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  1. Goals: With contest out of the way (I may or may not enter this month's contest): I am painting Big C'Thulu. I am painting some bandits. I am painting various human-ish-sized models. I am putting together Super Dungeon Explore (original) I am putting together and priming a bunch of Skorne. There are HUNDREDS of other models in the queue, but I'm very happy with the selection. It's the year of the monster for me.
  2. The video posted on Facebook today, and I have a 5% chance of winning, as there were 20 Beholders painted for the contest! Holy Carp! The good news is that I had a clear painting technique that was unique to me! Yay me! and I did some relatively successful OSL and some other things, which made me happy for the model. I am not going to complain.
  3. 2 Earthquakes, Hurricanes Fran and Hugo, being in a car when an F-5 tornado was less than 15 feet above the ground (and directly above me), and -60+ degrees weather when I lived in Minnesota (December 1997, Cottage Grove, MN). (Edit: I think I have lived a pretty simple life, actually, these all seem pretty tame). The IDES OF MARCH are UPON US! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, one of my spawn was born then, so I will enjoy letting him have his day.
  4. Final touch ups were just COMPLETED. Sealing in the morning and delivering in the afternoon either before or after my Job Fair. Yay! And now onto completing other silly projects (big C'thulu!)
  5. I buy the ones made from real girl scouts. Seriously though, I buy Samoas. I generally hate coconut, but Samoas are a favorite. Despite the horribleness to the environment, they are a drug. The eldest spawn of mine likes thin mints, so we get those, too. The lemonade ones from a couple years back were amazing (shortbread on top of a lemonade icing). I think that covers it.
  6. Usually it's the night I play in a Star Wars game, with my favorite GM (and one of my best friends of 13 years) and one of my best friends that I've had for 20+ years, along with others at our game table. The next day is Friday, when I have to get the kiddos up for School, and then go to my counselor to keep my head from spinning off. That day tends to be rough. This past week we added that my sump pump fried out, so I forgot my anxiety meds because I was dealing with that when I got home, so add that to the mix (so no sleep!). Good news is I'm back to balanced today, but it took a couple of days to get there. Also, my counselor is lovely and we've got it all scheduled to not be on Star Wars weeks from now on.
  7. Unlocking the potential of the mind for actual psychic connections (yeah, scifi stuff). If I'm going with something real, languages. I'd love to be a polyglot. I'm quite good at recognizing languages, but I cannot speak them. 1/4 pound burger, high fat content, none of this lean crap, grilled over Charcoal (propane just makes it nasty). Bacon (six slices) Mild Cheddar Cheese, 2 slices, melted as the burger is finished. Two onion rings Lettuce Two slices of garden fresh tomato two slices garden fresh green pepper (such that it makes a ring, not a line). Crunchy sandwich stacker Pickles Miracle Whip (You can use plain mayo, but WHY? ) Mustard Barbeque Sauce toasted Sesame seed bun, or toasted texas toast. It's an everything burger. It's messy as heck, delicious, and it will kill you if you eat it frequently.My standard burger eliminates the extra slice of cheddar, and gets rid of the bbq sauce and bacon. Not a big difference, but a big flavor profile change. Serve with fries and watermelon (my daughter is allergic to watermelon, so we don't get this one ever). As an alternative, here's my Heart Attack Grilled Cheese: Obviously Bread (I like oatberry) Mild Cheddar, 2 slices Provolone, 2 slices Crumbled Feta Honey Ham. Yellow Mustard Start open faced on a griddle, heating the ham at the same time as the cheddar is melting. As this is happening, place the crumbled feta onto one sice of the ham, and cut the circles of provolone in half so that you can cover the feta with the provolone to prevent it from falling out. On the opposite side, spread yellow mustard on top of the other slice of cheddar cheese. Once the ham has slightly browned, place on top of the provolone side and flip the mustard/cheddar side on top and complete cooking process. Serve with carrots and a pickle and a fruit of your choice (I recommend an apple).
  8. Customer Service. I've been doing it so long that I know the ins and outs of it and how people react to everything and how to recover quickly from missteps. Sadly, no one has ever let me train others or interview for those skills. I am also a bit of an expert on road travel in the US, without using the lovely Google Maps. I learned how to read real maps and plan routes as a child, and I always made good choices, with knowledge of places that are fun to go that Google Maps just won't tell you about because Point A and Point B.
  9. Realized I was incorrect about the submission date. I have a WEEK! YAY! I really AM going to make it! Base work will be completed today and final touch ups, then my comp mini will be done!
  10. Thank you. I may have to put a small order together to see. I've heard about their Customer Service (which frustrates me, since that was my thing before becoming unemployed).
  11. Very nice. I got a Ten Thunders dragon recently for a Lung Dragon, but this is much more impressive than mine. Very cool!
  12. I am a color theorist here and I think you did very well. You asked for a C&C based on your own critiques, so I'm going to jump in with a few suggestions I've gotten over the years, which have helped me improve as a painter, too. And, as a note, I want to point out you've tackled a few figures I have not yet (but your cobra has given me an idea for my cobra, albeit in a different scheme, so thank you!). Now, anything I say, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take it as my experience and what I PERSONALLY find to be helpful. You will find your own path, I am sharing my path with you so that you can see some ideas. Feel free to ignore me or use what you want, as my intent is to be helpful. Detailed critique of everything Final thoughts: I say you're doing most excellent! You've got great brush control, the models look good, and the only real things you're struggling with are the things we ALL struggle with (shadows and highlights and FACES!). A little bit of layering here and there, and there are plenty of resources on glazing, washes, drybrushing (something handy for fur), and I think you'll find you'll be able to improve as a painter to whatever level you choose!
  13. Excellent brushwork, and the colors are really well done. The models themselves have a lot of character and feel like old school minotaurs (a big plus in my book), and your paint job just adds to that, so you did great! I am curious, since I've looked at Black Tree before, how is their casting quality?
  14. Japan. They have found a way to keep tradition alive while still being so extraordinarily technologically savvy. I would love to visit Japan for that reason. Mind you, I realize this would break some of my illusions.
  15. I have Brown hair and I comb it simply. I keep it boring.
  16. I saw Black Panther last night with my family, including spouse. Spouse looked at it from a movie standpoint. I look at it from an experience standpoint. I got to have a great conversation with my eldest son that led to some real world discussion afterwards. This was a well-done movie. The cast, crew, and director should all be proud.
  17. 2/16 The first miniature I painted was a space marine that is LONG gone painted with horrible craft acrylics. 2/17: Best miniature is so subjective. To date? I'm not sure anymore. I'm thinking Abyzarran from a couple years ago, but I've improved since then and I've got an amazing PP shredder I did recently that I'm very proud of the basing, the top, the model, everything. Jury's out. 2/18: Amusement mostly. I paint to enjoy myself and the games I play. I enter the state known as "Flow" when I paint, and the world ceases to exist for a while. While in that state, I am content in ways I cannot describe, it is a self-created drug of a sort. No wonder I want to paint and do artistic things.
  18. @Mad Jack That is Terrifying, and I LOVE Bacon.
  19. Well, they say that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, so here is a group of them! Edit: And they are Tony DiTerlizzi Beholders, which make me happy. Obviously, image is copyright Wizards of the Coast.
  20. I hate Valentine's day with the fury of a thousand supernovas. Unless we're talking about massacres, then I find the historical mafia significance interesting.
  21. Best "failure?" Several are similar in scale, but I'll go with the series of failures that cost me my job in November. I learned more about myself and my mind in that series of failures than succeeding would have ever taught me.
  22. LOL. The first thought I had was that Mags or her attendants would correct anyone to say that she's "voluptuous." There's a certain amount of confidence that she exudes, and I would have said the same for Madame Trash Heap. As to the "miniature" size, that's on par with Khanjira and some others that Reaper has made (mine's based on a 10" disc). That's one heck of a feat. @TaleSpinner is absolutely right, you are both improving and growing in more than one way with what you are creating.
  23. She's great, and whimsical, and fits your world perfectly, Al. All the little bits and pieces come together and make the greater whole that is The Divine Miss Mags. I believe I've forgotten to ask, how big is her base and how tall is she?
  24. I completed a mini. I have one to go in about a week and a half to paint for a local competition. I'm going to make it!
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