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  1. Hi there, only a few thoughts about a mixed 1000P Army with Giants and Humans. As I think the Barbarian Doctrine is kinda underpowered I chose the Monstrous Doctrine. That allows me to field Svetlana via Outrider to have another taunting giant in my list with support ability :) Overall the list has 3 main guys: Boerogg, Svetlana, Frostwyrm. That's what will make the enemies nervous. Human troop supposed to help out if big guys getting in danger and to counter rush enemy weakspots. Icingstead - 999 points, Monstrous Doctrine Troop 1 Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver Oga Snowpelt, Ye
  2. I think your list would maybe work vs mass armies but won't do well vs heavy armored lists or cavalry as they are not that easy to pick out with barrage. You plan to test the list? I really love those barrage actions on multiplayer games when there are melee fights where no1 of your units is involved and you can do maximum damage. I tweaked my list a bit as I recognized that poison doesn't make much sense on assassins and threw in musicians. Thanks for the advise shakandara:) Overlords - 999 points Troop 1 General Matisse, Spiked Armor Moraia, Warbride x 2 Ranthe, Evangelist of
  3. Yeah that banded Owlbears are pretty nice. Too bad the new owlbear models are not released till now. You could split these Owlbears into 2x3 and get another card. I'd prefer to throw in Elf King instead of Eawod and swap Saproling Warriors with the banded Warden. Drop Arthrand and get in Dehanis for some nice debuffs (poison cloud!) and heal. Saprolings would be of nice use with the Elf's King WA to sacrefice them. only my 2 cents for more punch
  4. wildger that's not a constructive post...For us it's okay to have 1 point over cuz sometimes we have 999 and so it's balanced. Better shut up if you have nothing to say about the list. Thanks. btw. we use Albatros on 1002+ Now start discussing about the list :)
  5. Overlords just started to put a spell on me and so I quickly created this list. It's designed for Onyx Legion Doctrine. Making maximum use of the WA to controll the gameflow while Ranthe is able to boost the troop with Speed Burst for a nice charge. Merack and his followers going to take down those big models supported by crossbows. Incarnation trying to get rid of those mass footies or charge some serious threat when buffed with iron skin. This list combines versatility and specialists at the same time. C&C welcome :) Overlords - 1001P, Onyx Legion Doctrine Troop 1 General Ma
  6. After being unsure about the dragon I came back to my good ol' caster list. Elves - 1000 points Troop 1 Larnach the Grey Lysette Caerwynn, Magic Ranged Weapon Royal Guardsman x 4 Hunting Cat x 3 Troop 2 Daereth, Royal Guardsman Peruhain, Elven Monk Royal Guardsman x 4 Vale Swordsman x 4 Troop 3 Mossbeard the Treeman Troop 4 Baeldrinahr Troop 5 Luck Stone 1. Troop: Defensive Core Units with Magic/Ranged Punch 2. Troop: Offensive Melee Troop. Maximum use of "Bless" and Support here. 3. Troop: Attentioncatcher, Big Threat 4. Troop: He'll walk beside my
  7. Nice constructive post. The idea is to use my dragon as swarming object or at least for taunting stronger models. Caerwynn shall help him there and kill/damage leaders as nirodiel is going to heal. But I'm not sure about the second troop and it's effectiveness. They shall extinguish smaller troops and help mossie/dragon out when they're getting in danger. I really love the Arnise Model that's why I chose Deathseeker as second troop. We're almost always playing multiplayer games of 3-5 players. Many Undeads and Demons represented there. Fearless is a nice possibility to counter their e
  8. Most of the time I tend to use Larnach as a leader with the Lysette, 1-2 healer and the council doctrine. But I'm still looking for a nice setup therefore testing around a lot.
  9. I noticed that it seems like I'm spamming the whole Elven Faction Thread. So I decided to open a new Thread for me to post lists. Interested people can discuss the lists/tactics and help improving my gameplay. First List for today: Elves - 1001 points, Protector Doctrine Troop 1 Argyrian, Silver Dragon Caerwynn Niriodel Hunting Cat x 2 Royal Guardsman x 4 Book of Tactics Magic Ranged Weapon Troop 2 Arnise, Deathseeker, Armor of Courage Death Seeker x 4 Vale Swordsman x 2 Troop 3 Mossbeard the Treeman Troop 4 Baeldrinahr Ring of the Unicorn Troop 1: Drag
  10. A useful addition would be ranged leaders for darkreach. A raider leader is missing and also the shiver spikes hanging around without leader. I'd like to use Shiver Spikes or Raider with Leader as an own troop and not combines with other melee power. I also wonder why there is a cool elite raider model when they didn't even get a seargent. Something like: Serodiell, the defiled Raider 2 DT, MOV 6 Dis 6 DV 9 MD 13 SA: Raider, Stealth, Dodge/1 MAV 4 MA 2 SA: Poison,Parry Rav 4 RA 2 SA: Poison, Parry
  11. Elves - 1002 points - Council FA Troop 1 Larnach the Grey Caerwynn, Magic Ranged Weapon Lysette Royal Guardsman x 4 Hunting Cat x 2 Troop 2 Daereth, Royal Guardsman/ Armor of Courage Peruhain, Elven Monk Royal Guardsman x 3 Death Seeker x 4 Troop 3 Mossbeard the Treeman Troop 4 Silvermaine, Unicorn No need to mention that this list is a bit offensive, eh? :) Troop 1: Magic/Range Punch Troop 2: Heavy Melee Punch boosted with Bless and Inspire Troop 3: GOD DAMN IT'S MOSSBEARD. Teleport him and he'll wreak havoc Troop 4: The sneaky missle. A troop charge
  12. Looks like the Reaper-Team is busy these days. No time for forum work :(
  13. The 3" AoE Attacks caused a lot of damage, but trying 3 casters will be nice as well
  14. Elves - 999 points; Council of Tirithial Doctrine Troop 1 Larnach the Grey Lysette Niriodel Royal Guardsman x 4 Vale Long Thorn x 2 Hunting Cat x 3 Troop 2 Chiral, Centaur Centaur Warrior x 4 Hunting Cat x 2 Musician Armor of Courage Troop 3 Giant Eagle Troop 4 Giant Eagle Changed again...^^
  15. Fixed :) Rulebook is coming soon with the big mail order. Didn't know that monsters can't get equip.
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