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  1. I finished my holiday shopping. Spouse... is done. Kids are done. Nieces and nephews are done. Now to rest the rest of the wicked. Also, I have my goodie basket and a lot more paint from Reaper... I found that the Reaper Ocean Colors are perfect for Trollblood Skin as I personally visualize it. Maybe a bit more Teal than others, but I find it to be perfect. I also got a couple of buildings (a tavern and hunting lodge) from the bay of E's, since my FLGS was not able to order them, and they look to be nice kits. Looking forward to putting them together.
  2. Nowhere I have ever worked allowed pranks. I have worked in horrible, overly stuffy places forever. Speaking of work, I had my interview this morning for a state position. It went well, but, having never interviewed with the state before, it was an odd experience.
  3. It's another photo stage. This one is for larger pieces & groups. And fun. And entertainment. And terrorizing the neighbors in the swamps... Excellent work, as always, Al. This is shaping up to be one of my favorite boards so far. And watching the progress for the towers is really helpful for me, as I'm getting ready to try my first scratch built round tower with conical roof myself. I've also been experimenting with what I call my own version of "Mal'shrooms," too, because your world needs to infect others. It's just enough whimsy and fun, as well as danger to make it feel like a dark ages Dresden Files to me.
  4. Eating Cantaloupe. I used to love the stuff. Until I got sick on it that ONE TIME. I haven't been able to eat it since.
  5. First off, a set of glowing eyeballs can keep watch very well. And I see right through Thes' treachery. We catch him and eventually reach the magical winter crystal... to be answered in the December 13 answer. Vecna has succeeded (Die Vecna Die adventure). And Sigil is imploding with The Lady fighting the interloper and the Multiverse vacuuming into the Center of All. The Blood War, Angels, Demons, Planetars, gods, and even petitioners are being brought into the struggle between the newly forged god and The Lady. Somewhere in the Astral, Aoskar awakens with the party's help, despite being surrounded by Githyanki pirates. Part 1: While we discover that @Thes Hunter is correct, and the Summer Sorcerer is correct that he is simply misunderstood, we bring the Summer Sorcerer to the Equator of the world, where Summer never ends. This appeases the Summer Sorcerer and he builds his tower there, allowing a peaceful resolution to what could have been a horrific tragedy for the entire world. At least until we discover years later that the Summer Sorcerer has created a magnifier for the sun for our world, Athas... Part 2: We assist Aoskar in making it back to Sigil, who creates many portals to send the planes back to where they belong, but he is at the Center of All, frozen there as a beacon of light while the war between Vecna and The Lady of Pain rages through the streets. The Hive Ward is Leveled, the city armory is flattened, and what's left of it, sadly, leaves much to be desired. At the end, The lady floats to Aoskar, and pierces his heart, ending his light, yet again, and I can't remember anything.... Why am I here in the Hive again? Coffee, when I'm able to drink it: Cream, Sugar, and a wee bit of vanilla extract. Tea: Depends on the tea: Black: A bit of sugar, what I call "northern sweet" (not that syrup that southerners drink). Green: A bit of honey. Freeze Dried Ginseng: A bit of Honey my special mix (Mint + Licorice Root): Nothing needed, but a drop of honey if you have a sore throat (Steeping time is about 15 minutes due to licorice root needing that long to steep). This is a very naturally sweet tea. It's also good at night for winding down, and my kids like it.
  6. I do this with fine gravel filled pill bottles and white poster-tac. I also have a couple very full bottles of gears that work just as well... especially the one I use for 40-50mm figures (eek!). Good news on the employment front, too. Have an interview in a week and had a phone interview today. I might actually have a job soon. Less pay, but maybe something that allows me to feel useful. Bonus that both jobs are near my gaming group that is usually a trek (if I have to go for work I don't have to make an "extra" trip!).
  7. Well, there was that one time with the Wizard... And the whole me being an incorporeal pair of glowing eyeballs. Most people get terrified by that and run way. I do not know, but I am currently unemployed and I would be happy to be the party Cleric of Joe Pesci or Abadar (I'm flexible like that, and I keep good records!).
  8. Dog. Dogs are so much easier to deal with. I actually wanted to get two Ametrines... the extra mockingbeasts to use as Christmas ornaments for my RPG oriented friends will be fun. Would you rather have your entire minis collection (minus one unpainted Skeleton, of course) immolated in a fire, or wake to find that @buglips*the*goblin has all the miniature paint in the world hoarded in his cave? Bacon. Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (*sniffle*) my favorite chocolate cake (chocolate cake cooking, in general). The smell of a forest in late spring/early summer. The smell of rain (yes, I know what it really is, but really, it's wonderful, despite the pain).
  9. @Dr. Wyrm Wow. That is a heck of an opportunity. Congratulations indeed! Wow!
  10. Too many genre's to pick from. I'll go about it this way: Melee: Lightsaber, from a more civilized era. Ranged: Ares Predator II. Everything else is just crap, Chummers. Ares installed tracking chips on the Pred 3's and later, so no sane 'runner's usin' those. Siege: Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon. By Hashut's glory, we shall use our fodder to destroy your castle. And when we're out of fodder, we'll just let our cannon come and eat you! Vehicular: Rush (from Mega Man 3). A dog that transforms into a rocket surfboard, submarine, and a jumping board, I'm all for it! Social: Laurana's Eulogy from Dragon's of Winter Night. I firmly believe this was the turning point of the War of the Lance.
  11. Oooh! He could be a hickory with a devil playing the fiddle! What, I've been to Georgia, I just don't play fiddle...
  12. There are several. We make a sweet potato casserole with a crusted pecan top, corn pudding (it's one of the few ways you'd get me to eat anything to do with cornbread), and pecan pie (which I only eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas). For meats, I would go with prime rib or mustard seed crusted lamb chops (OMG soooooooo good). I've put in the good eats thread my favorite chocolate cake recipe so I won't rehash that (that's my birthday cake).
  13. On a very personal note, I lost my job recently (those paying attention to Randomness saw that. I also began my slow crawl trying to start answering these questions again. I also began healing from said job loss and healing what I believe to be the end of a very long relationship in my life, which are all good things. I've also purchased some minis to paint and eventually sell on evil-Bay. (No commerce here, just pointing out I'm going to try it). Strong recommendation talespinner, get a couple of "snaps" or something you can button into the underside of that central portion (where the blue bit is) and use an apron that can snap into or button into it so that you don't lose bits on the floor. Not likely being how clean that floor is, but it helped when I was in a jewelry studio. Yes. I have a couple I'm working on as gifts. One is the final of a trio I'm giving to someone that has needed a great deal of help over the past few years, and this is the final mini of my series for this person. The most useful advice is to keep at it and thin your paints! That and Baugi's Basing stuff. I experimented A LOT with that stuff and expanded my basing repertoire quite a bit because of that thread. ***EDIT*** Double posts automatically thread in... ooh shiny! I did not realize that!***
  14. If Sturgis is close enough to begin with, he will draw his heavy mace and take a swing. 1d20 + 2 = 3+2 = 5 (Nevermind).
  15. Are you just using a thick twine for the trees? It looks thicker than before or maybe my brain is just off (that could be very true). In any event, I like the "little bit off" tree that is there, Al. Very cool and very fun.
  16. Okay, starting at number 12: 12: Trista. 11: Elanter 10: Lysette. 9: Hecklemeyer and Styx 8: Darius 7: Diva 6: Domur 5: Eli Quicknight 4: Ametrine 3: Dain 2: Tara the Silent. 1: Grim Reaper. Some commentary here: All of the models are sculpted wonderfully. Some of them fall into a hard criticism from me. It is extraordinarily difficult to rank these. The hardest to rank for me were Trista, Elanter, and Diva. All the others fell into place, and Diva could have easily fell into 9th as easily as 7th. She was the hardest one of all to rank. @TheAuldGrump I think you should be worried. Alchemists are dangerous singularly. Imagine a whole troupe of them.
  17. I actually finished two miniatures (one 40mm base, one 50mm base) this month. And found some hobby materials that I've been looking for for quite some time. I'm very happy with this month, and I've got a few days left. I'm calling this month a win regardless. EDIT: And I have started sculpting a pair of Mal'Shrooms and been working on my Goblins and Chaos Dwarfs. This has been a productive month.
  18. Well, Dragons need rodents of proper size to infest their lairs. I mean, a normal-sized mouse wouldn't look right in Smaug's lair, would it?
  19. Honestly, I did not realize that the sequence had a name. I looked it up and I have used said sequence before without realizing that. I learned a new term, so I guess I didn't know it was an actual mathematical proof, despite actually using it in ignorance before. Huh.
  20. Upstate New York, Adirondack State Park Missile Silo and adjoining lands. Nation Name: Firanland. Flag: Flag with a red background with a large horizontal black stripe in the middle and a golden eye in the center of the black stripe. I could have fun as a benevolent dictator and have quarterly miniatures conventions!
  21. I've placed paint ONTO 25 miniatures in one day. Completed? Oh dear... start to finish? A handful?
  22. That he does, Al! Good night, you've been busy! I can't comment on everything that's happened on this thread. There's been so much going on in this thread that I cannot possibly get it all done in the limited number of characters. We'll go with a simple "Wow." I've been slowly recovering from a number of bad things (including job loss), but this thread has been a bright spot, Al. I just haven't been very talkative. It's been a wonderful world to walk through and the quirky bits and strange places to visit make me so happy to "walk" through, even if only virtually. Thank you for keeping this going for such a long time.
  23. Good things arrived today from Blood Moon Miniatures. I got their most recent "bog raiders" (Not-Fimir for 25mm bases). They are really good and make me happy. I think these sculpts are better than the first set in some ways, especially how the heads and tails were handled. 9 models and all metal. Now I have a full tribe. There was a bit of a delay so they sent more my way too (unnecessary given the circumstance, but excellent service nonetheless).
  24. Definitely a great D&D encounter. Run it very similarly to a two-tiered "boss" fight. First set of hit points (the main bunch) clear out the bruiser package, the second set, which are fewer in number, go to a very nimble sorcerer package. Double the number of "actions" during the bruiser package (or maybe just one additional "standard" action). Perhaps the duo were chained together until the Bruiser were to be slaughtered, allowing the "sorcerer" to become a full fledged demon lord... THAT could become an interesting encounter very quickly! Sorry, ran through a lot of silly things off the top of my head there.
  25. I have some marauder arms, no flagellant arms though, I hadn't thought about the flagellent arms, thank you!
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