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  1. I learned to ride a bike before I can remember. Other than that, on my first 40-ish mile ride attempt, I was riding a bike definitely not suited to it (a mountain bike). I didn't have a spare tire or a patch, and, on the last 5 miles, the rear tire just blew. I was soooo close. I was sad, but at the same time the only person who could get me was my 2nd cousin, and we had to take my bike apart to fit it into her SUV, which, to me, is comical as it fits seven people otherwise but it wouldn't fit a bike!
  2. Yes. My father was in the NAVY and we were around a small amount of water all the time (y'know, a couple Oceans). We learned to swim early. I think around 5 for me, about the same age for my brother. I am a heck of an endurance swimmer, and I do not panic. My brother is a faster swimmer, but has less endurance than I do. When I was in Minnesota, we had a swim class. The point of the class one day was to endure swimming as long as we could. Myself and one other student made it to the end of the hour by alternating between active swimming, as required, and restive swimming (floating on our backs). The rest of the class went entirely for active swimming and burnt out about halfway. By the end of the class they were sitting with their jaws on the floor that myself and the other kid, who were not the most fit kids, beat every single more fit kid in the endurance category twofold. It was so nice that not one of the very large football players (and this was a 6A school) said a word, they were actually kind to us the rest of that year. It was such an odd thing to been through. Then again, that part of Minnesota was truly the best place ever. Little Story off topic for the day:
  3. Meet in a Tavern The Cowardly Knight (Brave, Brave Sir Robin! Sir Robin Ran away!) Dwarves have Scottish Accents Elves are flighty and pretentious. Halflings are fat, hungry, and steal your shorts. Humans are tall halflings. Wizards will kill you from afar. Beware the Caves of Tucker. (Tucker's Kobold's) Drow are not good. Drow are evil and will kill you to death if you are lucky (actual game quote, paraphrasing someone else I know). Don't be fooled by the suddenly cold room, do not start a fire in there. Run away. The best traps are obvious traps with a secondary mechanism. Oozes, traps, and kobolds will kill everything. Anything lucky enough to be alive after that dies to the Beholder at the end.
  4. Ral Partha Europe had a Dwarf Veteran Kickstarter that had a dwarf scribe with an open book. I will warn you that the figures are much smaller than your normal scale, but the figure is wonderful.
  5. Snow: Shoveling snow and inside chores. Storms: Hiding in basement. Floods: Hiding on the roof or in the attic if nearby, otherwise enjoying watching the Weather Channel if far enough away. Yes. GW Chaos Dwarfs and myriad Ral Partha sculpts. Oddly, while not quite 20 years old, I have the Slaanesh champion that goes with those guys (the one on the snake thing with way too many breasts). I find slaanesh things to be almost comically over-sensual (too much!), or comically the opposite direction.
  6. Ashes to Ashes, stardust to stardust, a great scientific mind. He will be missed.
  7. Now we have to get a Buzz, Woody, and Jessie! (Bones 4 has Rex!) Looks fun and that's everything that counts. Good work on the shield removal and the helmet modification. It all looks natural, which makes it great!
  8. Thank you, Al, and that, sir, is a tempting offer as many amazing Mushrooms as you sculpt. You are a machine!
  9. One task done and even played a game of it. Total time putting the game together was about 6 hours. Eek for a board game. Okay for a game I intend on painting. Not primed, but a fun game to play with the kiddos, played with as young as 6 and they understood just fine. Painting desk: 3 Bandits, 5 Derro, 1 Tiefling, and C'thulu. Current Skorne progress: together: Titan Glad, Bronzeback titan, Cyclops Shaman, Cyclops Brute, 2 Cyclops with swords (can't recall their name), pMorghoul. To do: More elephant critters! More units! Molik Karn!
  10. Oh wow, Al, the new mushrooms you have done something amazing. Really cool caps on them to start and the painting of them has done nothing but enhance your sculpting. Wow! Great work!
  11. Former Job (Insurance License Required): Same thing over and over: Ethics Training (some of the stuff just baffles me that people do), and 24 hours of classroom training on various insurance topics. Some of that was interesting, but mostly repetitive. Eventually you do run out of subjects.
  12. It's what I have played. It's what I own :)
  13. 03746: Ava Justinia, Female Templar Ava's village had been burned down by a hobgoblin raid in her youth. The templar order had come in and stopped the Hobgoblins, but not before most of the town had been slaughtered. One kind templar, Gustav, had found the young girl half-buried in the rubble. He dug her out, and personally cared for her and did services for her family. She clung to him and became his shadow. As she grew, she began to learn swordplay, and found that other, quite unholy, orders were behind the attacks. She then began serving as a squire in the templars, quickly earning her way into the full order. Now, she leads strike forces into those of the Black Legion's unholy Inquisitors.
  14. So, this week I got a limited edition Zuggtmoy. I really wanted that one for my Fightin' Fungi campaign. I wanted a commander for the evil fungi that would be truly terrifying on the field and would be useful in the RPG campaign I have planned for it. Shortly after that, I got a call, and I got a job offer! I'm going back to work! That's an acquisition worth sharing.
  15. The ability to permanently create items directly from my mind exactly how I envision them, including the Elixer of Life Immortal. Elixer of Invulnerability (both a permanent and non-permanent version, just for those I don't trust). I could even create antidotes! I could create single dose cures for Cancer and single dose cures for diseases (screw big pharma!)! Nonpolluting fuel for vehicles! So much good for the world. But never a weapons system. Those, I reserve for myself. Psychocreative Tony Stark. Mwahahahahahaha!
  16. Oh wait, you're right! It is the crusader model for Bones 3! Those haven't been released outside of KS backers yet! And also, back OT: Kuro, I am always in awe of your work. I want to remind you that we all drool over your work, since not all of us are near as skilled as you. Now, you've set the bar wondrously high on this guy. Great work!
  17. Margaret Weis Productions Marvel Heroic system. (Amazing). Heroquest. (and more fun!) 2e Planescape (technically in print at rpgnow, but not in actual print). Mille Borne Warmachine Mk2 Shadowrun 2e Earthdawn 2e Seven or so currently, and that will vary. I like board games, card games, and I play them with my grand parents and my children.
  18. Absolute silence in total darkness. The feeling of restful sleep on warm rocks.
  19. Yes, please! That would be both wonderful AND hilarious. I would buy this and the supporting unit! I do on occasion. I've reread the Hobbit a few times, reread the Dresden Files, and reread about 50 Dragonlance novels, especially the Doom Brigade books (I loved that series, it made me sad to know they weren't ever going to write more of them).
  20. "Fish heads Fish Heads Roly poly Fish Heads Fish Heads Fish Heads Eat them up YUM!" Great job on the colors and getting it all to work together on this crazy conversion. Now, I'm going to show this to every Guard player I know because Heresy and you nailed it. Thank you so much, this will be the gift that keeps on giving!
  21. Gnomes of all stripes, but specifically the red, conical cap types (forest gnomes in my mind). They are horrifically under-represented in the hobby, both of male and female stripes. They fit into a specific fey niche to me, and I really feel that they shouldn't be lost. Other, elemental-based races tend to be difficult to find (genasi, or whatever they're called in Pathfinder since they're not grouped), and Darklings (Dark Ones, so Dark Stalkers, Dark Creepers, and the third one from Paizo). Scary Elves. Honestly, the newest "Wood Elf" faction with the scary dryads from GW really sings to me. I've seriously considered picking it up specifically for Kurnoth Hunters. Shadow of the Demon Lord really put out a wonderful idea on how Elves should be treated, and that is something wondrous and terrible at the same time. Plant people of both small and medium humanoid variety. Something for the Leshy's Large (NOT HUGE) Giants of the female variety. Not the royalty, just normal females. Female Fire Giant Foregepriestess, Female Frost Giant Huntress, Female Hill Giant Shaman and warrior-maiden, etc.
  22. I learned from my father, whom my mother thought that D&D and its derivatives were dumb. Frankly, she still does (and finds my love of tabletop gaming grating, until she found out I have started competing... then it changed her tune slightly). Started with a box set from 1990 (started in 92), with AD&D 2nd edition, moving from Dragonlance to Planescape, and picking up and reading both the Forgotten Realms AND Dark Sun box sets (recently got rid of the DS box set on eBay, still have the others). I started a group, which included my girlfriend at the time, my best friend, and my brother, on my homebrew world (a mix of Arthurian legends and FF Mystic Quest names). We had a blast. Then everyone split apart, my brother stopped gaming (thank you, mother <read with as much frost as humanly possible>), my friend joined the Marine Corps (ruining his character development abilities... OMG), and I broke up with the GF. Fast forward to 2005, I found a GM, who has become one of my best friends, and he ran KnightErrantJR's Mistledale Campaign in the 3.5 era of D&D (that's held over at Candlekeep.com, I was Grim Greycastle), and I've been a regular in as many of his games as possible. 13 years and counting, and we have run games and had fun doing it. That is how it's supposed to happen. We then played Pathfinder, then have experimented in a bunch of different things. Shadow of the Demon Lord and Star Wars are the most recent. SotDL was amazing, and we're 3 sessions in on Star Wars.
  23. I have been a member of the RPGA (I actually own all of the Legacy of the Green Regent stuff, which is really hard to come by!), as well as having tried to start a D&D miniatures competitive play in Champaign-Urbana, IL (I failed, mostly due to my son being diagnosed with Cancer at that time, he's all better now). I ran a few events that were successful, but I didn't have the energy to do it. I joined the Pathfinder Society as a VERY early member. One of my best friends was and remains a high level GM, so I have absolutely no issues with playing in it. After JJ Frost left Paizo, and several issues with animals with hands (gorilla companions), many of my friends have soured on Pathfinder, even for home games, or "Darkfinder" as I've called it. *sigh* I do not attend any local conventions. There is someone that attends one of them that I would very much like to avoid due to traumatic reasons, but I do enjoy larger, non-local conventions when I can attend them.
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