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  1. If I do the planning, yes. If I do not do the planning, no. It comes down to when things need to be done and when they need done. I think of a schedule, and how to make it happen within that. I write it out and give myself about 30 minutes breathing room between "events" that lead up to where I am supposed to be (holidays, etc.). If I don't do the planning, and I am not told about what needs to be done, I am flying blind and almost no one else plans out the above scenarios for things to go wrong like I do. Heaven knows I've been able to relax for about an hour or so before a party/event that I planned because everything is done, but if someone else does it and doesn't communicate... we're usually 30 minutes to an hour late. As to doctors and such, I am always on time unless I did not plan for road conditions properly. Even with that, I've had to turn around and cancel more than once due to safety. With work, I'm prompt. If I know the project coming, I can get it done, and I am usually early due to the aforementioned planning. If the project just gets shoved on me, and it's due quickly, it throws my planning out of order and I set everything up to reschedule it all, after confirming a priority list with whomever needs things.
  2. The learning curve is fun, but it's a fast learning curve. And moving into advanced from normal is extremely simple for normal forces. It's a little bit tricky for spellcasters, but that's pretty standard if you ask me.
  3. Rivers can be really dangerous in SoBH and ASoBH. I'm glad you went with less lethal here, especially learning. I tend to have small ponds on my table (I don't have any rivers made yet), and those are fun to plunk small, amphibious creatures in and say "come and get me!" to the non-amphibious foes.
  4. Evil Overlord Tip #71: If I decide to test a lieutenant's loyalty and see if he/she should be made a trusted lieutenant, I will have a crack squad of marksmen standing by in case the answer is no. Seriously. Having my trust in someone truly violated repeatedly, and finally in a place in my mind where I can see and deal with it properly, trust is difficult for me right now. I have a handful of trusted lieutenants (5, currently). The rest are in the outer circle with limited information. Retail, Food Service, and Customer Service (until fired back in November) myself for 19 years. People are great. The Public at large, not so much. I always made a distinction between people and the public when I was working. I worked with some great people. I had to deal with the public. It made itself a faceless mass in my mind (think Jubilex), and made coping with the virulent anger that was thrown at me constantly so much easier to deal with.
  5. Nice little battlefield there. Did you play with the rules where a Q roll was needed to not fall into the river?
  6. I really like this, @buglips*the*goblin. Very well done on a mini I had no clue existed. Nicely done and excellend recovery work @pcktlnt!
  7. Snow belongs on the ground from December 12 until January 10th. After that, it should be melted with a blowtorch and the cold gemperatures should be used to kill as many mosquitos as possible, without crashing the bat population. I'd love to send you the snow Levistus sent me here in Nessus.
  8. Which Vallejo primer are you using? I'm using their polyurethane one and I'm getting no issues like you are describing (vallejo). Mind you, I think mine is technically designed for Airbrushes, but I think it's a better product, it behaves VERY well on the bones material with no beading for me. If you are using the dropper bottle stuff, that is a different primer material, it's resin-based, and it does bead and flake.
  9. Great color scheme and good job following through with Slade. Now we need a Teen Titans group to beat him!
  10. Green Day: Still Breathing. The video link is spoilered.
  11. My RL goal of taking the test and passing it. I took the test and I find out results the end of this or next week, along with my ranking. You have to be top 3 to get an interview. I did catch a couple of trick questions, which was nice, but you REALLY had to read those questions and the regulations they provided to answer them (thank goodness I just came out of a ridiculously regulated environment). Hobby: I actually started, but, with the chaos of my personal life (see another question from this month), I'm not completely done. I'm happy with my progress.
  12. Thank you for this. have been using gloss gel medium for some smaller water effects on bases (a la James Wappel), and was wondering about something like this. Thank you so much for confirming it could be done and making such a great piece on top of that!
  13. Not live. I may watch highlights of ice skating and Hockey, but the NHL is being dumb this year. My bucket list includes a great deal of world travel. I really like to visit architecturally and artistically interesting places with friendly people. Paris.
  14. You will notice some subtle differences in the basic combat. The BIG difference is in the combat section. Enjoy the reading!
  15. While I may not be a good singer (at all), a few years ago I was at a friend's birthday party and everyone was horrifically drunk and they convinced me to sing. I chose Basket Case by Green Day. Simply put, you don't have to be a good singer for that, you just have to know the words :P And I know lyrics but I can't sing! I also don't drink much (none at all anymore *sniffle*). Good news is that I nailed the song, and the surprise was they asked me to go up again. To prevent further requests, I did "The end of the world as we know it" by R.E.M. That was the end of that.
  16. My eldest son, unfortunately, was a very sick child and we were provided a make-a-wish trip. After this trip, I was asked to speak for Make-a-Wish Central Illinois. "Oh 50 or so people." LOL. The event is a 5k run, and there were somewhere around 250 people there, which was a really good turnout. At the time, I had prepared the speech. I burned the speech into my memory, and can recite it to this day (the speech was given over a decade ago). "Hi my name is -Darkmeer- and this is my wife -Mrs. Darkmeer- and my son, -Grey-, and my other son, -Blue-. We were sent on a make a wish trip, and we'd like to talk about it." For the most part the people kept talking during my opening, and I spoke of this wonderful place that they had sent us (Give Kids the World, feel free to Google it, it REALLY is wonderful). but no one was listening. I had my attention grabber next. "This is a place where children go who aren't normal. They aren't going to be going home to be normal, to live long, healthy lives. In many of these wonderful, beautiful children's lives, these children are going home to die." Full attention. "These children know where to wish upon their star when the other children are mean to them, when the pain becomes so horrible. They know exactly where, in the castle of miracles, their star rests. It's so small, but the gift of hope burns bright within these kids. They can wish for the pain to be lifted, wish for the other kids to be nice to them, or even wish to be able to go to sleep when their medicines won't let them. Then, to see children do things without being treated like a patient, without being treated like a number, without being treated like a test subject, but to be treated like the special ones they are. To see a quadriplegic child ride a horse because they had a setup for that, to see a child immobilized in a wheelchair, stuck with their chemotherapy and other drugs simply keeping them alive for this little bit of time, and to run into a wheelchair and not say 'sorry,' but say 'hello, how are you?' because it is normal and they are being treated like children. Children as children. Treated just like the special ones they are." The rest of my speech was spent explaining the trip, what we did, and the obvious expenses involved, and asking to donate. We were the lucky ones. My son is well, and about to get his learner's permit to drive (horrified parent here).
  17. I almost picked up a similar statue here in the states recently (they were out when I went back the other day). Are you going to leave the statue as-is, or are you going to paint it up and make it look different?
  18. A pet earth elemental. I'd use it to start a construction business! Honestly, since it doesn't eat, or sleep, all I'd need to do is teach it to stay still at night. Small step: Pass my exam for possible employment (I test tomorrow). Hobby: Clean the hobby space so I can properly set up my new airbrush setup.
  19. I would also HIGHLY recommend reading Chris's Frostgrave 2016 and 2017 campaigns, and, on his blog, he has his test game for Ghost Archipelago, too. It's really informative, and they are fun reads too! It's a mix of the old flavor text AND rules that really makes it work.
  20. Please don't misunderstand. My group is myself and my two eldest children. My kids like the spring/summer/fall warbands. My Eldest's Elves are a fall theme (Orange/Green/Yellow), while my youngest has a midsummer night's goblins (Night Goblins, which I also use), and I play Chaos Dwarves or my Anhurians/Thalos grouping. Ghost Archipelago looks like a lot of fun, too. The youngest likes all sorts of wargames. What I really need is a more adult group to play Frostgrave with, which is rare in my area, as they all want to play WarmaHordes, Age of Sigmar, or whichever Star Wars starfighter game is on that day. If it's not competitive, the people in my area don't want to play it, which is very sad. They don't do this with RPG's, mind you, and even putting this as a narrative Minis game (on par with an RPG), or even Mordheim, they don't want anything to do with it. (steering BACK on topic) So, my "battle at the farm" idea is very similar to the 40k battle at the farm. A ruined farmhouse is found by one of the groups, which has food. the other group happens upon the first group as they are taking the food away. The first group has a hand cart that takes two actions to move it 1 medium move (using the WizKids hand cart here). The idea is to start the warband on a corner and have to reach the far side of the board, while the other warband starts on the far corner and is trying to steal the food and then reach the raiding side. sort of like this: Attacker must exit here v Attacker deploys here---------------------- | | Defender exits here> | | |_____________|Defender deploys here. Obviously there would be fences and broken fields (rough terrian) and a building or two for cover, maybe even s copse of trees. Does this sound like a fun idea, or should I scrap it?
  21. I have both. I get more mileage out of SoBH because of setting "neutrality." I don't need a bunch of winter-coated minis.
  22. @Rat13 One thing I did (and I'm sorry I missed the thread!) is I made a note card of the traits that the army used for quick reference. It sped up the game immensely when I taught my kids. It's a quick game and it allows for a lot of fun, I am planning a "battle at the farm" type scenario soon.
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