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  1. I was just waiting for Megan to post, then I ended up going to boston for a wedding i completely forgot about. Didn't have internet as stayed in log cabins afterwards. -.-
  2. I must say. I think thats pretty rude..
  3. Okay. I've been out of town. Am I still in charge of this or what?.. No emails or anything before someone just takes over?
  4. Even if you roll a 20 and you get a +10 to your Comeliness its still treated as 20. 20 is the max basically. Feel free to lower it, if you really want to as it won't affect the game all that much anyways.
  5. I rolled for him off-site, and gave him a outcome based on his natural 20.
  6. Well If anyone else is interested let me know.
  7. I rolled for savages results. Got a natural 20 on an intimidation attempt. I was going to start a bar fight, but I guess not. Lol. As for the rooms, charge them whatever the owner would charge them. But make them pay for it. Even though he has the money for the already I don't think Bellrose is the type to pass up on double charging for the rooms. Lol.
  8. Just as Arlego had asked Kurith that question a tall man bumped into him as he had been walking by and he turned with a offended look on his face. The small group of men looked tired and were obviously dirtied from the dust from the road. They wore dark cloaks completely concealing whatever lay beneath. These men looked capable of handling themselves. The lead guy, the one who had bumped into Arlego was about 5'10". He was wearing Chainmail underneath his cloak. His dark brown hair looked very dirty and it was matted down as if he had been wearing a hat all day. His skin was tanned as he had seemingly lean muscle as he looked quite agile. He also had a short sword strapped to his side. His blue eyes were cold as ice as he issued a challenge to Arlego to fight him. "Come on elf scum! I dare you, raise a blade. Just give me a reason to tear you apart." He looked towards Kurith as well as he tried to eye them both down. He is obviously used to people obeying him. His hand strayed to his side as he went to slowly pull his sword from his scabbard.
  9. So Question. Has anyone here ever read the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind? I was thinking of running a second game in this world. But it would also be a home brewed system. Using 'Han' instead of spells per day. Would have an independent selection of classes, ranging from, Warriors, Wardens, Mord Sith, Wizards, Sorceress', Confessors, maybe more? I have a campaign I was planning to play with a buddy before he shipped off. Any interests?
  10. I have things all ready to go, I'm just waiting for Megan to return as she's going to need to be here for this part. Yeah Character Dialog is wicked important. Helps build bonds etc etc lol. Kurith may be willing to jump over lava to save you from being eaten by the Fire Drakes or something because you guys joke together in-game a lot and she thinks your funny. Well. Ya never know
  11. They are accepted in Waterdeep, like many others, however most people are very wary of them. And they normally would have the right to be. They have people capable of subduing them if they get wild. Like everyone else. Lol. Also I found that atlas. Thanks.
  12. Thank you for all of the Maps. Awesome resources. I need to get this FR Atlas. Is there a way to use it without paying for it? Lol.. Sorry I haven't posted. Been really busy with open to closes at work. But Dharaman If you'd like to play Bellrose for us that'd be awesome, as you seem to be a active poster and it's not like it's a big deal or anything to rp a npc. Although unless the wizard is going to pay to repay back someones money and what they're asking for now, then he's going to have to deal with those attic Cots. Unless he can somehow secure a vacancy through some other means..
  13. Yeah thats what I figured would happen anyways. Go meet in a tavern or something.. :P Got to love DM rail-roading.
  14. You guys can start whenever. Definitely interested to see some actual character interaction. I'm saving the other Reserved Posts for future things.
  15. Hey. I think Me'mori's character is a Half-Elf not a Human.
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