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  1. Aramil removes his waterskin and hands it to Reg, and annouces to the group "I have a real bad feeling about this place. I dont think splitting up is a very good idea. I sense something out there." '"If you do leave make it a quick trip you two, only the Gods know what lie out in these wastes.
  2. Aramil glances over at Kita taking in her every word, Knowing deep down she is right about their race. If only he had a relationship with his father. Maybe he would have chosen a more appropriate lifestyle for himself. He then looks back at where they just came from and reminds himself of the mission and the importance of his role within the group. He then smiles and says to himself "This is my chance to prove myself to my father.
  3. Aramil keeps one hand on the hilt of his short sword and both eyes on the caravan waiting for any sign of attack.
  4. Aramil aims his crossbow at the Kobold that Lucius hit with his sling and fires another bolt.
  5. Aramil drops from his mount cussing from the pain. He draws his crossbow and fires at the closest target. The looks for the closest tree for cover.
  6. "Good evening Lady Kita", Aramil says as he dismounts his steed. "I am Aramil Elvenstar, and I am pleased to make your aquaintance". "We have traveled many miles and would be honored to break camp with you this fine eve.
  7. Aramil sits in a quiet corner alone, away from all the comotion of the taproom. Motioning to a barmaid to bring him a goblet of elven wine, he props one foot up on an adjacent chair. "This is the life" he says to himself leaning back stretching his aching back. Glancing about the room at all the patrons, he cant help but wonder where they are all from and what buisiness the have in Keswick. He also cant help but think of what riches they may carry with them. Aramil stops himself before he acts on his thoughts. Remembering the mission at hand. Surely there will be a time and place for his chosen art to bring him the fame and fortune he's dreamed of all his life. "The son of an ambassador indeed" he thinks to himself. "Who needs wealth handed to them on a platter when you can pick and choose the prizes yourself". Aramil finishes his wine and motions for the barmaid to bring another along with a meal to settle his hungry stomach.
  8. "I for one will need a mount for the jouney. A good tempered one will be most appreciative.
  9. "Yes your Magesty" Finishing his 3rd gobblet of wine. I accept your mission with much interest. Aramil gets up, pours himself another gobblet of wine, then procedes to sit back down. (sorry all, didnt get to the computer at all yesterday)
  10. Aramil glances over to the man in black and says "a little bit of each my friend". He then glances over at the pseudodragon with questionable eyes. Why does he like pies so much? He then smiles and takes another sip of his fine elven wine.
  11. Aramil asks the man with seemingly perfect features "how long have you been waiting here my friend"?
  12. A young male elf enters the room. He is of medium height and slim build. His hair and eyes are dark brown. He is dressed all in black,(leather pants, cotton shirt and cloak). He is also wearing black studded leather armor, with a shortsword scabbard tied to his black leather belt on left side and light crossbow on the right. A dagger is strapped to his right calf. He looks around the room and introduces himself "I am Aramil Elvenstar, and I understand there is someone of importance that requires my presence". He looks around the room again, then helps himself to any Elven wine and bread that may be on the table.
  13. I enjoy checking out the new greens, but wish the release of the newbie pieces wouldn't take so long. And why so some of the greens never make it the store shelves?? ???
  14. Hey Lady Tam, I haven't play online rpg games like this one b4 if you could fill me in a bit on how it works, or some one else that reads these message boards. i really am interested in playing since it is hard to find gamers in the area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks, Bat Ps I will scan my Character sheet and e-mail it to the above address.
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