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About Me

I have been playing RPG's for near thirty years, love playing, running, the pen and paper gaming experience.


My credentials: I have been GM / DM for 25 years. I just recently went to my FIRST Gen Con 2010 and won the DM Gauntlet championship running Pathfinder games. I was given the title 2010 Dungeon Master Gauntlet Survivor 1st Place - DM Master D from the IRON DM Judge Dred. My link


My goal: To create a fun, easy and memorable playing experience for those people who come to any games I run ... even Reaper Con. If possible show off some great Paizo / Reaper minis in a table top RPG experience, that have been painted by enthusiasts. All you need is your dice and a sense of adventure, I will provide all other books and materials you need to play

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