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  1. This is the ranger that came with the lion mini I painted a while back. Her eyes are a bit messed up... But she came out pretty well other than that. The picture is not the greatest, but I returned this mini and the lion to their proper owner before I realized the picture was bad. :( At least you can get the gist of what I did to her.






    Hey, I've used the Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery's Auto Fix, to fix some of my pics that had a very similar discolored background. I have Vista Home Premium, and it came standard. You may want to give it a shot.

  2. WetPallette7.JPG

    This is my Pallette. I made it out of Pallette Sponge, Acrylic Papper, and a box from a pharmasutical supplier. I'm definatly going to throw a few up on ebay. If you haven't tried the wet pallet, I defenatly recomend trying the Papper Towel / Parchment papper thing and see if you like it. Just remember you'll get better results from something that holds the moisture in, and creates a humid environment for your paint. The stins on the papper are because I've washed and re-used this piece of papper just to see if I could. It's starting to break down a little from the scrubbing, but I'm amazed at how well it holds up.

  3. I didn't see a hello world board, so I figured I'd post here. I'm a D&D gamer, and started painted minis because I enjoyed having them in the game. I've only been painting a few months, and have just recently started taking it more seriously, reading up, and watching YouTube videos. I'm pretty excited as I see this adding some direction to my spare time. I went through some of the Reaper "How to Paint" kits back before an 11 stint of military training, but I'm basically starting over with a pack of 24 minis my brother uses in his game (he was keeping them in a gallon zip lock bag). I started a blog so that I can keep up with my own progress, here are two I recently finished. I'm actually proud of the basilisk. It looks pretty cool on the table.



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  4. You do... but you regrettably left your cell phone at that burger joint you ate at last night, and someone seems to have walked off with it.


    I wish this dratted computer were faster.




    Your computer is instantly fast but only types in Japanese, due to an excremental part added to make it fast.



    I wish for the social acceptance of mini painters! :)

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