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  1. My Elf army is: Elves - 999 points Troop 1 Larnach the Grey Caerwynn Lysette Death Seeker x 7 Musician Troop 2 Daereth, Royal Guardsman Ardynn Niriodel Royal Guardsman x 6 Book of Tactics Musician Troop 3 Silvermaine, Unicorn Troop 4 Baeldrinahr I was using the SP regen/Don't lose a card doctrine.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of the dragon, but I would try to take full advantage of his warlord ability if I were to use him. In a swift attack list with Swordsmen I'd build him around a troop like the below: Troop 1 Argyrian, Silver Dragon Peruhain, Elven Monk Lysette Vale Swordsman x 4 Royal Guardsman x 6 It's fairly expensive, but you don't have to make discipline checks. Maybe lower the guardsmen count and up the swordsman. The guardsmen would be there to provide cover to the swordsmen as the guardsmen have better defenses than swordsmen. Peruhain can bless bot that troop and Lys
  3. I'm a fan of putting Larnach, Lysette and Caerwynn in the same troop. It is great Mirror Image potential on Caerwynn. For 3 points, you get another 2 attacks at RAV 3 to 6 (range, focus, and tracks left) with weapon master and sharpshooter. I find it's a good way to kill or really hurt a model.
  4. Given that the buildings have stats, is it possible to use chain lightning or a similar spell on/through the buildings? It wouldn't cause any damage as it doesn't cause burning, but it would be a way to extend the range of the spell quite a bit.
  5. How would the vampire SA work when a model martyrs itself on defensive strikes? Say a crimson knight hits a deathseeker twice on the crimson knight's attack action. Since the deathseeker is going to die, I decide to use martyr. Does the crimson knight get to feed off the deathseeker? Or does the deathseeker kill itself, denying the crimson knight's destruction of a unit requirement for vampire?
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