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About Me

My name is Cláudio Villa, born in 1979, and a Role Playing Games lover since 1992

Currently I am trying a career as a fantasy writer in Brazil since I published my first novel in 2007 called Pelo Sangue e Pela Fé (For the Blood and the Faith). I also published a series of short stories in some anthologies over the years.

I started painting miniatures after a trip to Spain in 1996. There I went to a Games Workshop store and saw a seller painting a little goblin soldier. Immediately I fell in love for the hobby, bought a army box, some paints and brushes and then started painting.


After ReaperCon 2012 I become a Reaper enthusiast and working actively to divulge the hobby here in Brazil, organizing Paint and Take events and a Painting Club.


You can see some of my art at http://atreidestm.deviantart.com/

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