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  1. In truth, that was only my third time every playing, and the first time with this particular army. I don't think I did horribly, seeing as I was essentially fighting two opponents at once, because my team-mate decided it would be a good idea to wait at the back until the third or fourth round. Although splitting my army was probably what did me in. Anyways, I will reflect on this battle and I look forward to facing you in the future.
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to the game and I was wondering if I could get some advice on the 1000 point army I put together. Right now it looks like this. Dwarves-998 points Troop 1 King Thorgram Grimsteel Mithril Armor Durgam Deepmug Hammer of the Mountain God Shieldmaiden x2 Warrio x2 Troop 2 Logrim Battlefury Margara Firetongue Mancatcher x2 Kneebreaker x3 Troop 3 Abjorn Hofkeg Miner x3 Troop 4 Stone Spirit Troop 1 is the main attack troop, used to deal most of the damage, quickly. Troop 2 is the support team, helping to fill in the empty spaces and distract the enemy. Troops 3 and 4 are the shock troopers, they help to cause a sort of confusion and panic, and can also deal with ranged opponents, seeing as I opted out of the piercers.
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