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  1. I love the paint job, especially the horse, but I must say that the sculpting level of the LOTR elf faces is a disgrace most of the time... Dwarfs from this line have prettier faces than their elf counterparts:/
  2. Tasty painting man, I love both the read, the skin and the jewellery:)
  3. Really nice painting here! Only thing that I think would improve the mini easily, would be some more shading or some "lining" between the hair and the flesh. Even a delicate brown wash would do.
  4. Your wish is my command! Done.
  5. Nice stuff, I like the pants and the fur between them the most:)
  6. Thank You everyone:) I'll do my best to post more stuff.
  7. Nice miniature, although I agree with Your observations - more colors would make the mini look better. Also the wood of the banner pool - when there are not sculpted details on wood, I try to paint some lines by myself, even when these are done without big attention they are better than without these - I think.
  8. Thanks everyone for such nice comments, these makes me happy:) I plan to add some sand and grass to the base when I have those components and than ask someone to do better pictures for me. But this will take time, so most probably a repost would be more appropriate than "threadomancy".
  9. Great unit, and yellows which I always find difficult:)
  10. Hello everyone! This is my first miniature "show off" on this forum, registered not so long ago. The photos aren't to good, that's why there are so many. The ones on the left are without any correction, and the ones on the right were "auto-corrected" by nero image viewer editor. As You may already expected, I will say You that the mini looks better in flesh;) More contrast than on the left photo, but more details and better highlighting than on the right one. Anyway hope You like it, any comments and criticism are welcome.
  11. Oh my, oh my, as a dwarven fanatic I am speechless! <bow before the mighty king>
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