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  1. I've been using brown liner through an airbrush and it works great
  2. I dip occasionally, mainly when army painting or painting a "quick" monster for an upcoming session. Agree totally that they don't look good until 100% complete ie; dullcoat. Would recommend a salad spinner (that you don't want to use later for salad) over shaking. I tried shaking mine to start but it made a huge mess and ruined clothing. Dip & then spinning in the salad spinner seems to be quick and produce the best result.
  3. I really like this project and product but am dumbfounded by the price tag and discount structure. Right now (without SG's) you can buy a larger package ($500) and get a smaller rebate than the $100 pledge level. Am also hoping they reveal some larger SG's (the minis are cool, but a $3 mini is a tough comp to some of the DF and Reaper SG's I've seen).
  4. The other thing I see about the floor frames after reading this again is that you have to pledge at ALL levels to get at least one of each floor frame...that's a $1115 bid, way too much, plus it'd give me many more wall and floor pieces than I need.
  5. Two thoughts, having participated at stupid levels in both DF kickstarters: I have serious concerns about the rigidity of the frames. Large pieces in the first DF KS warped badly and I can see these doing the same, nothing like a castle with a rocking horse frame! Also, not sure why they limited piece variety. One thing that was clear in the first and second DF KS's was that people wanted a variety of pieces (not just basic pieces) and forum comments were generally overwhelmingly negative when same pieces were offered as SG's. Good luck, not sure I'll be participating in this one though. Also thought this quote from the page was interesting: "And since we have planned our project well, we are showing you ALL the stretch goals". Couldn't help but see that as a swipe against *other* kickstarters which made up goals as they went.
  6. Second the vote for Vallejo model air metallic paints. I tried my first a few months ago and have since picked up all of their metallic colors. They are fabulous in how they handle compared to GW, Reaper or P3. I found this heresy at first as every since I found MSP it is my "go to" paint, but now Vallejo is definitely staying on my paint rack for metallic colors.
  7. A bit off topic I know, I normally don't set painting goals as I never know when I'll have time to paint. I have however, for years taken a small tackle box with paint and minis on vacation with me. Normally I don't get more than one or two done in a week of vacation. Apparently I've hit some kind of zone this week. Whilst watching star trek tng episodes on Netflix and painting only at night I've managed to paint 66 figures to decent tabletop standard. Or should from black reach and goblins from skill pass. TThoughtid share as that's just an astounding number for me to complete in a year, much less a week!
  8. Here's my new painting & gaming room. In addition to the areas pictured, there's an unfinished utility room I use for casting and spray painting. Moved into a new house last fall and finally got this part of the basement finished a few weeks ago.
  9. Call me the negative one in the room, but really? This is laminated one inch graph paper with a jarring blue border. Nothing anyone couldn't do on their PC (or on a chessex matt). I do have to say though that the VHS tape carrying case with the custom cover almost pushed me into the "must own this" category. I really like how two of the stretch goals are graph paper without the blue borders, which in my mind just eliminates any value the KS provided.
  10. Let it soak in hot water for a while then take a scrubby sponge to it. I normally soak the pallets for as long as it takes to clean up my paint area and they then scrub pretty quick.
  11. Hi: I have MSP set 1, looking to expand my MSP collection. Looking at the shopping cart though I'm not sure which set to get next. Does set 2 & 3 contain the same colors as set 1? What about set 4 & 5? Thanks
  12. Got a dremel for Christmas a few years back. Quickly set about drilling into a mini foot to pin it to a custom base. My wife observing this nightmare in the making declared "your going to drill into your damn finger" as I started into the foot of the mini. Whilst turning around to tell her to leave me the heck alone, I drilled (deep) into my finger. Nothing quite like the sound of the dremel scrapping against bone. That is a very special kind of pain.
  13. I like to paint most late Sunday afternoons, NPR has interesting programming playing and I listen while I paint. Lately I've been getting in 1-2 2 hours sessions on weekday evenings and my production has sped up considerably. I got in serious trouble with the wife after our recent move when she participated in the "unboxing" of my unpainted figs so I have been pushing for quantity over quality (especially with my Bones 2 pledge coming that will more than double the size of the pile). This has led me to start timing myself while painting, which I find forces me to be productive and go with a 3-4 step process for each color instead of my typical endless highlighting and washing/glazing with 5-6 different shades. As a result of this change, I find that I have been able to get most basic mini's down to 45 minutes to an hour each, while more complex molds take 2-3 hours. I think I have painted 20+ mini's so far in January to a good tabletop standard, by far a record for me.
  14. If you place between 2 & 6 on each board, don't they get conditioned to keep searching everytime they enter a new board?
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