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  1. I am in the outskirts of Wash DC, the lovely town of Sterling. Been sort of hunting in the area looking for venues. We got all the regular games well represented. But, Warlord is not easy to come by opponents for. It boils down to wanting to have a good reason for finishing painting my models.
  2. I had acquired a huge lot of Warlord stuff a number of years ago. I sold it off in lots via ebay. I had attempted to sell single models and even barter town, but, never got anywhere. When I put it up in lots for a generic low fee, people bid on the stuff, and I was able to at least unload what I did not care for.
  3. Hey all, Been out of the game a few years. Poking around today I saw the above link on a player locator. If I travel to the Reapergames.com link, I see helpful information, but no ability to register. I love the models, but have never actually played a game against anyone other than myself. Which is no fun. Really, just looking for any potential opponents, since, well, they were problematic in the past to locate. Thanks
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