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  1. I have been continually looking for someone in the Buffalo Area to give this a try. I purchased the rules years ago, but to no avail. I still enjoy painting the minis though.
  2. Oh, my fault, I was reading the wrong thing when responding. Thanks Obsidian Crane!
  3. Godlike, I appreciate your addition. I cannot wait get the box and start pulling together these armies to play.
  4. I cannot believe it, am I really the only player on this forum that is in Buffalo, New York?
  5. We are getting so close to receiving our bones, cannot wait to get playing with more army types from these proxies! Thanks again!
  6. This is so exciting! We have been waiting for this for such a long time, and it will be worth it. My son (who is 6) is really anxious to paint something, my daughter too...we cannot wait to paint together. I keep telling them to be patient, of course I am also anxious! Well done guys.
  7. I too like the color scheme, just needs to get cleaned up on the highlighting...not that I'm on to talk. Well done!
  8. I will be using most of them to play Warlord, and get some friends involved in the game as well. Painting will take a while, but now that I'm back into it I look forward to the relaxation and satisfaction. I also plan on getting involved with the dungeon crawl/swords and wizardry type of gaming, just to mix it up a bit. As far as the Chronoscope and sci-fi minis go, I also play Necromunda - those minis will be incredible subs for all sorts of fun. I have use for pretty much everything that has come with the Vampire pledge, and of course I will be investing in add-ons as well to fill out the models needed. Also, I should mention that this will not stop me from purchasing metal, this just helped me get into the gaming much faster...thanks REAPER!
  9. I actually assumed that I would be assembling as usual, I would prefer that too.
  10. Really excellent work on these, I appreciate it as a new player who is also a Vampire Pledge.
  11. Members, nice work on those Bones - I am excited about the detail in those examples. I purchased skeletons - I am thrilled with my purchase and incorporated into my Necropolis army. They painted up so well you can't even tell which are metal and which are Bones (unless you bend them :P )
  12. I am getting more giddy by the moment waiting for my rulebook 2.0 to arrive. Can't WAIT!
  13. Very excited to have found this supplement. I just purchased the 2nd edition rules and will most likely give this a try as well.
  14. Getting back into the Painting and Modelling Groove

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