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  1. My thanks to Quickenin for the great mini! Sorry I haven't posted on this yet but I have been away the last few days.
  2. From alliance-games.com NYA RPR 02789 Talarand Blackguard $3.99 NYA RPR 02790 Skeletal Centurion $3.29 NYA RPR 02791 Zombie Werewolf $4.99 NYA RPR 02792 Gameela, Female Sphinx $8.99 NYA RPR 02793 Arianna, Fairy Princess $4.99 NYA RPR 02794 Oriental Dragon $14.99 NYA RPR 02795 Branson, the Avenger Paladin Initate $3.29 NYA RPR 02796 Ilsa Darkstep, Female Thief $3.99 NYA RPR 02797 Taenar, the Scaly Cultist Leader $3.49 NYA RPR 02798 Korin, Female Barbarian $3.29 NYA RPR 14100 Mummies (3) $11.99 NYA RPR 14101 Skeletal Archers (4) $11.99 NYA RPR 14102 Avatar of Sekhmet $6.99 NYA RPR 14103 Templars with Two-handed Swords (3) $11.99 NYA RPR 57005 Female Dark Elf LizardRider $14.99 NYA RPR 57006 Dark Elf Assassin $7.99 NYA RPR 57007 Male Dk Elf Lizard Rider $14.99 NYA RPR 57008 Steampunk Lady $7.99 NYA RPR 61021 Armattan and Sirah $7.99 NYA RPR 61022 Jiunan Hunter of the Dead $3.99 NYA RPR 61023 Master of Battle $3.99 NYA RPR 61024 Water Aspect Dragon Blooded $3.99 NYA RPR 61025 Horakinis Scholar $3.99 Some good stuff there.
  3. Adventuring wizards/sorcerers. I know that the whole backpack/bedroll look doesn't work for every mini, but I would like to see some spellcasters who look like they are fixin' to go somewhere.
  4. Derek Schubert needs to be added to that list Whiz. I mean, you did see the Jade Dancing Girl he painted, right?
  5. In the 05-06-03 batch of greens, there is a water buffalo minotaur sculpted by Jason Wiebe. Is this mini scheduled for release in the DHL line? Or will it at least be available in the Island of Lost Minis? Thanks.
  6. I had a lot of fun. Thanks to Steven Page for running the demo. Steve is right about the terrain, wow that was really good stuff.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'll try looking a little harder next time.
  8. I have actually been looking for Testor's dullcote for a while, and I have yet to find any. I have tried looking in Michael's and Hobby Lobby, and in a few local hobby shops. Any other place I should be looking?
  9. A jann, a djinn, a dao, and a marid. Another ogre mage. An umber hulk. A stone giant, a cloud giant and a storm giant A planetar (large bald female angel) Slaadi I mentioned salamanders earlier, but I will say it again: Salamanders! A satyr A half-dragon Another mind flayer A couatl
  10. I am getting close to being done. I have basecoated, washed the areas that need it, and now I am working on highlighting. Still have some work to do there, but hopefully I will be done with it in about a week or so.
  11. Some more stuff on alliance-games.com: NYA RPR 02779 Fire Elemental $5.99 NYA RPR 02780 Water Elemental $5.99 NYA RPR 02781 Bledsoe, Evil Cleric $3.49 NYA RPR 02782 Warl Hellbore, Assassin $3.99 NYA RPR 02783 Xiao Liu, Female Monk $3.29 NYA RPR 02784 Giant Spider and Victims $8.99 NYA RPR 02785 Sabretooth Tiger Man $3.99 NYA RPR 02786 Half Ogre Barbarian $4.99 NYA RPR 02787 Cupid (1) and Cherubs (3) $6.99 NYA RPR 02788 Leorelex, Dragon Lion NYA RPR 04409 L5R Daidoji Kisu $3.99 NYA RPR 04410 L5R Yojito $3.99 NYA RPR 04411 L5R Yoshi $3.99 NYA RPR 04412 L5R Iuchi Takaai $3.99 NYA RPR 04413 L5R Lions Pride Samurai $3.99 Ha! I beat Frank to it. I am looking forward to the giant spider and victims.
  12. Salamanders. I considered moding the snake man with the two-handed sword (2798) by giving him a spear and molding a fin out of green stuff. I haven't done it yet because I know my end result wouldn't look anywhere near as good as something Reaper produced.
  13. I have both a Dremel and a pin vise. I have had a problem finding bits for the Dremel that are small enough for some of the more delicate pinning I have had to do. A pin vise is a small rod, one end twists to loosen the area for the bit, then tightened once the bit is inserted to keep it secure. Actually drilling with the pin vise is done exactly like using a screwdriver. The bits for the pin vise are ideal for smaller pinning needs. My Xacto pin vise with 3 bits cost me $10.50 from my local hobby shop. D'oh, ladystorm got her reply posted first. :p
  14. Well, I got my assignment in the mail today. One of you out there is a poor unlucky s.o.b. :D
  15. I am very happy to see a new goblin, maybe that means we can look forward to even more. :D *crosses fingers*
  16. I would be willing to participate if this gets up and running.
  17. Speaking of what ever happened to... I am anxiously waiting for the water buffalo minotaur to come out, but I haven't seen or heard anything about it since the green was shown.
  18. Those are indeed some spiffy pants. Thanks for the update!
  19. Thanks for the advice. I am currently working on layering and highlighting but I haven't tackled blending yet, primarily because I just started using extender (still need to buy some flow improver). I hadn't considered using thinned paint in the way you (Vaitalla) described for textured surfaces; I guess I was worried it would flow into the crevices. Now I have to try it. :D The eyebrush idea sounds interesting as well, I will have to look into that.
  20. From some of the posts I've read, I get the impression that professional painters tend to avoid the drybrushing technique. I pretty much only use it for textured surfaces like chainmail or fur, but I was wondering if there was a technique that worked better. Thanks! :D
  21. I own Balto Burrowell,the gnome illusionist, and he is slightly shorter and slightly more slender than Reaper's halfling mage,(I think the name is Sore Sprigthumb or something). As for gnew gnomes, I know that there is a female gnome bard, and a gnome fighter (not sure about the sex of that one) scheduled for up coming release.
  22. Familiar pack 2, item number 2399 has a little dragon that would work better than the faerie dragon, IMO. You may be able to pick it up in the boneyard (I think) if you don't want the rest of the fams.
  23. Robyn... from a forgotten realms nut..... :D Yup, thanks for the reminder. I still have the Darkwalker trilogy, I was just to lazy to check the name.
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