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  1. By the way, the one dollar prize for the first one who guess my costume still on. :-). And please Doc Bedlam, wear pants. I dont want my bleeding eyes to stain my costume!
  2. From our Policies: Decorative items that are not weapons will be acceptable, such as this bandolier above, but please do not include any real or imitation guns. Thank's for clarify it Bryan. No weapons at all for my costume :-)
  3. That's tyhe problem when you don't have time to take a look at the forum. People answer your message and you didn'r see it :-( I really don't mind to wait a couple hours to get a ride. I believe it will not take that much since I will coming from Miami and not from Brazil (I will arrive a few days earlier at USA to be with my sisters who lives in Florida) It will be great Haldir. I don't mind to wait sometime to get the ride (it's part of the ReaperCon fun after all). I PM you so we can make the arrangements. Sounds great to me to Shadowraven. We set the details at the Con. :-)
  4. Anyone intend to bring boardgames to be played after the Con was closed for the day? I am the kind of person who can't sleep early :-)
  5. A question about the costumes. A plastic bullet belt worn on the chest could be a problem? (exactly this one on the photo) I also had the idea to buy a a plastic rifle somewhere around there (since bringing one in the plane will give me a lot of headache in customs) but I guess it will not be a good idea after all.
  6. Just saw the topic today I will arrive around 10 a.m in April 23 and my flight departs April 28 at 10 A.M. If anyone is arriving around this time, I will be more than pleased to share a cab.
  7. Hey...there still time for one more to contribute? count me in! :-)
  8. No worries, you guys don´t deserve this kind of punishment! LOL :-)
  9. All right then, 'ROLL! ROLL through the gates of hell.' Must you take the fun out of everything? ...
  10. Pretty good guesses everyone, but it's nothing related to my nickname. Let's remember that years theme is western, and I will stick to it :-). I think the best hint will be the costume itself, so I guess everyone will have to wait until ReaperCon to give their guesses... And Shadowraven, I am not rude, I AM A POWERFUL DEMONIC FORCE, THE HARBINGER OF YOUR DOOM AND THE FORCES OF DARKNESS WILL APPLAUD ME AS I STRIDE THROUGH THE GATES OF HELL CARRYING YOUR HEAD ON A PIKE BHUAHAHAHAHAHAHA... *throat clear* sorry, it's stronger than me ;-)
  11. Wow...pretty impressive Mr Shak, it was a very good guesss! But you are wrong, so no dolar for you. :-)
  12. Are these in Reaper Dollars or Other Dollars? American dollar...but just one LOL!
  13. Ok... And I will give a dolar for the first one to guess correctly what is my costume ;-)
  14. Just one question, the costume day still Saturday?
  15. I totally agree with you MiniCannuck. Every time I talk to someone here about ReaperCon, I say with sincerity that I never felt so welcomed in a place like when I attended ReaperCon 2012.
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