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  1. I really love the colors on these. I think perhaps I'd like to see a bit more highlighting, unless your intention was to keep it in those nice earthy tones. The knight seems to have a lot of details that could have been painted a different color, though that in itself seems like a huge project. My favorite aspect has to be the splashes of yellow you used.
  2. She's gorgeous. The others are lovely as well, but I love the cold blues matched with her skin tone. I'm not too familiar with the minis yet, was she modded at all or did she come with all the sashes and armor?
  3. I really love all the bold shading on the mini, really brings your eye to all the details. The shield details are awesome.
  4. I can't imagine how difficult sculpting the dogs on the shield was. I think they came out great, and this overall is just a great character anyway. I do agree with the gloss being put on the blood. Also, I haven't yet painted anything not cringeworthy, so take this with a whopping spoonful of salt: the yellow of his tabard is gorgeous, yet because of the battle element, the cleanliness and purity of it could benefit from some grime. Maybe even a five o'clock shadow for his face? Other than that, the armor looks great and the basing is really nice.
  5. I love these. You're amazingly talented to have done each of these in an hour. The extra blood marks on them really pull together the hardcore look.
  6. Haha, I'm going to take a picture of this one, but I feel too bad to keep it this way, it was actually a friend's mini since mine didn't come in the mail yet. But I promise I'll save the second one I do! Thanks for all the warm welcomes, by the way. This is by far one of the most welcoming forums I've ever joined.
  7. Thanks, Mercius. I've decided I'm going to strip the paint off and try again. :)
  8. Wow, as I was scrolling through the pictures, I thought it was looking great, and then I saw the design you put on the sleeves and it just made it incredible. Can't wait to see the progress!
  9. This has all be insanely helpful. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure I did everything wrong that I could have. I was actually using a brush that I'd used to paint a base coat, and even though I thought the brush was dry enough, it really probably wasn't. Next time, I'll definitely get a different brush, and also Pyreos, thanks for the tip of keeping the paint elsewhere instead of the wet palette. I wasn't doing that, either. My brush was also very new, maybe I'll try beating it up a little bit to get the bristles to fan out a little. Wumbly- when I watched that video link, I also watched a few more of his, and I could actually see (yay!) the paintbrush when he wiped it off and used it, and I didn't think I had been putting too much paint on the brush, but clearly I was. My next minis won't come in the mail for another few days, so until then I'll read over the advice again and watch more of the linked videos. Thanks again!
  10. I actually didn't know they made special dry brushing ones! Thank you so much. It seems like it'd be a good investment if the brush works well.
  11. Hello! Pardon my ignorance, I painted my very first mini yesterday, and would like to promptly stop destroying my poor miniatures. Before I started, I watched and read a lot tutorials. Everything was fine enough except my dry brushing. I took most of the paint off the brush and swept the brush lightly across the surface, and the color still blobbed itself onto the mini on the first stroke. I was using a 0 size brush with acrylic paint, but I wasn't aware that some painters thin the paint before the process. The mini was an inch in height. I was wondering if perhaps I really do need to thin my paint, or if my brush was the wrong size, or if I failed simply because it was my first mini. Do I need to splay the brush's bristles out at all? I can barely tell what the brushes look like in the tutorials. Thanks in advance for any help. :) (I started the hobby with two other friends who haven't looked at a single tutorial, so really, you're bravely saving countless minis in the process.)
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