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  1. I think I've got it (Found using Figure Finder using "Female Plate" for the search terms) Elori Ebonscythe The character she's going to represent is a horrible priestess, and she uses a massive flail. Her armor could use some extra spikes (I can do that!) and now the debate is whether to use the Darkspawn Weapons pack or Kreoss's flail head and base... Thank you all for the wonderful help, you've all been great! /d
  2. Thanks Kang for letting me know that. I had hoped the chain was separate. I'm going to have to think about this. Of the two, I really like Rasia's overall look, it's the Spiked Chain that's getting in the way of it. Definitely going to have to look at converting this... and sculpting Then again, sculpting does pose the other advantage of adding more sinister details to the mini, making the first mini much more viable. Decisions... decisions... /d
  3. Great work on the last two (I really like the Chitinous look on the Nurgling creature). Only thing I can say about the excessively boobed creature is about the top of the model. The section between the armor plating and the "dorsal fin" just seems a little dark to me. Some sort of light sourse up there and trickle it down to the lower region and I think this beastie would be done (heck, it's already a great paint job, IMO). /d
  4. Wow, great work, and thanks for the showing the taping off. I've been wondering about how those who use airbrushes do that sort of thing. /d
  5. are the arms with the spiked chain separate, or are the sculpted on (they look sculpted on). If they're separate, I'm certain this one would work, too.
  6. I liked this one, but I was hoping for somethign more sinister, perhaps. I'm thinking I'll have to use this one, and make an attempt at sculpting
  7. I remember watching Cowboy Bebop on Cartoon Network years ago. It was great fun, and I've watched the entire series twice since (having gotten the DVD's as gifts from family). The other one that I really like that hadn't lost its shine for me was Trigun, but that's all because I like the awkward hero angle they went with. A for Firefly/Serenity/other Browncoat stuff: I want it back on the air! I think it would've been the best show on TV for a long time! /d
  8. Thanks so much, it really means a lot. You're very welcome. I'm rooting on the side for hope, myself. My family has walked this road, my oldest son had leukemia (he's in remission). I know this road, and it's not an easy one on any family, friend, or, most especially, the child enduring the torment. The fact that they can emerge from it... and become better is enough reason for hope for me. Believe me, if they could do half of the treatments without the children going bald, being treated poorly by their peers, made fun of, or tormenting themselves b/c of the drugs' effects on them, I'd love to see it. "When you can't walk, you crawl, and when you can't do that... You find someone to carry you." There are shoulders and support everywhere, you only need but ask. ESOM, Steve
  9. Vote shared and prayers offered. I hope that whichever cancer she has, it is one that is remedied into remission quickly and life can begin... normalizing again soon even through the treatments that will become part of life again for her. I pray the nightmare end with a bright, happy time for this little girl and her family. ESOM, /d
  10. Hey all, I'm looking for a female miniature with a rather large flail. The preference would be for a female miniature in a back-and-breast style of armor (perhaps even a plated corset would work fine for my purposes, it's a very... exuberantly evil NPC), with a flail that has a roughly quarterstaff length shaft ending in a flail at the top (think the High Exemplar Kreoss's flail for WarMachine) (Kreoss's flail and pic can be found here) Unfortunately, there aren't that many miniatures with flails other than gnolls, and I have PLENTY of those for awhile. This, sadly, is a specific need for a game I'll be running shortly. The other unfortunate part of my miniature experience is that I've never sculpted (and, frankly, don't have the time to put into it right now). Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance, /d
  11. Grey primer, basecoat scorched brown, then add bone to highlight, I think I used some ogryn flesh wash and a touch of badab black wash and then re-highlighted a little. I'd probably make the base a little lighter next time TBH. Thanks a bunch! I'm quite fond of the darker base, which is what I've been having trouble with. The problem I've always had is that it always looks like leather, not flesh
  12. Nicely done! I remember seeing this in the WIP, and the dark dark blue you started with contrasts wonderfully with the lighter hues you've chosen. Great work!
  13. Great job, I absolutely LOVE the bright masks and the colors on them. Question: What was your buildup for the skin tone? (I have issues with darker skin tones, I can do caucasian and "red" flesh pretty well, but I haven't succeeded in non-pale flesh yet).
  14. A wonderful tribute, sir. You've done a wonderfully nice thing there for your friend, and a great job at that. I'll second everyone's apology for your loss. Friends are hard to come by, and good friends even harder. Thank you for sharing this, Steve
  15. Thanks for the tutorial on the Tartans, I'll have to use that soon-ish And don't feel bad about the non-miniature paints at all. I personally use Liquitex artist's acrylics (tubes, not jars) for most of my miniatures, and finish them up with Model Masters acrylic in some cases because they have an awesome flesh tone I really like that's easy to darken or highlight with the liquitex paints. I really like the way it works b/c you get to control how thick your paint is and it's easier than model paints in most cases (but not all!). /d
  16. Great work so far, I'm excited to see this all the way completed!
  17. I don't drink beer. I'll have a nice whiskey, and enjoy the minis. Truly nice work there :)
  18. Female Half-Ogress, preferably unarmed and clothed simply. Any of the following looks: "civilized" clothing, "Buddhist-monk" style clothing, or savage clothing (no nudity, please) Female full ogress, no nudity, perhaps with brood? Scaled 6 to 7 foot tall Trolls (thinking miniature trolls versus the larger ones), mostly for dense jungles. Perhaps with savage axes or spears? Dwarf with Blunderbuss or Musket (interchangeable would be preferable). Either a "musketeer" or a "ranger" type would be fine. Male and female Dwarven Fop with fencing sword. (male and female) A Gnome with a spanner wrench and toolkit clothing (male and female) (perhaps a bit to chronoscape-like, but this is more fantasy to me) A dwarf with a tool kit (similar to the gnome) (or perhaps with a spanner wrench as well) A blacksmith of any or all giant species (the newer Fire Giants would be wicked cool with a combat blacksmith). Werewolf wielding a weapon and/or wearing armor appropriate to their shape. Normal "Human" sized werewolf would be preferred (I'm honestly thinking about the Lupin race from D&D here). There are more, I'm sure, but this will do for now. /d
  19. That's too bad. If you get the chance to go, do. It does challenge some of the preconceived notions you see with D&D and other similar d20 games. This one's a big toolkit, and lots and lots of fun to play. (That, and I'm a huge fan of being a storm giant of the appropriate size at level 1... Yes, it is possile... and yes, it is balanced! The art alone for the female storm giant is awesome, something I'd really like to see from Reaper). /d
  20. Curiosity is begging me to ask if you went to this. If you did, did you enjoy yourself? /d
  21. lessee... lots of minis purchased this year (some out of print ones) Wizards of the Coast Ahmut's legion ranger, demonic gnoll adept, gnoll archer (to go with a the Reaper Boneflail, Gnoll cleric I bought) WotC Aasimar cleric, pulverizer (I'd really like to see reaper's take on something like this), human paladin (for D&D Chainmail), and a Grey Elf Snakestrike Duelist. WotC Mordengard faction box (the one with the Stone Spike) WotC City of the Spider Queen box set (it had 2 irae T'sarran, but no Drow Ranger, which is what I really wanted from the set) WotC: Monsters III box, an out-of print 2nd edition Ogre, a 3.0 Ogre (although I replaced the base with something larger one), a 2e Orc warrior Privateer Press: Khador Box Set, Cygnar Box Set Wyrd Miniatures: Seamus, the Mad Hatter (this guy looks awesome, even unpainted). Reaper: Halbarand 03427 (modded his hammer to be double flat edged, rather than the half-pick), Jolie 02835, Marilith for WarLord,03137 Nor'Okk Ettin. There are more, but I think this covers most of them. On the list of minis to buy are Xeldorian and the Pathfinder Visbaronetess and a Fire Giant. Most of these are partially painted or in process. The Ettin is darn near finished. Once I finish them all, I'm going to start basing everything at once. Greetings all :) /d
  22. I have played FantasyCraft, have a copy of the book. If you've played d20 fantasy, this takes it and twists it a bit. It takes some getting used to, as there are some differences from standard d20 fare, but it's a great, finely-tuned instrument of RPG fun. At level 1: You can play a HUGE STORM GIANT. Why? So you can carry a freaking light cannon, that's why! Seriously, though, this is a great system, and it's very put together what you want, and make it happen. Depending on the flavor you are wanting out of the game, it can be high magic, low magic, or something in-between. My personal favorite class is the Priest, as it's everything from witch doctor to healer to warpriest to druid (although Druid does require some multiclassing with a mage, I believe). Even better, most everything is skill-based. It's a way to make skills viable. Note: Magic items are limited to the maximum number of prizes one may keep at any given time, and prizes do include land, contacts, and magic items. Trust me, it's worth a look. Magic swords mean something in this game, but a non-magic sword (and thus non-prize) can be as good as or better than a magic one! I would say to give it a shot. If you like it, great! If not, then don't worry about it. (yes, this was my first post, but I figured I'd better help define the game more, I hope I helped that way). /d
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