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  1. I am a mix. I have some bills delivered electronically (although my city does not ever deliver my water bill electronically, YAY flyover country!). Most everything I do is electronically unless I can hand-deliver it (a STRONG preference in the digital age, since speaking socially has become almost nonexistent in many circles). For RPG's and Wargames I mix and match. For online games, I really prefer to have a pdf copy, it is just SOOOOO much more convenient. And, with a tablet, it also makes it easier to haul the 10 or so books to game night without feeling like a champion weight lifter afterwards. At the same time, I really do prefer physical books. They just have a better feel, and they don't keep you awake at night with their bright screens. For other media, I also mix and match, for favorite authors, I buy their physical books and electronic versions. Print ones don't expire or disappear into the nether. I also have physical media and PURCHASED .mp3 files for favorite musicians (even though that goes beyond the scope of the question). I like to support the artists I like, even if a percentage has to go to their promoter/publisher (ugh).
  2. 2/9: Nope. 2/10: Nope. Sadly, I don't have a TV, and I'm really simply disinterested this year. I can say I am pleased that the IOC did stand its ground with Russia regarding the sanctions and state-sponsored doping. 2/11: Hockey. Although the NHL's shenanigans this year regarding the winter olympics really bothers me. I enjoy figure skating and speed skating, too.
  3. I love that the door has a guard posted. "Hey, yer not supposed to go in there!" And it's a very cheery looking guard, so I'm betting Mags treats her guards well. The model and all the little pieces of her are really a story unto itself. As I said, I was leery at first, but I should know better by now. The great and powerful mags. Now she needs a fantasy dump to live in. That would be an interesting board all by itself, albeit a smaller on, or part of one.
  4. Most of the time, yes. Sometimes, though, it is unavoidable. There is a parking garage that does not always have an attendant, and the ONLY other way to pay, is by credit card/debit card, which is infuriating for a 75-cent purchase.
  5. Modern smart phones are wonderful devices that have started the zombie apocalypse, starting with the children. They are S-M-R-T. They carry the ability to access the sum total knowledge of humanity, but we use them to send pictures of our naughty bits and look at cat pictures and change how we look? Seriously? Right now, I use mine to access job sites if I'm out and about. I'm constantly looking for work that pays well enough to pay my bills that also meets my requirement of not driving me mad at the same time. I also use it to access the book of faces, and a couple news aggregators. I also use it for, y'know, texting my teenager and keeping in touch with friends and confirming plans and such.
  6. This storyline would work wonderfully. And being a collector of things (of a sorts), Mags would know a lot of gossip. The colors on Mags work wonderfully. I daresay that the green along her upper "body" is among your best, and her lower lip is creepy in how realistic it is in comparison to the rest of her, which fits wonderfully. Her nose fits the rest of her, too. And her pink hair! And all the mushrooms! There is just too much, so I guess I should sum up, great work Al!
  7. All Time: Takhisis from Dragonlance. Book: Dunkelzahn, he just couldn't get a break! Movie: Draco from Dragonheart. Cranky old dragon. Miniature: Own: 77580 Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant. Covet: Ral Partha Limited Edition Takhisis. Game System: Black Dragons of Krynn from Second Edition AD&D. It's where I cut my RPG teeth, and Khisanth's painting in Xak Tsaroth has this serpentine look that solidified what Black Dragons should look like to me.
  8. I have a LONG list of webcomics, but my current "MUST READ" list is: Girl Genius, as others have mentioned, Kill Six Billion Demons (great world building) Between Failures Something Positive Kiwi Blitz Trying Human Order of the Stick Defunct, but fun to reread Zap in Space Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire Alice Grove This, this made me so happy to read. Thank you, kind sir. I have my "get well" tea. It is "southern mint" tea that I mix with licorice root. Steep for 10-15 minutes and it gets a nice minty flavor that covers for the licorice, but it helps to make sore throats go away and keeps your stomach from feeling wobbly. Works wonders and it was the only thing my kids would drink when they had the flu (the one the flu shot DIDN'T cover this year) back in November. Watch: MLB Baseball: Cubs fan since birth. NHL Hockey: New York Rangers fan since 1992. NFL Football: New England Patriots fan since 1994. I follow everything very lightly, and, if my teams are on, I watch, if not, I could care less. If I find a free streaming channel with them, I'll listen while I paint. Reason for the latter two teams: Airbrushing so far, because I'm a beginner! So far so good, I'll let you know when the model's done!
  9. Hi Nameless, That's actually pretty accurate. The gamemaster will set the number of posts within a day/week (since we're casual around here, 3 is pretty normal, more if you can). The "follow thread" is highly recommended, so you get notified if someone posts. In some games' cases, the GM can roll for you. In other games' cases, you do need to know all the rules involved. There are a good number of Pathfinder games out there, which seems pretty universal. I'm a big fan of those games because I know those rules best. Other COMMON systems I've seen played on PbP here and on Paizo's boards (the other PbP board I would frequent). Shadowrun (various editions) Mutants and Masterminds (3rd edition) D&D 2e, 3.5, 4e, and 5e Warhammer 40k RPG's (Deathwatch) and Warhammer Fantasy (not sure of edition, I didn't check). I think that about covers it. Those are the ones you definitely need to know rules. There are other rules systems out there that the GM's do more rolling than players. What are you looking for, Nameless?
  10. Sadly, the Federation is a few years off. In the real world, I've begun organizing and cleaning. Keeping at my job search and really working at it and looking for something that will make me feel good about going to work every day. In some regards a part of a trusted relationship is ending, and that is going to be a net positive as the next steps for that are being taken. Some positives:
  11. In RPG's, I like to turn things on their heads. Paranoid heroes who support their friends and don't trust strangers. Or, opposite that, overly friendly clerics who end up being necromancer heretics, but save the party because they are good people. As to songs, Tuesday Morning by the Pogues.
  12. Motivation? Honestly, I've got jobs to look for, and a play or two to watch this weekend and a Superb Owl for New England to win... so Brady can Retire along with Darth Hoodie. And I've got to get time with my new airbrush setup. Oh, and the State of the Union, which should be interesting to say the least (and keep me out of Beekeepers).
  13. The number of times I've tried to put the milk away where the cereal goes in my current home is higher than I'd like to say. And the cereal goes in the small cabinet above my stove. I feel your pain, but, sadly, I've been stone cold sober every darn time. (thank you anxiety meds that don't mix with happy adult drinks... at all).
  14. Wow. Mags AND the backdrop, and Mags' little band of miscreants. Excellent work, as always, Al. I will admit, Mags had been one of the ambitious projects that really threw me off, and I love Fraggle Rock. Oddly, it was something that I just couldn't see until the finished product, and boy howdy, you hit it out of the park with that sculpture and the addition of all the mushrooms. and the tall ones ("The great and powerful Mags has spoken! Nyah, Nyah!"). The photo backdrop has been something that hit on all cylinders for me since the moment you started it, and, in black & white, it's perfect as is, as others have said. At the same time, it wouldn't be right to leave it as is, it needs the touch of color that you are known for. Without it, it would be missing that touch that makes it yours! The little band fits right in, and they are most certainly miscreants and troublemakers, every one. I wonder if they'd ever have time to talk to Seedy John Apfel, or if he'd just try to leave an apple core in their stead? Mags would certainly be upset about that!
  15. The best biscuits ever! My grandfather and myself were going to make sausage gravy and eggs on one of the few times we saw each other as a kid. SO, being that I was the one closest to him, and he wanted to make buttermilk biscuits from scratch, we did that. Now, looking back at it, we did many things correctly on that recipe, but we forgot to set a timer. We had hockey pucks. Thankfully, since I wasn't in complete charge at that point, we still get to laugh about it.
  16. Go back and play with legos, after the expected freakout. Not like I had any responsibilities, yet. I don't have one. I see lots of good music here on the forums. Closest I get is a combination song (Sunday & Friday) from Green Day called "Church on Sunday" from their Warning album (That album is one of my favorites). Sleep. Taking a day off to do laundry and not look for a job. My interview this week did not pan out, sadly, nor have many of my other attempts at employment. @TGP I'd go for ALL of them, but I'm silly like that.
  17. I guess I could say I consider Sunday to be about comfort foods. Not any particular food, but multiple different foods that are part of what makes me happy to have them. Homemade chicken & noodles, Sunday Breakfast, roast. Things like that.
  18. Blue goblins with Psychic abilities would have psycrystals and would have books... which normal goblins like to destroy! It's a way to have a wizardly goblin!
  19. I believe everyone agreed, never trying. Although it does fall to *some* self esteem issues if you cannot do some things that others do, that is a way of life. I went to a job fair last week (interview tomorrow, fingers crossed). Gnomes and Blue Goblins. And I personally think that thread is awesome! Painting: None. Pathfinder: Started organizing my thoughts on pregenerated characters for the kids' pathfinder game and played WAR with my daughter.
  20. Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar from Vosges. It's a rare treat, and it's delicious and I spread it out over several days (it's a $7 candy bar). For something more common, I enjoy eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Not really a snack, per se, but I make it with cheddar, provolone, feta, ham, and mustard on good bread. Cut into quarters to share. It's tasty, even with boring yellow mustard. If I have it, I sometimes add roasted red peppers too.
  21. I'm glad it's only the few minutes for you (and mildly jealous it's only 5-10 minutes).
  22. I'm getting ready to do some DM's craft style sewers myself, and that + hot glue and a few other pieces of detritus and gloss over with the gel in a couple of thin layers. It works really well for bases, and 75mm is really a "huge" base in D&D scale in my mind.
  23. The spellcasting mechanic for a basic spellcaster is not that hard. I'd throw one in for each of the forces the next game, then again, I'm already playing the game
  24. If the woodland scenics doesn't work out as well as hoped, chris, you can always use liquitex gloss gel medium. It makes things look real shiny and works really well to make them look wet.
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