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  1. You know i Remember the first time that I sniped an auction, it was an awesom feel, really excitiing heck still is, just not like the first time. Most times that I snipe I aim for 1 or 2 sec. left, I've even gotten emails for other bidders (scary at first) telling me that they thought they had it won, then congrat me on the win. I've been sniping for years right off the start almost feel like I statred it. LORDERL
  2. Hello everyone, I've watched this thread and did not join in because I wasn't sure how it all worked. Also didn't want to commit to something that wasn't clear too me. I would like to know if it is possible to watch the game session or is it private to players only. Elias
  3. I've only post a couple of negs myself and only after it was clear that I wasn't receiving my item. I take all possible step to avoid giving negs, emails, phone calls and the most difficult is being patient. I believe that a seller should post feedback shortly after receiving payment, as the buyer has forfilled thier part of the transaction. Most wait till they receive feedback before giviing it. Buyer should remember to post an honest feedback. Buyer most learn to read the entire auction and ask questions before placing bids. Most importantly is that the seller and buyer should work together and work out any problems before posting feedback. Nuff Said Elias
  4. I find that when I request the seller info under SEARCH / FIND MEMBERS scroll down to contact info, that I usually receive a response to my emails. Also it helps to write something near the top of your emails like (2nd or 3rd email). If you don't get an email in a 24 hours then call them with the contact info. Elias
  5. I picked up a can of primer from Wal-mart today, it was in the paint section and they also carry it in grey. Now I know where to go when I run out. Elias
  6. Thanks for explaining that Enchantra, I couldn't figure it out! Oh, I did pick up the last can of dullcote that was there, would have picked up more if they had it. Elias
  7. Hi everyone, I finally have my Winsor & Newton FI and Liquitex Slo-Dri. I went to Michaels and they had everything in the Winsor&Newton and Liquitex line except for the Winsor & Newton FI and Liquitex Slo-Dri. They also could not order the items They appear to be having alot of sales..... Folk Art Extender 2oz .75 cents Creamcoat paints .68 cents Well since I didn't find my items there my wife suggested that I try using an old seach method called the "Yellow Pages" what a concept huh! I looked under Art and found several listing of places that carried art supplies. The very first place I called HULL'S art supply had both items and more. The best part is that it very close to where my wife works so she picked my items up for me. I'll be checking it out myself soon. Anyways I figure I give everyone the heads up, I know were all use to using the internet but heck, check the yellow pages never know what you'll find. Elias
  8. All good questions, but I don't know the answers to any of them. But it's a nice mini and I'll look this post up at a later date when I get to painting mine. Elias
  9. Hi everyone, after reading many many many many posts, well you get the idea, I came across Claymoore’s post that Liquitex Slo-Dri, could be found at www.misterart.com I checked out the www.misterart.com site and found the Winsor & Newton FI and the Liquitex Slo-Dri. I wanted to know how many bottles of each I should get/need or the average amount of use I can expect. Also, is this Liquitex Slo-Dri (the clear, watery formula)(link below), or perhaps it’s there new formula pre-mixed Liquitex product code # 126711 2oz, 126704 4oz, the product codes don’t match MrArt. www.misterart.com/store/view.cfm?cat_id=580&group_id=2050&store=001 or www.misterart.com/store/view.cfm?cat_id=580&group_id=7431&store=001 Also, I’ve seen lots of ratios for mixing Flow improvers with Extenders but does anyone have a mixture ratio for W&N and Liquitex together Thanks in Advance Elias
  10. Well if Ron or Ed can find out it would be great. I did email the seller of the auction with no reply as of yet. I'll be leaving on vacation in 2 hours and I.m not going to find out any results till my return in 10 DAYS !!!!! yikes. My money is on the Reaper faithfulls and I can't wait till my return to see the results. See everyone inb 10 days Signing off Elias
  11. Now I came across this miniature on eBay selling for $11.00. I was wondering if anyone knows the details of this mini like name, model # etc.. Also if anyone as a better picture or one painted I love to see it. Elias here the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3153079774
  12. I've had the same problem with my paints especially metallics. I think this happens from removing the cap right after shaking thus allowing the paint to get on the threads of cap and pot and the next time the cap is removed the paint has dried then falls into the pot. Now I wait a few seconds after shaking before removing the cap, I haven't noticed the problem lately. E. Lopez
  13. Hey Everyone, you should be quite happy to have gotten The Four Horsemen, they are very difficult to get, I recently finished my set by finding 2004, ebay was were I pickup a couple and the 2 other were from distributor. Now, just need a few good encounter for players to battle with them or perhaps a major battle with the 4 Horsemen together. Enjoy your minis, Reaper Rules.
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