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  1. Table Top only? Bryan if you want I can run, Master of the Fallen Fortress again since it's already put together.
  2. I am interested in hearing more. I am not sure how much space, and time slots will be available for me to run anything after all the other things going on.
  3. Thanks Ron! Who is running these events? GM wise? Is this list comprehensive of the RPG gaming that will be going on?
  4. ReaperRon. Zoinks! Very well consider my loins girded. :)
  5. Paintmonkey, I believe ReaperBryan is coordinating the schedule but my events are overseen by ReaperRon. I'm no authority figure, I'm just a hired gun. >>ReaperWolf Yeah I will of course differ to ReaperBryan and team in all things ... I was more just making sure I was running stuff that wouldn't conflict with other games.
  6. Haldir: Thanks for the compliment I am working on a 3D pirate adventure for Pathfinder with Pregen Ninjas, Samurai, Monks, and Wizards (Tians) vs, Pirates (everyone else), with possible boarding action. I am trying to get it done in time to do at ReaperCon. Just a bit of work. ReaperWolf: Just let me know who we three can coordinate and I will run MotFF or whatever you guys need. Excited to collaborate on fun.
  7. Yeah, the RPG and some of the table top events, in the past, have been first come first serve. Usually the Reaper people put a list together and when events will be. That list is usually published in the ReaperCon guide at the event and sometimes available via PDF before ReaperCon itself. If your anxious to play or get your role playing game on... watch this post as we hash out the details. I myself am open to running 3 perhaps 4 games at the con. Depending on demand, I might bring back "Master of the Fallen Fortress" and run a couple of those games and a couple new ones.
  8. So do we have a list of what events, game and GMs will be running this year at ReaperCon 2012. Star Wars: I am assuming the Chris(s) will be running Star Wars ... excited to see what they pull out of their bag of tricks this year. Pathfinder: As always there has been a great gathering of Pathfinder followers at ReaperCon. As a GM I volunteer my services but if there are others please PM me I would like to coordinate with others. Table top: Dungeon Crawls, Warlord, etc Lets get this party started!
  9. Sign-ups will be Thursday I will be running games Friday 9-1 and Sat 9-1 and 2-6. Sean Reynolds will also be running games.
  10. He is welcome to come, I will have everything he will need for an intro to Pathfinder Society at the game. Just needs to sign up when he arrives. Nothing is required other than perhaps some dice and a sense of adventure.
  11. I'm the keeper of the games schedule, and I'm not quite done with it yet. Reaper Bryan he's our man if he can't do it ... he has been turned into a Zombie and is eating BRAINS.
  12. There will be many different pregen'd characters to choose from.
  13. Yes sir we do have a ranger among the pregens.
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