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  1. You know, think I'll just place another order and add the CW to it, maybe grab the Pathfinder Dragon, not like there isn't a billion items i want lol. though i had clicked up top under resources and click the CW link but only saw the pdf listed there (which i downloaded of course )
  2. Oh crap, didn't know or see where to get this till now. I just placed and order and asked if this #29 could be added to my order. Is there anything i can do to pay for this? Can i add it to my order and resummit payment?
  3. Yep, just processed my order for the new RC Sophie :) Funny things is i got up this morning eager to place my order. Had my coffee etc.., went to the site and don't you know that there was still 3 HOURS to go before i could place my order! haha I managed to stave off the violent shakes as time passed hehe. Thxs Reaper!
  4. I would imagine that whatever software Reaper uses to track their line of minitaures would be sweet to have. I used to keep most of my collection stored in my head, then slowly started losing track. Wrote something down once but lost track of that file somehow. So i just be interested in someone elses database from which i could insert the quantity of each figure.
  5. I've never given it much thought, but seeing Avatars does make identifying others alot easier. I do notice when members change their avatars which causes me to take a second glance at it
  6. I have Smaug. IIRC it was from the above company. I'll have to dig it up and see what i can do for a pic, no promises thou.
  7. Yeah, he's one of the Crusader Hospitaliers. I'm thinking if you combined the 03600 Praying Paladin with the 02906 Praying Paladin and the 06102A Praying Hospitalier and Hasslefree's HFH002 Triel and HFH003 Triel you would be most of the way towards either an awesome diarama or one of the coolest units of ranked paladins ever. ah yes, the Hasslefree one is the one i was actually thinking of. I do have a diarama in mind which includes using Grendels grave/coffin and surrounding ruined structure. There are other minis in the reaper line that will fit the scene i'm after. For instance http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/paladin/sku-down/02795 2795: Paladin Initiate would be the arrogant young member of the group. The others include the lantern bearer (if I decided on a night setting), the Cleric reading from a book and so forth. The twist to the scene is this. While everyone is focused on prayers and such, off to the backside will be that ranger mini that looks like his tracking as something had caught his eye. Not far off there is a large stone/wall that an Ogre and some other nasty will be coming from. Perhaps returning to finish looting the grave site.
  8. That 3600 mini is nice, will compliment the kneeling one, iirc isn’t there another one that’s standing that looks like he’s giving prayer?
  9. Interestinf read, though another edition so soon will just continue to piss D&D players off, myself included even though i haven't spent a single dime on any 4th edition content. minis. books, pdf's, nothing! My impression is that they're really looking for an excuse to be able to sell more books. I'd be interested in seeing what the virtual tabletop comes out to.
  10. error on my part as i mis-read the 2011 Christmas Sophie thread and thought there was another figure coming Now about that Wish List?
  11. Curious, did we not have an online Wiah List at some point? Would be useful to have, placed another order today but removed several minis as i plan to place an addition order when the x-mas Sophie comes out. Would have been nice to move them over to a Wish List instead of deleting. unless i overlooked it?
  12. I have/am giving thought to see if i'll ask someone to do a conversion of this one for me. I'm wondering how hard it would be for someone to make her Urban
  13. Well, yes. That would fit the bill. I hope I didn't misunderstand the original question. The model you originally asked about doesn't have a nekkid conversion hidden somewhere. you addressed the question/figure correctly Kit. I also already have that other mini :) I like this new one alot, and while it doesnt need to be Urban, if it was, i dont think it would take away from the charactics of the pose/mini, which to me has a more aggressive feel/look to it. honestly, when i first saw it, i thought an Urban version would have just topped this mini off nicely thxs again
  14. Ah ok, thxs Kit then the current one it is then, guess i can hit the buy button now lol
  15. Hi everyone, been sometime since i've posted anything and only popped in a few times to do some quick reads, you gotta love Haldir for his strength in continuing to run PbP games /bow anyhow, I'm interest in Marilith: 14474 and was curious if there might be an Urban version of this? thxs
  16. Hey Randy, glad to see your still running games. I check in from time to time, do a little reading etc.., though haven't done much of any gaming on any sites. I've reactivated my DAOC account so been enjoying some mmorpg well just wanted to say hello :)
  17. Great game no doubt, though my team didnt win. as for commericals, the couple having dinner really struck me as funny!
  18. If your buying Cat cable, and you can get the Cat6 at roughly the same price as the Cat5, i say do so in the event you forsee the need for gigbit down the road
  19. I opened my door to find a box full of ore Oh yeah for me, my Pretties have arrived! Thanks Reaper for these lovely Sophies, and the shiny new Casket Works too!
  20. If selection is not limited to a reaper spider, then i recall "The Widow's Lair" by Grendel #F0004 not to sure on size and could be hard to find but i'm sure with a little searching you can find the info on it, other members may have info on it also
  21. I'm paddling a barrel right alongside you.., my first guess would be a novel but this could easily be useful as a realm supplement and while in my geek trance i was thnking how the description rosed up thoughts that this would make for an awesome D&D adventure path
  22. let's not forget some of the more basic critters, like Goblins and such, with or without wolves/worgs
  23. +1 for the DD-WRT firmware I use it with 2 of my Linksys routers, one is set as an extender, which i could not normally do with the standard Linksys firmware, but because of the DD-WRT firmware i'm able to. The best part is that you can get some of the older wireless routers very cheap on ebay and apply the DD-WRT firmware, and like magic you'll have a GREAT router I would recommend checking DD-WRT site on which model routers to look for also, in the past i've seen routers on ebay with the DD-WRT firmware installed but they cost more, in the event your not confortable doing it yourself. But i'd say it not very difficult once you've read the steps and following them completely good luck
  24. With the new forum, can we still get RSS feeds? I don't see the little icon anymore, also i've been getting an error on my isp server for some time now
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