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  1. I'd like the fire tribe from the Bones 4 to make the leap to using more medieval fantasy weapons. I want buff female orcs kicking real butts with non-savage weapons, please (not just the chieftain). Some greatswords or a greataxe, a pair of kukris. Make them Xena warrior women of the orcs, and make sure the orc men are rightly afraid to harm them.
  2. I am sure they will, Mal. I am happy to see everything still progressing. Thank you so much for this. I haven't had nearly enough time to post my thanks to you for keeping me sane this last nine months.
  3. I wish I knew when I could get a vaccine. Essential worker here.
  4. I've been lurking mostly, but I really like how you've done this, Glitterwolf. It's just creepy enough, but also a great centerpiece for an adventure!
  5. I will agree, dinosaurs are something we need more of, and in proper scale. I've been working ridiculously long hours since march, but I wanted to say your Goroloth is a favorite. I couldn't back Bones V, but when it hits retail, I'm going to be getting one. And the massive spider. OMG. If you can get Reaper to do the prehistorics, I think you have a number of us who would be very happy. Especially if we can get them in Bones, that would be amazing. Lost Valley II? Dire Horseshoe Crab (with giant stinger?).
  6. 1d20+3 = 8+3 = 11. (Yay?).
  7. Awesome. Sturgis will prepare spells thusly: Level 0 (3 prepared): Light, Read Magic, Detect Magic 1- (2 prepared): Comprehend Languages, Command (DC 13). Lv 1 Domain: Burning Hands
  8. Yes, I can. I can sacrifice his remaining 1st level spell. And the dice roller rolled a 7+1 equals the 8 (yay!).
  9. So much fun. Linus needs to be there, encouraging the Great Pumpkin along to show his friends the error of their ways! Just popping in to say I've been quietly following along the wonderful ride, Al. Such a wonderful set of pumpkin headed models and (while it's been a while!), all the other wondrous things you've made in between here and the last time I've posted (this post would be ten miles long if I went piece by piece!).
  10. I have been looking for something like this for a while, thank you! Also, no word on my pledge yet, either. Glad I did that when I had money and gainful employment.
  11. This will also help with spellcasters. We need to be conservative here, I have a feeling "one more room" means TPK.
  12. Agreed, perhaps one of the rooms of sin, where we have defeated the foes and can bar or at least watch the door? Sturgis says hopefully.
  13. "If that took a great deal of magic, it may be wise to rest, while we are not fully expended. If we over-extend ourselves, we may end up being hurt beyond the ability to escape our plight." Sturgis says, gravely.
  14. I have one miniature to complete start to finish. I have two others on deck. Hoping to finish them.
  15. It has been many years since I have been at that place. But, if I were to gather the correct people who have moved on, I would have a wonderful pizza paired with a Brown Mumbler Manhattan (made with Booker's Bourbon, and having about 4-5 ounces of the stuff in there, it's a LARGE martini glass). After that, I'll have a Mandatory to drink. And a taxi to get me to my hotel, because there is NO WAY I am driving home. Also, do not torment me or I am likely to display how long my tongue really is (not sarcasm, and yes, this is nightmare fuel). Only a couple are out where I see them regularly. I put them on a bookshelf where I sit and on my windowsill. The rest are models used for wargames or gaming, so they get put in the bags of holding. And yes, a friend I have painted several miniatures for is displaying 2 of my minis. A third, and final, for her set is coming this year.
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