http://goddesstanya.tripod.com/Pictures/ta...and_patches.jpg or http://goddesstanya.tripod.com/sitebuilder...ures/mrdark.jpg don't laugh :
  9. darkgoddess

    Finally got a Digital camera!

    me too! :(
  10. darkgoddess

    Demo hook

    LOL love it.
  11. darkgoddess

    Salt and pepper

    kkoene, awesome figure!!!! that is the look I am going to try. thanks!
  12. darkgoddess

    The island of lost minis

    Has anyone ordered or have one of this figures? If so what do you think of them?
  13. darkgoddess

    Minis you would like to see

    Full Figure Women figs :p Not becaue I am one :D Well maybe :oo:
  14. darkgoddess

    Prime time

    I know this topic probably have been discussed before, but I would like to know when is the best time to use black prime versus white or gray? And do you have a favorite company brand that you use? ???
  15. darkgoddess

    Face/skin recipes

    I going to have to try a few of these fleshes.