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  1. Hey guys, Thanks again for all the input. I sprang for the dollar store reading glasses - what a great tip! Still working on the light - Do I have to get a special lamp or just an OTT bulb?
  2. Awesome guys, thanks for the advice. I'm self taught - I've never even MET another mini painter in person so in a lot of ways I'm way behind. There's a lot of things I just have no clue about, so it's good to know the community here is helpful.
  3. I'm looking for input as to just how much of a difference having a magnifier/light makes. I'm having trouble with fine detail (eyebrows, pupils, etc) and lining because when brush hits mini I can no longer see whats happening (as mini is now obscured by brush). I guess I'm just curious whether the magnifier/light assemblies that seem to be so popular would actually help.
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