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  1. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at age 36. I bottled too much lightning apparently. So now, when I fall back into those habits, I hear a lovely metal grinder sound in my head. I then take myself out of the situation and analyze it. I ask why I am I stressed. I ask what can I do about it. If I can do something about it I do that. If I cannot, I do my best to remove myself from the situation. Then I walk, listen to music, paint, or sleep if the situation holds me too long.
  2. I really like your blending on the purples to the warlord-ish purple (using Vallejo colors as my point of reference). You could make it even brighter if you wanted and even darker on the underside from what I see, but the blends are great as-is and why would you change something that works? It's a solid model, be happy! As to the base, for early bases, you could do simple sand bases, where you take some pva glue (I use wood glue as it's good & strong PVA glue), and there are several companies that make wonderful basing sand. You could do a couple colors, perhaps a black sand around the feet of the monster, and then a brown/tan sand everywhere else. Throw a couple pieces of driveway gravel on there for variety and you've got an easy to do base that doesn't take all day to make. Baugi's basing basics is a great thread for inspiration on bases when you feel that you want to tackle that. There are a couple other threads out there that point out what others use for their basing, from cork to a giant bag of cedar chips, to wargaming sand and costume jewelry cogs and beads. It's a little of everything to make you happy.
  3. I use Vallejo Polyeurethane (sp) primers that I put in my airbrush or brush on, and they work wonderfully on Bones.
  4. Glad to see it held up so well, MonkeySloth.
  5. I love museums of all types. History, nature, natural history, geological (the one at Mt. St. Helens was fun when I was young), science and industrial museums work, too. And, for me, I love art museums. I could spend hours in them. No one wants to go to an art museum with me to just wander and talk and enjoy, but that is one thing I want to do. I like this idea. This is a very helpful idea. A bit on the prepper side, but still historically significant enough that people could use the knowledge all the time. Would you put glass blowing in there? Some items do require it (such as early transistors), or is that right out?
  6. Generally, I read fantasy. This can be anything from the Dresden Files (modern Fantasy) to Dragonlance, to Lord of the Rings. I also enjoy things like Sun Tzu (yes, I've read his Art of War), and graphic novels too.
  7. Play with the children, read books, etc.
  8. Yes. And Yes. I've worked customer service and retail since forever. I enjoy helping people in small ways. Sadly, I have worked in extremely regulated environments that I could lose licensure for. In my retail days, I was called horrible things, and, prior to removing my wedding ring, I was hit on more times than I'd like to admit (I am a fairly oblivious man, so I missed a bunch of it). In the more regulated environments, I have dealt with some of the most racist clients I have ever met, oddly, not in the South Eastern United States. A slur for every race, including his own. And that's as far as I dare take that story. Needless to say, I laugh about it now, because I find that person's view of the world kind of sad.
  9. I am happy with my color schemes and how I decide them. Everyone has a "Style" and I'm good at my style. Outside of that, I think Inarah hit most of us over the head with "buying the figures."
  10. Will save 1d20+5 = 12+5= 17 Dice roller loves me! And sorry about forgetting the no precise shot I will remember that in the future.
  11. If I get my chores done and my migraine flies away, yes. I had planned on gaming, but no gaming equals painting time. Primary inspiration can be anything from looking out the window to a brand new shiny figure. Sometimes it's looking through an adventure and seeing something and going "I've got one of those" and choosing to paint it.
  12. Sturgis steps back a bit to get a clear view of the creature and fires a fire bolt at the creature (north of Greyson looks to be in 30'?) Ranged Touch Attack: 1d20 -1 = 13-1 = 12 Damage 1d6 = 5 Hopefully that helps. Sorry for my delay.
  13. I speak French and read it much more fluently than I speak it. I can count and curse in a few other languages (Korean, Spanish, etc). D&D/Pathfinder RPG's, Tabletop gaming, Firefly, Angel (not Buffy), Dollhouse, some Anime, etc. There are some fun things about.
  14. Waldorf Salad. I am very fond of it made with Miracle Whip. Why yes, I am from the Midwest, why do you ask? I am also fond of smearing cream cheese on roast beef and rolling them around pickle spears. I tend to be along an Ingredient Purist line. I call a Sub and a BLT and a Chip Butty a sandwhich (I used to eat a potato chip and bologna sandwhich). A wrap isn't a sandwhich, it's something else. A hot dog is not a sandwhich, but it gets close. A pop tart is a pie. One of my favorite sandwiches! Add some pickles and I'm a happy camper!
  15. Thank you all, I was offline yesterday, mostly due to it being my birthday. I tend to try to have quiet birthdays, but others muck that up. I did participate in International Tabletop day, with my spawn, and I enjoyed a large breakfast, then onto the games, then ice cream and cake and playing Sheriff of Nottingham with my kids.
  16. 1: I completed yet another cycle around the sun. 2: Work. Getting rid of my old car (the Rustbucket is Dead, long live the Rustbucket!). 3: Looking for the title to the Rustbucket.
  17. #1: Congratulations. I stayed in a toxic environment too long, and I felt the sting later. I'm glad you got out! #2: Don't forget your insurance needs. I'm in that business, not in New York, mind you, but it's something you definitely need to think about (commercial liability insurance and something to cover your business assets). Find a good rep and I hope you do extremely well without the crazy deadlines all the time!
  18. Just saw Avengers: Infinity War. I really enjoyed this movie, and Thanos is THE villain of the tenure of phases 1-3. Then again, spoiling Thanos a decade ago for me made me exceedingly happy. At the same time, there will be a lot of people who are terribly unhappy with the movie for a certain pair of reasons, but I won't spoil here.
  19. Really? "IF" I could freeze time? Well, I certainly wouldn't want to tell how many times that has happened. And how man awkward situations that has caused me. But that is not my fault, for there really are demons trying to stop me from doing the things I need to do, and they freeze me in time. But I digress
  20. Two pairs of black dress shoes Two pairs of brown dress shoes one pair of "inside" shoes and one pair of slippers Two pairs of sneakers. One pair of work shoes and one pair of foul weather boots. Honestly, that feels like too many shoes, but, in practice, it's really handy. I tend to ruin one pair of dress shoes. I'm currently short one pair of brown dress shoes (being a men's size 7 1/2 to 8 hurts when searching for shoes that fit), and I have others that fill the other roles.
  21. Yes, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. My father insisted. I'm reasonably proficient and can disable enough to escape an encounter after disabling someone's ability to chase after me. I learned the bo staff (about 6-foot staff) and the short staff (about 4-foot staff) techniques, and the Dan Bong in Hapkido (very handy!). I also learned some basic sword and dagger techniques, which terrify me as an adult knowing I learned them at age 13. I am naturally a pacifist, thus sparring is about as violent as I get except in matters of personal defense and defense of children against violent, public abuse.
  22. Dark Shadows Wait, wasn't that a TV show Steve's Evil Overlord Pink sounds much more terrifying.
  23. Sturgis has an initiative of 7-1. 6. Yay. When it gets to him, he's simply waiting to ensure his party's survival.
  24. The Rustbucket (tm) died (my old car). We obtained a new car from my Brother in Law, ostensibly to train my elder spawn to drive. Spousal unit decided that I was not to drive it to work (crazy, right?). How'd I fix it? I bought a car last night. Keep up hope. It took me four months to find work in Nessus. And Nessus is near State Farm's corporate headquarters, and they just let go of 900 or so people, some of which are my friends and my spawn's friends. It's a scary time. Your Vault, Al, is amazing. I've got a really TINY part of your Vault at my house, and I have several on my desk taking great care of them, simply out of respect to you.
  25. Doom doom doom doom doom Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom Doom doom doom doom BOOM!
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