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  1. That's an awesome terrain you have setup!
  2. Hey, I've used the Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery's Auto Fix, to fix some of my pics that had a very similar discolored background. I have Vista Home Premium, and it came standard. You may want to give it a shot.
  3. This is my Pallette. I made it out of Pallette Sponge, Acrylic Papper, and a box from a pharmasutical supplier. I'm definatly going to throw a few up on ebay. If you haven't tried the wet pallet, I defenatly recomend trying the Papper Towel / Parchment papper thing and see if you like it. Just remember you'll get better results from something that holds the moisture in, and creates a humid environment for your paint. The stins on the papper are because I've washed and re-used this piece of papper just to see if I could. It's starting to break down a little from the scrubbing, but I'm amazed at how well it holds up.
  4. I didn't see a hello world board, so I figured I'd post here. I'm a D&D gamer, and started painted minis because I enjoyed having them in the game. I've only been painting a few months, and have just recently started taking it more seriously, reading up, and watching YouTube videos. I'm pretty excited as I see this adding some direction to my spare time. I went through some of the Reaper "How to Paint" kits back before an 11 stint of military training, but I'm basically starting over with a pack of 24 minis my brother uses in his game (he was keeping them in a gallon zip lock bag). I started a blog so that I can keep up with my own progress, here are two I recently finished. I'm actually proud of the basilisk. It looks pretty cool on the table.
  5. Your computer is instantly fast but only types in Japanese, due to an excremental part added to make it fast. I wish for the social acceptance of mini painters! :)
  6. I don't have them, but the Hot lead Videos look amazing. You can see previews on YouTube .
  7. I think it looks great, awesome detail.
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