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  1. First game I recall learning to play is Yahtzee. First RPG was Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition with my Father. His eyes glow green from all the radiation he got in the service. @TGP Thanks for using my question! I wish I had a pocket dimension where time didn't pass in the real world, but I could go there to sleep and remain there eternally if I so wished. Would make a heck of a game night. Sadly, they exist only in fantasy (as far as I know). This would be the best job ever. But you'd need a teleportation device and the Flash and Quicksilver and perhaps even Nightcrawler just to keep up with the bountiful stupidity of the world. Perhaps contract out Deadpool to assist? The male Don (shortened Donald) and the female Dawn. I pronounce them exactly the same. One that vexes me when I hear it is Nuclear. It's pronounced "New-clear," 2 syllables. This "New-cue-lure" three syllable abomination has to be stopped! (Yes, it really does bother me.) I have Thanos, Captain America, and Mr. Rogers Funko Pops on my desk. I just got approval on a poster for my wall. They are debating on the "public" facing wall. Yes. Blogs mostly, mostly wargames, and some painters. Add in a few webcomics and you've got my mix. Honestly, I've been experimenting with a style from an OLD 'eavy metal style. I didn't get a chance last weekend, and this weekend is the dreaded annual trip for the Elder Spawn, so this weekend won't look good either. Whew! All caught up! It's been a busy time of storms, trees on houses and through rooves, car accidents and hospitals for my family! Sorry for the EXTRA long post!
  2. WOW! Since my last visit to this thread. Just wow, Al. The entirety of your twisted Mushroom Kingdom is wonderful! So many colors and so vibrant and strange. It feels like a place of faerie and both wondrous and dangerous at the same time. The goblin guards are perfect as others have said. I just recently got those same goblins, and I really like the character of them, had I not seen them for you and your thread, I would not have considered them. And the Rhino. Nicely done. It feels almost samurai-ish the way the armor is, or even East Indian, to use the antiquated term, given the way the armor is made. It feels like silk armor with hardened bands of metal or hardened wood. Add to that the vultures on the back (I just learned of birds helping Rhinos in the wild in the real world with longer vision), this is both a great addition and feels appropriate to the perception of this rhino as a much more dangerous creature. I really like that.
  3. Okay, my go to team: Coordinator. This person makes sure that everyone knows what needs done and helps them get it done. This person is a jack-of-all trades type but can get it done (this is me, by the way). Cook/Polymath: One of my good friends graduated from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), and learned all sorts of natural ingredients. That, coupled with boy scouts, makes him a natural person to keep around for cooking and teaching others to find/forage for food initially. Herbalist: I know three good herbalists, one specializes in plains herbs, while another goes east and another West. All three would be perfect depending on where we decide to go. Actual doctor: I know an amazing pediatrician and a great general practitioner. Kidnapping will be had to protect these assets and their families. Hunters: I live in Nessus, Illinois. The reason I call it Nessus is that people hunt with EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE here. Bows, guns, crossbows. I'm covered. I have a handful I trust, and these would be the ones I take with. Probably six or seven of them (expecting one or two to be brained). Guards. These are the people who fight. Now, one would think that these are for the zombies, no. These are for other people. I actually have friends who have been in real combat situations and real danger, self included (unfortunately). All of us act as guards to protect the group. Mostly melee, but definitely focus on range, because the further away from us they are, the better. Tanners/blacksmiths, fletchers, glassblowers. Yes, actual skills that are needed as the apocalypse spreads. We need to have real skills. Electrical person, someone to maintain the electrical chickenwire fence that fries zombies and ensures that the chickenwire goes 100% around the camp. No surprises for us.
  4. From Star Wars. Mostly the Machiavellan stuff. He was very adept. EVIL, but quite adept at manipulation. I'm also a fan of the Emperor who was tricked into wearing no clothes. Simply because it shows the foolishness of Empire Building.
  5. I'm quite the fan of The Emperor. As to my own rulership, Benevolent Overlord giving way to a proper Democracy at the end of my reign (lifetime or my retirement, whichever comes first). I'd be setting up the nation to be independent, follow laws, and avoid the pitfalls of greed if possible. I think Lord of the Dish Pit and myself are thinking on the same line.
  6. Re-discovered perhaps. I'm playing Baldur's Gate on PC. Steam is wonderful for that. I look at the miniature and wait for it to sing. Yes, they do that. Well, we'd have to get into quantum theory, and whether woodchucks would actually choose to chuck wood. Why wouldn't they, you ask? Well, they have to do many other things, like survive, then there is the ever present Predator, and it is fighting the Alien menace. And it just goes on from there, because Jason got shot into space, and he was dreaming of Freddy, and they fell into the Sun, and mistook it for Heck. And that, my friends, is why no one has ever answered this question.
  7. Outside of small gaming groups, no. I have attempted to start leagues for various miniatures games, then the companies stop supporting them (aka D&D miniatures right after Chainmail flopped). Ice Cream. Painting time. Yes to both. I'm a big fan of Abyzarran, given I painted that dragon up. I'm also a fan of their early dwarves and their entire Anhur/Breonne army pack group. If you're gonna be a bear, be a Grisly Bear that can fly and swim to uncharted depths, burrowing through granite as well as ice and swimming through liquid Magma. Nowhere is safe.
  8. I would rip it from the current owners and have the series have a proper ending, not the unceremonious ending it had from the network. I already have. I am the proud owner of Takhisis number 2014. The next goal is to paint her within the next 24 months.
  9. Deep and Icy Winter. When the bugs are not around to attempt to eat your flesh while you are still living in it. The same could be said of late fall, but WINTER is far better in my mind.
  10. I have a K-2SO bobblehead and a Thanos Bobblehead.
  11. I have been using a LOT of blue (lots of Anhurian and Thalos models). My most recent model that I started is bright orange, you can't miss 'im. So, success!
  12. How many hammers do you own? How many saws do you own? How many axes do you own? How many swords/daggers do you own? If you were to have an Animal or Plant Minion, what would it be and why? (Note: you can add opposable thumbs to any animal and movement to plants if necessary). How many bodies do you think fit in the well with Timmy from Lassie? (Asking for a friend) Who is your favorite fantasy/Sci-fi ruler?
  13. Interstate Drive: I-64 coming down out of West Virginia down across the George Washington National Forest. One of the prettiest drives in the country as you drive into Virginia. Mountains: Mount Ranier circa 1993. Forest: Olympic National Forest (Kalaloch Campground) Rocky Beach: The beaches off of Olympic National Forest Sandy Beach: Virginia Beach, VA The most beautiful site: An old house in Nessus after all the horrible things. It's a constant.
  14. The two that were stolen when we lived in Alameda, CA. The Cast Iron version of Lion Voltron and the first version of Optimus Prime. So sad that they are gone.
  15. The one I currently have. Common Sense. It's just too rare in the world anymore, and I just cannot bear such great responsibility much longer.
  16. Nicely done, Al! I've been very quiet, my forum and other online time has been divided and much shorter than normal. I had some time to go through your thread last night and this morning and I want to say you've done some amazing work with your mushrooms. You've not only expanded upon what you started, but you've improved and made them so much more than what they were before. The Dark Hold goblin monks are going to add that extra special piece for these, and they fit perfectly with your little world, mixing in with the other, significantly stronger goblins very well.
  17. I know a great deal about a great many subjects, and can talk for hours about all of them. I get great joy talking about the Give Kids the World Village. We were (un) fortunate enough to have gone there with my eldest on a Make A Wish Trip (he got better, BTW, he's almost 10 years out of danger. He now gets to terrify others by learning to drive ), but this place was amazing. The place was started by a Holocaust survivor when a little girl who was trying to go on a wish trip didn't make it because hotel accomodations were not available. This good man wouldn't allow it. So he started the village. And a village it is. I have spoken for Make-a-Wish on this subject, and posted elsewhere about it as well. Happy, healthy children don't go there. The sick, the dying, the permanently unwell children go there. Many of these children are going home to live unhappy lives or, in the worse case scenarios, these children are going home to die. But, for one magical time, these children aren't treated as patients, they aren't treated as numbers, they are treated as the special ones that they really are. A quadriplegic can ride a horse (I saw it, it's a cool harness), a child in a wheelchair stuck there attached to their chemo to stay alive can have a snowball fight, and the normal reaction to a person in a wheelchair isn't "oh, sorry I'm in your way," it's "Oh, how are you today." When the world full of awful things comes and overwhelms, I go back here in my mind, or online (they have a web site). Here is a place of pure good in the world. And yes, I can go on. As someone who worked in the jewelry field and still has a keen awareness of such, I could have a lot of fun discussing this. I did not know the term Vexillology. I learned something new today, thanks! Oddly, I did know about point 2.
  18. Bacon is merely the most successful recycling program ever. We take an Apple, basically worthless, and turn it into delicious BACON! ~shamelessly paraphrased from Jim Gaffigan The Printing Press. Simply put, it made the availability of books, leaflets, flyers and so many other things attainable for the masses. Not always are they used for good, but it encouraged literacy, and with it, the pursuit of knowledge. This made so many other inventions possible from people who would have otherwise had too humble of a beginning to be even considered to teach to read, self included.
  19. I am the 2 AM person for a number of people. Help moving, preventing bad things, and getting them the help they need. A good Overlord cares for his minions. Past. Prevent one event. Land: Honey Badger or a colony of Fire Ants. Sea: Pod of Orcas for movable Air: Hornets the size of elephants OMG no.
  20. Nope. I got Infinity War for my Birfday. Marvel hit it quite nicely (I need to send a thank you card for that). As to games, nope. No trips. I have my son's annual, but that's a day thing. Other than that, I'm planning on boring. Lots and lots of boring.
  21. The Dungeon Dwellers Cairn Wraith is pretty darn solid, and it fits the eyes in the darkness for me. For living models, we'll not got there yet.
  22. Well aware of that one. I really love the elements I drag into my Pathfinder games. I love the Summer/Winter Court of Fey (and the Midgard Campaign Setting helped with that IMMENSELY!). Throw in some random entlings and Age of Sigmar ents, and we're really cooking with insanity. Jumpy (the squirrel that keeps trying to live on my porch): "Please go away. I don't like finding nut husks on my porch every morning." Jumpy's response: "Back off my..." Jumpy, in my mind, is rather foul-mouthed. Poor curious George.
  23. Harry Dresden! Wizard for Hire! (I have an idea how I would want him to advance in 3.5 along the book storylines).
  24. Ol' Squidface. It was the name of a ship, named after the dear ol' pirate's mum. I got a glare from the players at the table. None of them passed the will save versus illusion magic
  25. Honestly, limited editions used to frighten me. But now, not so much. Frankly, large models (larger than 75mm) are difficult for me to paint, not really out of fear, just difficult. I'm trying, but they present challenges I've not yet wrapped my mind around. Outside of that, no real fears.
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